Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr. Says I Need To Reduce Stress In My Life; Why Didn't I Think Of That?

I had a doctors appointment on Monday he has decided it is time for biological injections, physical therapy and frequent massages. However the first words from his mouth were a concern for my stress level. I'm quite certain that raised my BP several notches. And personally, I believe I wear my stress well. I haven't pulled out all my hair yet, nor have I taken to drinking. In fact, many people comment on my peaceful composure in all situations. I may be caught staring into space, wringing my hands or making a quiet hum at times, but those are just coping skills, not signs of unraveling. I'm still considering those injections, there are serious side effects with them and I need to be strong for Stephen King for awhile yet. But I am anxious to get started on the massages, as they have always helped.
Steve has another CT scan on Friday then sees Dr. K again on Monday. She scolded him today for not eating and drinking enough this week. He has lost another 6 pounds and needed fluids last week. She doesn't want to give another treatment until checking on his progress. If the tumors are not shrinking she will have to rethink his treatment. There a several combinations of drugs which may help him. We are praying this one is doing its job against the terrible stuff. Steve has had a rough couple of weeks since the last treatment and wasn't looking forward to next week's treatment. His strength is nearly gone, he has lost 20 pounds and he has dizzy spells each time he stands. But he is a fighter and has faith he will beat this. 
Shawn and Mackenzie return to Riley Hospital on Monday for the last round of testing before the transplant. Kenz gets weaker everyday and is choosing to go to school only 3 days a week now. She doesn't want to get behind in her Pre-Cal and Physics classes but just cannot do a whole week now without becoming ill. Her weight, too has slipped down and her Hgb is a shaky 6.1 this week. Up from the 4.4 before the transfusion, but not even half what it should be. She was accepted to Hanover and is thinking she might like to go there in the fall. She was planning on IUS because it is close enough to commute, but thinks she might be up to living on campus after the transplant. I'm encouraging the move to Hanover. She hasn't had much of a normal teen life and I would wish for her to have the total college experience. We shall see. Her health is the important thing now.
That's all I have, Ladies. Nothing inspiring, except the fact we are all still here, hanging in and hanging on. Love you all. Talk to me, Hedy