Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Ladies,
       Our long awaited vacation is behind us now, but it was wonderful. All the kiddos enjoyed themselves, as did all the adults. It was good to have our 3 kids together in the same house for a few days. Stephen and family had been there for a week so they had to leave 2 days after Trent and Courtney arrived, but we had a terrific weekend. Spending 2 weeks felt right, we had no hurry to get things done, see all the sites or spend time on the beach. We had time enough for it all. Not that we wouldn't have stayed all summer if possible!! We were so blessed that no oil showed up while we were there. The beach and ocean were clear and beautiful. The Bay was a biology lab with a multitude of sea creatures, just waiting to be found. I discovered and picked up a Horseshoe Crab (with my flipflop) An amazing creature. The grandson was so impressed with G-ma.
          Courtney had flown home on the weekend we left Indiana and spent some time with Stori and her family and her Dad. No, we couldn't talk Stephen King into going on vaca with us. He has a fear of grandchildren in the same house for extended periods of time!!! Court and Trent came down on Friday of our 1st week in Cape San Blas. It was so good to see her after 8 months. She looks great, so happy with her life in Oz. But she was glad to get home to us, too. She had a blast with the grandkids and her brothers. Romping in the ocean with Madeleine every evening was a highlight, I think. Of course, picking on Mom was the theme of the trip, making fun of the person who gave them life has always been a favorite passtime of our kids. Good thing I'm easy going or heads would roll!!
          I got my first real tan since my teen years. I could not avoid the sunshine. I used plenty of sunscreen, but still managed a nice golden glow. Now I'm peeling, of course. But I looked healthy for awhile! :-). I had forgotten how much fun and relaxation the ocean provides, riding the waves or just floating around is such a tension reliever. Loved every minute of it. All the kiddos except Mackenzie and sea lovers. She prefers the pool with its lack of living things to touch her! Mack discovered the joy of tourists' shops while there. Each evening she would load up the car with her sibs, cousin and Allie, her friend who went with us and head of to the shop down the road. Driving is a new obsession for Mack. She is a good, safe driver, but has some trouble seeing over the hood of some vehicles. She is a tiny 4' 10" 16 year old. People point and laugh when she gets out of the driver's seat of her Mom's SUV. The red hair and freckles add to the little girl look, too. She is a joy though.
        We discovered cute little shops in Appalachiacola and Port St. Joe. Courtney was taken by "Books N Purl" the knitting/book shop and the girls and I loved :The Green Door", a home decor shop with the perfect accessories in it.  We ate at many good restaurants from the Wise Owl to JoMommas Pizza. And we cooked some great meals at the house, too. But it is over and now we are back to our real lives, which are pretty good, too!!! It is nice to be at home doing all the little things I've left unattended all winter. Nina cleans my house and so I can do the other chores the need done. New curtains, scrubbed porches, tending flowers. All the easier things. I'm trying to see Mom everyday now that I'm not working. She is rapidly losing memory and we spend more and more time with her. Don't know how much longer she can stay alone at night. We have ideas of how to handle that, but haven't had to yet, Thank God. She loves her independence. Keep us in your prayers, Girls.
        I cannot wait to see you al at Anna's wedding. Imagine; our last little goose getting married! Sweet. See you in a few days. Love, Hedy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anna's Shower

Hello All, I had such a nice visit with Anna, Janelle, Kirstie and Little Kendra yesterday at the wedding shower. We missed you all, wasn't a Gaggle without you. Truthfully, I was dreading the drive, but the weather was great, I found a Classic Rock station out of Indy and the 3 1/2 hours flew by. And holding Little Kendra made the road time worth it. Ladies, she is precious. I had in mind a baby with dark hair and flashing dark eyes like her Momma, but instead Little Kendra is fair and blue-eyed with medium brown hair. Looks alot like Daddy, too. Such a doll baby. She snuggled against my chest like she belonged there. So sweet. She made me feel like I was Grandma Hedy for sure. Kirstie and Pat appear to have a pleasant, good natured daughter, lucky parents! I love having another little goose to watch grow up.
