Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good morning all, sorry to have been away for awhile. Our lives are returning to a somewhat normal order. Stephen King is much better after months of foot pain from neuropathy. He has tried acupuncture, increased meds and worn Crocs and something is working :-) Although he has regained his hair and weight, his strength hasn't returned and he spends most afternoons resting. But he can mow and walk abit in the mornings which is wonderful. Another PetScan has been scheduled for next week to check out the tumor situation. We feel that all is well, but do get anxious waiting for results. Please keep him in your prayers.
Mackenzie is thriving in these weeks following the transplant. She has progressed to clinic visits every two weeks. The most obvious change has been in her weight gain and color. For so many years our redhead has been a pasty green hued shadow of herself, but is now glowing peaches and cream. She's gained around 10 pounds and no longer wears Madeleine's clothing. She is tickled to be back into a small junior rather than a girls 12. She will probably start at Hanover second semester, but maybe at IUS. The insecure feelings which persisted all during her illness haven't completely gone. Leaving home is a big deal for any college freshman, but for Mack it is a major change. She has made their home into her secure haven, keeping out fears of hospitals, medicines, and illness. Stepping away from home and parents will be a giant leap. I pray she will take that leap into her new independence and experience life.
Our mom is experiencing some heart failure, we have an appointment with her cardiologist today. She continues to retreat into the past and have pain from arthritis, making her days a slow circle repeated again and again. Keeping closer and closer to home, she refuses offers to eat out or visit family. Our world shrinks with hers and we require quiet time to recenter ourselves after our shift with her. My aunt, sister, sisters-in-law and brothers have been so supportive of Mom, it is heartwarming to watch and be part of.
Janelle messaged us of Brian's accident, we are praying for them all. It sounds as if this may be a long process of healing and restoring. Eden will benefit from having both parents at home all day, that is for sure. I don't envy Janelle the duty of nursing Brian, from experience I know the quirkiness of a sick male. All commonsense seems to leave them. They want to Overdo and then Whine about the repercussions. Don't want to be trouble but insist on meals in front of the TV and speaking of meals; they never want to miss one. Even if their day is not 6AM to 6PM during their recovery, three meals and two snacks are a strict requirement. Good Luck, Sweet Girl. Stand strong, it may be a lonnnngggg fall.
Seriously, I do wish we could all get together while Janelle is on maternity leave. It has been so long and there are now 3 little goslings I haven't seen. Caleb, Dexter and Eden. I watch on FB how Avery and Olivia,  Abi and Sam, Trent and Jordan, and Kendra are growing but would love to see them again too. As well as Elaine's other 3. We really need to get her on FB, just to post pictures!
Take care, my friends. Talk to me. Hedy