Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

Hello Gaggle, I just received a wonderful text from Elaine. Congratulations on Parrish # 4, due in November. I admire your courage, Lady. I sometimes think this job of ours will do me in and here you are adding another child and doing the job. Let's have another boys this time, OK? Love all the little girlies, but there's something about a little boy that makes each one so special. Best of luck, Elaine and Charlie.
I am dreaming of our summer vacation this weekend. Like Janelle, going away for Spring Break seemed to wear me down for returning to the real world. My doctor sent me home to rest on Friday, so I've had a 3 day weekend, but don't feel much stronger for it. I posted a pix of the house we've rented for 2 weeks in June. Because of the snowy winter we had to change dates a few times, even had to switch houses! But we are staying in the same development, so I know the house will suit us. I looked at it when we were there for SB. Nice and roomy with open spaces for the kids. And a pool for the big girls! Just over the dunes is the beach and it is beautiful; white sand and blue-blue-blue water. We wanted a change from Gulf Shores, someplace less commercial. And this is 50 minutes from Panama City, 20 minutes from fast food and CVS. So we are safe, just secluded! Very family friendly cul-de-sac for kids to ride bikes and play ball.  Guys may visit for one week, but Stephen King says not him. We shall see. :-)
I think I've fixed the problems on Gagglespeak, so I hope you all will come visit again. Good to hear from Elaine, Allison and Janelle lately. I, too, hope we can plan another Gagglefest soon. Maybe to see Kendra Lou Mac? I'm needing to see more of her than the 2 pictures offered and maybe hold her for a while! Hope everything is going well, Kirstie. Enjoy the leave and your summer together. Are you taking the rest of the semester off? Hope so. My best friend had a grand daughter the same day Kendra was born. Olivia March Bean lives in Michigan with her elementary teacher mom and college professor dad. They are in their early 30s and she is their first. I cannot wait to see her either. Her mom and I had our first babies within weeks of each other and raised all 7 of our kids close together. 
Well, @*^##**@@^ I just burned a big kettle of ham and beans. I should never cook when I don't feel well. I remember my great grandmother saying ladies shouldn't cook during their menses, but that hasn't been an issue since the 80s! My attention span is flealike when the Lupus flairs, thoughts get jumbled together and nothing works. I was finishing the binding on a quilt and had to put it away before I ruined it earlier today.  Chronic diseases and getting older do not mix well, Ladies. Stay young and healthy, that's my advice to you all.
Anna, did you find a house? Haven't heard much about the home shopping lately. Hope it is going good for you and Brett. It is one of the most stressful things in life, but one of the most exciting, too. Good Stress?? I think so. I love making a house our home, it is a nurturing process that never ends. Your babies grow and leave, your husband turns into a body on TV remote support, but your home always needs a little tweaking. Ahhh.
Spring has come in Southern Indiana in a big way, flowers, trees, pollen, bees and yes, ladybugs, Eeeekkkk. My window sills are full of them, but Stephen King and Nina are keeping them from my sight. Our fields are full of lambs this month, 13 with 3 more to deliver. We even have a set of triplets for the first time! We kept thinking mama wouldn't be able to raise them all, but they are thriving without any supplementary bottles. There is a set of black twins here at the house and a funny little black and white polka dot one, too. All the others are at the farm where Nina and Trent live. Stephen King has recruited the daughter-in-law as the chief lamb watcher and Nina does an excellent job. She about flipped when the triplets were born hours apart, harder on her than on the mama. Up most of the night, wishing them born. 
Steve has his garden started, too. Potatoes, and cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli. I should be able to cook some rhubarb this week. yum yum. Shawn loves it with biscuits.
Courtney has been living in Australia for over a year now. She loves it and has decided to apply for a residential visa. This means she can work and receive benefits. She and Ken have discussed marriage, but she can have health care without being married, if she has that visa. She would like to work part time at something other than office work. Her experience with running a program at IU spoiled that for her, I'm afraid. She has taken up knitting and does a remarkable job with it. Ken's son and his wife are expecting a second child in July and Court is working on a blanket for him. They have a 5 year old daughter, Bella. She has Courtney's coloring, oddly enough and the two of them are thick as thieves. They are excited about having a little grandson. Weird to think of Courtney as a g-ma, hehehe.
Don't even consider what that makes me and Stephen King!!!
I suppose I need to think about a replacement for our beans and get some supper together. Of course there is always Chicago's Pizza. Wonder if the old guy's tummy is up for that?

Let's talk about a get-to-gether, Girls. I do miss you all and think of each of you often. Talk to me. Love, Hedy