Oh, yeah. Anna was there, too. Hehehe. Sorry, Anna, Little Kendra about stoled the show. Anna's Mom, Grandma and aunts were there with other friends. It was nice to meet them all finally. I feel as if I know Grandma. We all sat on a cute screened in porch, that I'd love to have off my kitchen. Flowers everywhere and a weatherproof rug I wanted to roll up and take South. She was so sweet to have us all in her home. I'm looking forward to the wedding, Anna. I know, "we'll see what happens"! Anna's motto for the whole deal. We all know how she operates, leave everything till the last minute and still come through like a champ. "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON"indeed, my girl. Janelle, is was so good to see you and catch up on all the Lady A and Miss Olivia stories. You just never change, you look just like you did the first day I saw you. What is your secret? I've probably waited too long to find out. 
It is cool here today and rainy. Stephen King had a mussel-loading shooting match so I was home alone all day. I pieced a quilt top and back for a friends shower from some blocks I had. It will be a floor quilt, nothing bulky, just some 1940s style fabric to be used at home. I had to design the backing since I didn't quite have enough unbleached muslin to fit it. I made a large cross piece with muslin corners which I like quite well. Hope the new Momma does. 
She is a wonderful young teacher in our middle school who was a student of mine. She and husband are doing an open-adoption where they have met the birth mom, gone to doctors appointments, seen the ultra sounds and will be there at delivery to meet their daughter. We are all excited for them, they are both special young people. Good, God-loving kids, wanting a child in their lives. She has gone with us on Spring Break for 3 years and is one of my dearest friends. I say a special prayer for her and the baby every night.
We need some nice warm sun in the Valley. Our garden is out, but not doing much in this cool weather. My flower garden is fantastic, though. Flowering bushes, perennials, grasses and roses are falling over themselves, heavy with color. Even my wisteria is covering the old iron fence I planted it behind last year and dripping purple clusters. I never dreamed it would flourish here. Aren't they southern plants? Stephen King leaned a cucumber trellis against the garage last fall, right where my sweet peas would climb up it. Now he can't move it for his cukes! I really love that my sweet peas will be up off the ground this spring. I always drive around hunting sweet peas on my birthday, since that is their best blooming time. My brother, Rob, used to bring them for me, but he has moved to another house. Now I'll grow my own for little pitchers full of sweet flowers for days and days, all over my house. We have to take joy in the little things, Girls. Not wait for big prizes.
I hope Jill has a better week; her mom took a bad turn and she couldn't join us Saturday. But Jill told me today her mom rallied and is doing better. God Bless their family through this painful time. Elaine wasn't feeling up for the trip to Covington either. Hope your days get easier, Elaine. Second trimester is better and school will soon be out. Take some long naps this summer and enjoy your kids, that's an order from Mother Goose. I'll even make you a nap quilt to lie on outside under a tree for sweet summer naps. Take care of yourself, please. Angela and her kids were going in several directions this weekend, so we didn't get to see her, either. How do you keep up? Sam and Abbie have such busy schedules and you with the Poms and Dance, too. I'd lose my head or a kid if I tried that. I hope to see you at the wedding, Angela, it has been a long time. Of course, Alison's boys had ballgames! Good thing there are only 2 Reinholt boys to keep up with, Dad would have to give up coaching to follow his champs around the country. We missed you too, Lady.
I need to hit the kitchen and see if we can find some food. You all have a good week and Talk to me. Hedy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

Hey Ladies, I wanted a fresh spring color for this posting, but you may not be able to read the aqua!  This beautiful weather has brightened my mood 100%, after all the weekend rain, I was much in need of brightening. Things here in the Valley are going well. Stephen King has his garden out and the lawn looks like a magazine pix. It is so good to have a yardner in the house. Now we just need a maid. I haven't started Spring cleaning yet, waiting for the pollen to die down, or the rain to stop, any excuse, really. We have 19 new lambs and they are growing like weeds and filling the pastures with baabaabaa..
