Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back To The Real World

Our vacation was wonderful; short, sweet, relaxing, full of love, may I repeat short? The kids were great, although the boys, 3 & 5, ran a competition the entire 10 days. Gavin learned the words winner and loser, biggest, oldest, best, etc. Caleb is just a tiny bit taller and lords it over his cousin. They provided constant entertainment. The girls squeezed every drop of enjoyment from their time in the pool, on bikes or at the beach. I never heard an unhappy word until Saturday morning as we left the island; much boo-hooing.
My friend, Connie, has already secured a beach house on Dauphin Island for springbreak, she was so impressed with the websites and my reports.

Mackenzie had her sinus surgery on Tuesday, still walking easy; claims her head was struck by a sledgehammer. It will take a couple of weeks to see any real results, but we are expecting good things. Poor child hasn't been able to taste for 2 years and sniffs constantly. She is getting a Wii for having "almost brain surgery", so even if the results fall short, she thinks she's a winner. Kids.

Steve has gone to Salem to pick up some animals we purchased this week. He has been wanting a smaller bred of sheep since selling his and decided to buy some crossbreds; Finn/Navaho/Churo. They are from the southwest and have long wool of varigating color. He also bought 2 Andorra goats for me. They don't even look real, but like stuffed toys. They are small and have long curly hair that lays in ringlets all over. The kids are going to love them, they are friendly and playful. Our neighbors are excited, too. They miss our mixed menagerie if we sell. Even the school bus drivers slow down for the kids to catch a glimpse of lambs and kids in the pasture. I'm still working on getting chickens again, but he just doesn't seem interested. Nina and Trent have an excellent flock and keep us in eggs, so I suppose I won't be getting hens anytime soon. If we had a pond I'd have 8 fine geese.

Wonderful news about Rachel and Andy, Elaine. Her healthy delivery is a great relief to your family, I'm sure. And such an unusual name, very elegant. She will make a wonderful companion to Anna as they grow. I hope to see pix on the 17th. I hope to meet everyones kiddos then, too. Are you bringing them? I'll help Janelle repair any damage before Brian returns, I promise. I carry a tool box most everywhere. Just kidding, Janelle, I'm sure 7 additional kids won't compare to Lady A.

What are we bringing for lunch? besides Alison's ice cream? I made some great Lime cookies yesterday. Very tea-party delicate. Not sure how they would stand up to wine, but they might go with the sparkly kind Elaine and Alison like. I'll bring some French Lick varieties. And a couple of loaves of the winery's bread and olive oil for dipping. Want salsa and chips? No problem ,just tell me.

We are having a B-day party for Michael today. He is 4 and such a cutie. He is Court's step-son and we only get to see him every 2 weeks. The kids want a cook out, so that's easy for me. The guys usually take over the meats and I do the inside preps. I have to fix ham salad for Kenzie, she can't have hot dogs or beef. and macaroni and cheese is a must, they can eat their weight in it and will. Our garden is really starting to produce, lettuces, cucumbers, a few tomatoes, rhubarb, peas. Green beans are blooming so they won't be long in coming. Steve keeps it looking like a picture, retirement is a good thing.

I plan to call Anna and Kirstie before the trek north, to plot the path. I have no grasp of who lives where on the map. You girls will have to get me to the closest house and take it from there. I am a good driver, but failed navigation. I think I can find Crawfordsville again, Anna, can we get to Kirstie's from there? Or does she come first? I may have to leave Valley at 4:00 AM. Plot it out on mapquest and email it to me, maybe?

Cannot wait until the 17th, Gaggle. Enjoy the coming days. Love, Hedy

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello all,
we are on Dauphin Island in a wonderful home soaking up the sun. everyonehas settled in well. yesterday we went to the astuarium and saw the sealife, bought fresh peaches, melons, even tomatoes. WONDERFUL.
Anna, welcome to middle school, that trip is so typical for them. gotta love it. And we can make that roadtrip whenever the girls plan our next get together. I drove 700+ miles Friday and Saturday in a big ol' Excursion diesel. Varoommmmm. Grandma Hedy and the younguns headed south. I can handle the Jeep in northern IN. I hope you find an apartment soon, I love home shopping. I want to do a navy and white bedroom with a beachy theme, nothing tacky, just clean contrast. I have looked for just the right bedding, but no luck yet. One of the beds in this house is in those colors, sort of a batik spread and washed furniture, very smart. I would have to use our back bedroom with the twin bed and rustic furniture. I really love our room in whites and taupes and do not want to change it yet.
I haven't been in the pool here, Caleb asked me not to get in with him because he doesn't like fat skin. Talk about an embarrassed momma, Shawn about choked. He hid in the house this morning, we were close to calling the police when out he strolled asking, "what is all the yelling for?" He got his butt beat for that one. He claimed he heard us calling his name, but didn't know we meant him or some other Caleb. He's 5, I shudder to think about 15.
I better get, the kids are planning to eat out tonight and I'm not dressed. Although I can usually wait on them to get ready and still be done before they are. Shawn's on the phone trying to book Silpada parties. Anyone interested? It is beautiful stuff. I got a terrific silver watch and some nice silver hoops. I will bring some of her books when I come. Ofcourse, I make a great model for the line. You will all want to look like me.
Oh, now there is talk of a dolphin watch tonight. That means this bunch on a boat???? I'm not sure.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Is everyone high and dry? We didn't get a drop here, but heard Indy and north were flooded. I looked on the map (again) to determine where everyone lives, Kiristie and Anna look to be the closest to the flooding. Ofcourse, we get no news from you in the northwest. You might as well live in Alaska. Staci, I heard Terre Haute was closed off from all travel; I told you you cannot get there from anywhere, didn't I? Are you OK? How about storms, were there any? I may just call one of you, except it is after 11:00 pm.