I'm still thinking of retirement, but the urgency has calmed to a managable level. A dear friend of mine has cancer and he spoke to me about not wasting my remaining years. That has forced me to think about what we want with our "golden years". My friend was retired only 3 years when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer. His wife is my exact age, we share a birthday and so many similarities in thinking that we feel like twins separated at birth. His illness has responded well to treatment until recently. I truly believe he doesn't have long now. His last visit was difficult for both of us. At 60, my remaining years are limited, I know. Will Stephen King and I have time to do all the traveling we have always planned? Will I see my grandchildren grow into the fine adults I know they will become? Will I ever be thin again? OK, that last one isn't necessary or possible, but I had to lighten up! Really, we all need to consider the future. I know I'm Heaven bound when I die, but what about the years till then? There's the rub.
I'm working on this at work!!! Something I never do, but I have a few minutes before our next case conference and think I'll take advantage of some down time. We have so many incoming 6th graders with IEPs that I don't know how we will place them all in next year's schedule. And no we aren't finished scheduling yet, our admin is, "still making decisions". Hey, guess who gets to work all of July! Not really, but why can't they see these things before April? Do you have such issues? It is too late for this year, but next year I am only doing guidance. No admin, no discipline, no extra duties, no late nights, strictly guidance. Promise, hear me? I am! Pinky swear, cross my heart. How I don't know yet. :-(
I am so excited to see you all at Anna's shower. I do hope Kirstie is bringing Baby Mc. I can't wait to hold her. It has been so long since we have had a tiny one at home. A former student brought in her new 5 pounder, her 3rd in 2 years. Broke my heart. Another issue with work, broken hearts. I love hearing from you all on here, but Alison takes the cake! Al always lifts me with her cheery response, praising the weather snow or shine, sharing endearing things the boys have done or the joys of a farming/coaching wife. Alison, you should have your own blog. I'd love to make mine more interesting, but don't know how to share pictures or links to other good blogs. Maybe that will improve with retirement, too.
Time to go. Another lying parent will come in and try to convince us she is Mom of the Year. Sorry, that slipped out. I am attempting to find the positive side of everything each day. Some days are more challenging than others. And some days I get beaten down by it all. Others, I manage to see the goodness and love in everyone so easily and encourage them to keep up the good job they are doing. These days have been few in recent weeks. Maybe more me than them??? Pollyanna has had hers eyes opened for sure with this career.
See you all on the 15th. Enjoy the Merry Month of May till then. Talk to me. Love, Hedy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

Hello Gaggle, I just received a wonderful text from Elaine. Congratulations on Parrish # 4, due in November. I admire your courage, Lady. I sometimes think this job of ours will do me in and here you are adding another child and doing the job. Let's have another boys this time, OK? Love all the little girlies, but there's something about a little boy that makes each one so special. Best of luck, Elaine and Charlie.
I am dreaming of our summer vacation this weekend. Like Janelle, going away for Spring Break seemed to wear me down for returning to the real world. My doctor sent me home to rest on Friday, so I've had a 3 day weekend, but don't feel much stronger for it. I posted a pix of the house we've rented for 2 weeks in June. Because of the snowy winter we had to change dates a few times, even had to switch houses! But we are staying in the same development, so I know the house will suit us. I looked at it when we were there for SB. Nice and roomy with open spaces for the kids. And a pool for the big girls! Just over the dunes is the beach and it is beautiful; white sand and blue-blue-blue water. We wanted a change from Gulf Shores, someplace less commercial. And this is 50 minutes from Panama City, 20 minutes from fast food and CVS. So we are safe, just secluded! Very family friendly cul-de-sac for kids to ride bikes and play ball.  Guys may visit for one week, but Stephen King says not him. We shall see. :-)
I think I've fixed the problems on Gagglespeak, so I hope you all will come visit again. Good to hear from Elaine, Allison and Janelle lately. I, too, hope we can plan another Gagglefest soon. Maybe to see Kendra Lou Mac? I'm needing to see more of her than the 2 pictures offered and maybe hold her for a while! Hope everything is going well, Kirstie. Enjoy the leave and your summer together. Are you taking the rest of the semester off? Hope so. My best friend had a grand daughter the same day Kendra was born. Olivia March Bean lives in Michigan with her elementary teacher mom and college professor dad. They are in their early 30s and she is their first. I cannot wait to see her either. Her mom and I had our first babies within weeks of each other and raised all 7 of our kids close together. 
Well, @*^##**@@^ I just burned a big kettle of ham and beans. I should never cook when I don't feel well. I remember my great grandmother saying ladies shouldn't cook during their menses, but that hasn't been an issue since the 80s! My attention span is flealike when the Lupus flairs, thoughts get jumbled together and nothing works. I was finishing the binding on a quilt and had to put it away before I ruined it earlier today.  Chronic diseases and getting older do not mix well, Ladies. Stay young and healthy, that's my advice to you all.
Anna, did you find a house? Haven't heard much about the home shopping lately. Hope it is going good for you and Brett. It is one of the most stressful things in life, but one of the most exciting, too. Good Stress?? I think so. I love making a house our home, it is a nurturing process that never ends. Your babies grow and leave, your husband turns into a body on TV remote support, but your home always needs a little tweaking. Ahhh.
Spring has come in Southern Indiana in a big way, flowers, trees, pollen, bees and yes, ladybugs, Eeeekkkk. My window sills are full of them, but Stephen King and Nina are keeping them from my sight. Our fields are full of lambs this month, 13 with 3 more to deliver. We even have a set of triplets for the first time! We kept thinking mama wouldn't be able to raise them all, but they are thriving without any supplementary bottles. There is a set of black twins here at the house and a funny little black and white polka dot one, too. All the others are at the farm where Nina and Trent live. Stephen King has recruited the daughter-in-law as the chief lamb watcher and Nina does an excellent job. She about flipped when the triplets were born hours apart, harder on her than on the mama. Up most of the night, wishing them born. 
Steve has his garden started, too. Potatoes, and cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli. I should be able to cook some rhubarb this week. yum yum. Shawn loves it with biscuits.
Courtney has been living in Australia for over a year now. She loves it and has decided to apply for a residential visa. This means she can work and receive benefits. She and Ken have discussed marriage, but she can have health care without being married, if she has that visa. She would like to work part time at something other than office work. Her experience with running a program at IU spoiled that for her, I'm afraid. She has taken up knitting and does a remarkable job with it. Ken's son and his wife are expecting a second child in July and Court is working on a blanket for him. They have a 5 year old daughter, Bella. She has Courtney's coloring, oddly enough and the two of them are thick as thieves. They are excited about having a little grandson. Weird to think of Courtney as a g-ma, hehehe.
Don't even consider what that makes me and Stephen King!!!
I suppose I need to think about a replacement for our beans and get some supper together. Of course there is always Chicago's Pizza. Wonder if the old guy's tummy is up for that?

Let's talk about a get-to-gether, Girls. I do miss you all and think of each of you often. Talk to me. Love, Hedy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Home Stretch

Hello all, How's our little Kendra Lou, Kirstie? I cannot wait to see her and hope all is well with your family. I have her pictured in my mind; sometimes as a dark brunette, next as a little red head. Which is she? Back from sunny, then rainy, then windy Florida, well rested and ready to tackle the last lap of our educational race to the top. (to steal a phrase from Dr. Bennett).The trip was good, the house OK and the company great. I'm lucky to have such good friends to travel with.
 Tomorrow starts our last 9 weeks and hopefully a new start for many of our students. We are initiating a "Top Hawk" incentive/award program for the middle school. The Winners get an afternoon at the WaterPark the last week of school. I trust that everyone else had a terrific Spring Break, too. I know Kirstie and Pat did! Anna, did you find THE house? I always loved house hunting, although most people hate it. I enjoy looking, deciding how I would make each one of them mine. Which wall needs to come down, which room needs new paint, what were the owners thinking when they did that! Love it all. We striped this one from the ceilings down and created our home from a black and gold shag carpeted Spanish motif disaster. I like to think we saved her from humiliation and she repays us by being solid, strong and dry. But maybe I'm too far-fetched in my feeling for houses? What did everyone do over Break? It feels like ages since I've heard from anyone. Talk to me! Please. :-)
Miss you all, Hedy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness AKA ISTEP

Sunday was Kirstie's baby shower and I missed it, torn between resting for the week ahead and driving to Danville for a day of good friends, I had to choose rest. I know I was right, but hate missing all the fun. Anna missed out, also. But, Bless her heart, she tried! Apparently the online directions aren't infallible and led Anna astray somewhere around the mysterious Main Street in Danville. Calling Mother Goose was of no help, she was home in bed and only vaguely familiar with Danville. Anna's dayout was spent on the road crossing Indiana and back without seeing anyone or having cake! Good try, Girlie. You get points for trying. I'm unsure who all made it to the shower, but I heard that Mama Mac looks amazing! Imagine that...she is only the most pulled together person I know. I wouldn't expect any less from her. Only a few weeks now, Kirstie, and the most terrific kid in the world will be in your arms. Such sweetness to come.