I had a wonderful 1st week off; lunches with friends, suppers with kids, visits with Mom. It was so nice, just what I needed after this spring. I worked on flowers and cleaned porches, such a nice feeling to have a clean, pleasant place to sit and think. I've discovered schools are terrible places for thinking; no wonder kids are sometimes not successful. I hope you all have a porch to sit on and dream. Kids don't do that much anymore either, do they. We don't allow much time for dreaming in our lives. As a child I thought summer days were endless, you could squeeze so much into them: long hours of play, reading, napping, arguing with siblings and the ice cream truck. Do you girls remember the ice cream truck? We lived in town til I was 8 and everyday the ice cream man would come down the hill into our neighborhood. Banana popcicles were my favorite. We always had to take our baths and get ready for supper after ice cream. Now that was a real sign of vacation, ice cream before supper.

I can still feel the pull of my hair as Mom put it into pigtails after my bath. I'd think my eyes would pop out she pulled so tight. Then she would put one of our sundresses on us. We had matching ones, Debbie and I, most of the time. Although we were very different looking little girls, we often dressed alike. Me all serious with straight dark hair and glasses and Debbie a skinny tomboy with hair like blonde cotton candy. I really thought one of us was found under a bush, and I hoped it was her!! She was such an annoyance, so cute, talking with a lisp and pretending to be a cowgirl all the time. Man, she was loud. I could never have guessed what a wonderful sister she would be back then. She thought I was boring, always reading and sitting around dreaming when I could have been running and shooting cap guns and falling off pretend horses. I'd love to have one of those days back again; I'd play with her, I think.

The girls, the kids and I are leaving on Friday for Dauphin Island. The guys have decided not to go along. I think my daughters-in-law are relieved. It is different when it is just women and children; I think we all relax more and don't have to be on a schedule so much. King men think eating at 6-12-6 is a requirement for life and children don't need everything they want and the TV needs to play 24/7. Anyway, we are excited. I need to see the light from the sun on water and hear the soothing sound of waves. Do you suppose I was a mermaid once upon a time? I don't think I have the personality for it. Maybe a sea turtle?
I haven't packed anything or bought anything new, I don't even have my beach books picked out. But there is a bakery/coffee shop within walking distance of the house that I intend to frequent daily. If I can escape without Caleb or Gavin; they've already decided we are sharing the bunk room. I don't think so but, who knows. Madeleine has promised me a pedicure, she loves bright purple polish and assures me she's been practicing. She did paint Cabe with pink dry marker recently. Those two are priceless. He called her fatty yesterday and she responded, " you are a hateful doofus, I am so skinny you can see my ribs." and pushed him off the trampoline on his face. And I think I want to spend a week on an island with them?

Janelle, I'd love to get together at your place with everyone. I know I could pick Avery from the dog, she'd have the cell phone and purse. Too bad you have to work so much this summer, my 7 weeks are precious.
Allison, your stories about the boys make my eyes tear up. They are so much like my two were only yesterday. Sorry about your dad's accident, sounds like you are having some good reconnect time with him though. I miss my dad more as time goes on, I think.
Kiristie, probably on your extended trip now. You two must live under a rainbow to be blessed with such a long vacation. Enjoy every minute of it, August will roar around the corner on two wheels and haul you back to work soon enough. No, we won't mention THAT.
How about a road trip, Anna? If I drive north will you be my guide? It won't pay much, but you can sleep in the extra bed and I will feed you at least once a day.

Gee, it is after midnight, I guess this will be another night with little sleep, another joy of aging. Just wait, you all will love it. The fun never stops after 50.

Everyone take care. Love you all.