Today was the start of that most wonderful education concept...ISTEP. I have the 504 kids and we all really enjoy the challenge of remaining focused, quiet, and calm for long periods of time while shut up in a small room with 12 others just like us and answering math and English questions made up by some idiot who has never worked with kids! Such fun and good use of our school time. AND we get to do it tomorrow and the next day, too. Will this fun never end?
I wish I knew the answer to the country's education crisis, but I cannot see how this is it. Our students either stress themselves out of being able to do the work or completely blow it off. Like many schools, we are losing our middle, where most students used to be. Our upper and lower ends continue to grow, the high achievers and the non achievers. Our average student is disappearing like the butterflies of summer. As a child, I would ride my bike through dense walls of butterflies, now a few hover over muddy puddles along our drive on a hot summer day. I don't even want to see our scores for this Spring. Our overall grades in the middle school have fallen like bricks since the semester began with Ds andFs up over 20% since first semester finals.
My mom continues to improve with the medication for her memory loss. She still has a problem with yesterday, but today and last century are fine. She is back to cleaning like a busy bee and even shopping some. Not driving, she is afraid of forgetting where she is headed. We are so relieved she realizes that she does have an issue with remembering. Last week she changed her bed sheets evey day, when Deb pointed that out to her, our mild mannered Mom blurted out, "SHIT, I thought I was better", and laughed till she and Deb both were crying. We have to keep a sense of humor or couldn't bear it. As Deb says, each day with Mom is a Blessing.
Stephen King took my sewing machine in for a fix up yesterday. I am excited to have it back to finish some projects that lay on my sewing table. Two quilts and some lovely little girl skirts that Maddie decided she just had to have. A very simple pattern of gathered rectangles trimmed with ric-rac and topped with elastic. I'm going to attempt adding on a cami for a sweet sundress. I love all the new fabrics out there, so bright and vibrant. Makes me happy to look at them. For an old lady who dresses in black & decorates in taupe, I really love color! Who knew?
It has been a day or so since I started this post, haven't had time at school to finish it and at home I'm dead. I hope Spring puts some new life in me that this winter has drained out. I really am working on the positive approach, but every morning I get shot down by something. I may be suffering from PTSD, except the traumatic stress is still ongoing not from the past!.
Let's look to Spring for another Gagglefest, Girls. Everyone take care and talk to me. Love, Hedy

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Gagglefest in Indy

Just a quick post to remind everyone we want to see you at the hotel Saturday evening or the shower Sunday afternoon. Anna is in charge of the Saturday night plans, yes, my dear, you are! I hope the winter has blown itself out by then. We had a beautiful springlike weekend and now we are freezing our tails off again.
 But Spring is coming, Ladies, I can smell it in the air. I noticed some spring bushes faintly showing some green today. I had to smile at their courage!  Stephen King is lambing tonight at the farm. Why are babes born at night, in the mud instead of during the day in the shed? I love how fast the lambing happens, one after the other, our Mamas pop out those little bundles once they get started. We have around 20 so it may take the rest of this week to get them all. Then the fields will jump with lambs and mamas, baaing and nursing in the sun or the cold wind, whatever. Spring is almost here. 
I am counting the days till Spring Break, OK I'm counting the hours, really. What a long time since I've walked the beach, watched the dolphins play and tried to sneak close to the sandpipers to get a snapshot. I cannot wait until I see that wondrous sky that says the coast is near. I feel the weight being lifted by the Gulf winds and my shoulders are allowed to drop down out of my earlobes. My shoulders are usually clinched close to my ears, tense and tight all year except for those short weeks I get to spend by the sea.  My chest can expand, filling my lungs with fresh sea air and I breathe deep and long. I think I might have been a mermaid in a previous life, or possibly a crab!! hehehe. That is Stephen King's choice, I'm sure. I am a Cancer, after all...the sign of the crab. 
I'm going to check Kirstie's registration at Target and Kid's Are Us to see just what Baby Mac may be wanting for Sunday. I cannot wait to see you all, My Girls. Wish more of us could be at the sleepover. Everyone have a safe trip to Indy. Lila, the Mermaid

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Is everyone cold enough ? Had enough snow? Dreading making up snow days in June? ME TOO. What a winter we are having this year. I realize you all are used to the snow and just keep on going through it. But we have more on the ground today than we usually get all winter. One bright spot is that all the snow makes the world look bright! Even with the gloomy gray sky. The trees and fence rows, bushes and buildings look like Martha Stewart sprayed us with her fluffy white frosting. We are bracing for a cold front to come through this afternoon dropping the temps into single digits. No chance of melting this week. 
I was putting the final touches on a quilt for Courtney when I broke my machine. Poor old $98 Sears model has been with me since 1969. I sold my portable dish washer to buy it. Crazy, I know, but at the time, I wanted to sew more than I hated doing dishes. I guess I'll go to Steve's sister and borrow one of her machines. She quilts a lot and has her things set up in a small room off her restaurant in Paoli. The daughter-in-law runs the restaurant now, so she is free to sew and sew. She's planning to open a small fabric shop there, too. That will be great for those of us who don't shop much and tend to order fabric online. Like me. 
I'd love a new machine with all the bells and whistles, but I'd have to give up my vacations on the coasts if I spent that much. So I'll think of a Plan B. We are trading our Gulf Shore visit to Cape San Blas Florida. It is less developed and has beautiful turquoise water. My buddies and I got a new beach front house for Spring Break and the family house is one row back from beach front with a pool. We have to have a pool for the kiddos. Provides so much entertainment for all of them. There is no house between ours and the water, the view is open and you can hear the surf from my bedroom, so I'm happy. We are booked for 2 weeks this year, hoping the boys will come down for a few days. Stephen King isn't interested, but the sons are working on him. After 2 hours in a restaurant with Caleb on Sunday, he isn't sure he can handle that much togetherness. The 3 little ones can be noisy, but they are usually pretty tired by bedtime. I love our time together each summer. Being away from home makes it all the more special, no interruptions or distractions, just time to enjoy each other. We have so many rituals now that even Gavin and Caleb talk about what we "have to do". Crabbing at dark, watching the stars at night, counting dolphins and pelicans and reading the messages on the seaplanes flying by the beach. Every morning they sneak into my room for stories of when their dads were little boys. They can't quite believe those big guys were as small as them and love to taunt their dads with, "we know about the time you...". The girls love it too, but in another way; they all enjoy the water and the beach and the food and a few shopping trips. The massages and manicures and hair beading from the local Spa are something they relish. I guess it is a fantasy we all love living in. Until G-ma retires, hehehehe.
Gee, I just realized I'm still in French Lick, it is still cold and Spring Break is 40 days from now. The power of visualization is good, but not enough to actually transport me away. Darn it, I should have been a witch not a counselor.
Last week was so difficult, girls. We had a pregnancy, 2 cutters, an ED kid with a knife, mean girls on a vicious tear, teachers about to revolt and this old woman trying to cope with it all. I failed, my spirit was weak and defeated. I let it all get to me. On the outside, I managed, but inside I was a mess. When will we get strong enough to do this work without all the garbage left inside?  I hope for one more year to attempt to learn how, after that I may retire. If funding cuts come I may not have that. I'll have to find a new career, one that is all about joy and celebrations. Maybe???
See you all in a couple of weeks. Talk to me, Ladies. Love, Hedy

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poor February: That Short Ugly Month

Has this not been the longest month ever? Dark, foggy, rainy, snowy, cold? And now here comes February, whose only saving grace is it will only last 28 days. Four weeks, Bam, it is gone. Surely we can stand that after this January. Last night's giant winter storm missed us by 25 miles. From our slight dusting to 4, 5, 6, even 9 inches down the road. Blessing from above if you ask me. 
The Positive Start to each day is still ongoing, just sputters a little some mornings. And I have been told to "stuff it" by a few less than positive folks at work on particularly dark mornings. hehehe. I do find myself feeling better and facing the day stronger by using those first moments to Thank God and Think positive every morning. Attitude is Everything, Ladies. It may take using duct tape to hold up my lips, but I start out smiling! 
Of course, yesterday was an exception. Oh, I started out fine; it was Friday, had my jeans on, no meetings for after work, It was good to go. And then reality stepped in; we are all so affected by others who slack off their jobs and leave us holding the garbage. And yesterday must have been a group slack! Everything I attempted took twice along to do because someone dropped their ball, if they had ever had Balls! I'm afraid I showed my dark side to several people who didn't deserve it.  I am sorry and ask them to forgive me. And as soon as I can pull my magic wand outta my --- I will finish the job.  There, I feel better now. :-)
We are having a Coaches Against Cancer soup supper tonight before Homecoming and I'm the dessert chair. Our families are doing great right now in the battle against the Big, Bad C and it will be a pleasure to see them benefit from this effort. Hopefully both families can take a vacation with the proceeds. All have endured a stressful winter, but stood strong and faced it all without breaking. Bless them, Lord.
I've been working on ditching TV and computer at night in favor of reading and quilting. I know I've wasted many hours sitting in front of these lifeless machines and decided to stop and be quietly productive. Takes a real effort to do this, Girls, somewhat like dieting. But how much more satisfying to have something to show for your time. And the quiet is so restoring. My favorite Bible verse has been "Be still and know" and this practice has brought it to life. After a long day of listening, I relish the quiet. I realize our circumstances are different, but I bet you would be refreshed too with a little quiet in the evening or early morning. My sister, Deb, has her time in the morning with her daily walks. She does these alone for the sole reason of listening to nature, her heart and God. I admire the strength and energy she has to do this everyday whatever the weather. I am a wimp, with weather, exercise and exertion. 
Stephen King is napping through his Saturday afternoon PBS programs, "The Woodwright and This Old House". He flips to IU basketball whenever his snores shake him awake. He gets too upset when the boys are blowing a game to watch continuously. This has been a Saturday afternoon habit of his for years. We all tease that he has never actually seen these programs, he just hears them through his sleep.  The long winter is getting to him, too. Boredom was so bad this week he watched a marathon of old western movies. And even decided they were really bad. Apparently Vincent Price from 1939 wasn't a believable cowboy. He may have to get a winter job. He is anxious to get out in the yard and garden. We will start lambing soon, so he'll be busy then. I think we have nearly 20 ewes waiting to deliver this spring. Nothing like bouncy little baby lambs to improve your spirit. We had great luck last year with our babies, hope to do even better this. 
Jill is coming to the Casino today, we may meet tomorrow. I hope so. It is always fun to catch up with our  funny one. I met her dad last time; such a corker. It is evident where Jill gets her sense of humor. Wish you all could join us. 
I have to get to school now. Get the desserts out and the drinks ready, serving starts at 5:00. Wish us luck. See you next month, Ladies, at Indy. I'll let everyone know the hotel when I book one. Kirstie, take it easy you have precious cargo in there. Love you all. Hedy

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello Ladies, hope you all are snug and warm in the great north. It is so foggy here that we won't recognize the sun when it does reappear. Oh well, winter in the midwest, I suppose. Why fight it? 
We all are back in our 2nd semester routine at school, one day following the other, plodding toward Spring Break. So sad, our lives have come to this. I try to enjoy each day and make it count for something special, but along about February, I seem to falter. I cannot think I'm alone in this fault. :-( 
We all should realize how blessed we are to live here and have the bounty we do. The Haitian disaster , along with the adoption of our new nephews from the Congo, has opened our eyes to our wonderful country. Giving money just doesn't seem enough when there is so much need in the world. It is difficult to understand how we can be so blessed when others are suffering so intensely. Not a balanced world we live in, Ladies. Not at all. My sister has started a daily routine of asking each of us to go out and be a blessing to someone each day on Face Book. All her friends have responded with such positive comments, it is heartwarming. We all need that encouraging reminder to do just that. Thanks, Debbie.
I'm sure you all  are busy with school and family now that basketball season is upon Indiana. Our boys have only won 3 games this year, but last night we only lost by 2 points against our county rival. Our boys are great kids, we have no great athletes right now, but they all play with heart.  I'm doing desserts for our annual "Coaches Against Cancer" bean supper at our homecoming next Saturday night. You are all invited to come on down! As you know we have two students with cancer and will donate the proceeds to those families. Last year we raised $3000 from it. Then we only had one boy with cancer. One is cancer free at this point, the other had a major setback with H1N1, chicken pox and pneumonia this winter. 
Stephen King has a new coon dog, Hoss, a blue tick who is identical to all the others we have owned in our 43 year marriage. I cannot name all of them , but they all looked alike. He and a friend have been hunting almost every night a are just like two boys with their new toy. Walking through a dark, cold woods after a bawling dog is something I've never been able to wrap my head around. Must be a man thing! 
Orange County is undertaking a health project called Ways of Wellness. It has attracted hundreds of people. We have exercise, dance and yoga classes, cooking workshops and many other events going on all over the county. My girls are doing yoga, but I'm just stretching and walking to begin with, easing my way into real stuff. I plan to do water aerobics, but have had an ear infection for weeks. The shared enthusiasm is wonderful. Heaven knows most of us need to get healthier. Me especially! 
Winter Gagglefest can't come soon enough for me. I haven't been anywhere since our fall get together. I'm so ready for a road trip. And want to see you all, of course!! Give me some response on Kirstie's shower date and I'll book a room or two. Talk to me. Love, Hedy 

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello all. Another Sunday evening. Waiting for my chicks to get here for supper. I made brown beans and ham, cheezy potato soup, cornbread and angel food cupcakes, chocolate and raspberry filled. I hope someone is hungry. I haven't fed them since Christmas break, so I'm starved to see them all at home. 
We have had a 2 day snow break this week, it was nice and unexpected. I really don't know if me and my teachers could have survived a whole week. That 2 week Christmas break was a spoiler. I love the snow, but this cold weather is a killer. I hurt all over and am only warm in bed. I've intended to finish quilting projects and start a new one, but have only managed to read [ :-)],  patterns and instructions for projects...that's almost the same as starting, isn't it? What a peaceful time this has been though. at least for those of us who haven't had to get outside and work. Our Stephen has been working in Terre Haute setting forms for a new project. Cold as Hell, we all know. Poor guy. But atleast he is working. So many aren't as lucky right now. My heart goes out to them. We had our own low years when we first married and started our family. Stephen King was critically injured when Stephen was a baby and we lived on Worksman's Comp at $36 a week for months. Imagine trying that now. 
I'm looking forward to getting back and working hard this semester to raise our grades and tests scores. I'm starting a new Bullying guidance lesson to deal with bystanders. Most of our kids are the bystanders, of course, observing without taking a stand. I hope to turn this around. Make heroes of them! I also have a new Girl's program I'd like to flesh out for the middle school. Just wish I could recruit some younger adults to run it for us. I'm tired and old. I hate to tie up one more late day. I best check on my soups right now, back tonight.
OK, it is now Monday night. 
Boy, the students were loud today, must have be glad to get back to their friends. Everyone was in a great mood though. Even my downstairs boys who cause me grief were impressed with the automatic paper towel dispenser in the restroom they routinely destroy. I wonder how long it will last and what were they thinking to install it there. We have had sausage and biscuits in the urinals, locked stalls, plugged toilets and boys sitting on the urinals in there. Wonder what they will do with free flowing paper toweling? Give a boy a motorized toy and he can rule the world. I do believe 12 year olds are a different species. From real people, I mean.
Good to hear from Elaine. I'm wondering about a winter gagglefest. Who is planning it? Lets wait till the great freeze out of 2010 passes, OK? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. I wasn't too happy with the place I chose last year, what else is available and better? I looked at B & Bs, but they all looked musty. I enjoy the modern ones with spas attached. Do you have one of those in Laffy? Can we afford it?
I'm resolved to starting each new day in a positive mood this year. So far, so good. We can at least choose that much for ourselves. girls. The world may enter and smack us around, but that first few minutes belongs to us. Use them as a blessing. Love you all. Talk to me. Hedy