Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vacation report, Down to the Sea

Hello all, I can't believe it's been a month since I've posted here, but it has been a busy October. Actually the kids and I returned from 10 days in Florida late Sunday night. After our long challenge of summmer, we really enjoyed the peace and serenity of the coast. I slept with my bedroom door open to listen to the waves hitting the shore. The birds were amazingly vocal, I don't remember them being so chatty during my spring or summer visits. I love listening to birds calling back an forth to each other. The weather was just about perfect this trip, October is THE month to vacation on the Gulf Coast. We sat on the beach more than ever, spent time on the decks and even watched the meteor shower laying on the pool deck. A new experience for my grandkids, a couple of them (no names) freaked abit in the dark.
You can bet it wasn't Madeleine. That girl has nerves of steel. One night Trent found a tiny gecko under his bathroom sink, Maddie was amazed that his underside was transparent and his heart and intestines were visible. The others were grossed out by the little guy. Not surprisingly he had lots of cousins outside, on the drive, the garage door, the pool... Gavin and Caleb loved the jungle-like yard surrounding the house, they are very into Army games. They wore camo most of the time we were there. Full fatigues, helmets, shorts, hiking boots and t-shirts, they stormed the beach, then stripped down, jumped into the pool for SEAL training. Not since our boys were that age have I seen such action. Even Maddie couldn't keep up with them. Trent and Nina took the 3 littles on a geo-caching adventure that lasted all day, they even visited an old cemetary which held the spirits of the victims of a malaria epidemic which wiped out Post St. Joe a couple of centuris ago. This is according to the Ghost Radar on Trent's Smart Phone!!!
Mostly we just relaxed, ate and breathed in the sea during our vacation. Caleb was spitting on the beach and Shawn told him to stop, he replied, "I have to Mom, my mouth is full of the sea". I loved that. Full of the sea, indeed. That is exactly what I needed; to be full of the sights, the smells and the sounds of the sea. Weird, since I have always been afraid of water, but I feel able to breathe when at the edge of the sea. At times I feel as if my lungs will burst, needing that wind in my face and yet I'm landbound here in Indiana for all but two or three weeks a year.
Steve has been having daily back pain but has controlled it fairly well with OTC meds. The neuropathy in his feet continues to be his worst complaint and the tiredness. Even after eight months without chemo his strength has not returned. Facing another round really concerns us both. Today he had to cut his walk short because he was short of breath. When I question him about how he is feeling, he laughingly says, "I think I have cancer or something bad".  His feeble attempt to convince me he isn't worried. After all these years together, he still tries to protect me.
Mackenzie had a check-up in Indy today, great news she can now wait two months between trips. She will continue the weekly labs and all her meds but this is a big step. The child has been to Riley or IU Med Center every month for over nine years. She has had a rapid weight gain that is normal for transplant patients. Today they told her to walk more and begin some exercise. She isn't thrilled by the idea of working out, she is as non-athletic as her gma. Poor girl. But all is good, she will do whatever she has to do. Strong genes in this girl. Bless her heart.
Poor Mom continues to lose reality plus her physical health seems to fail each week. We share taking care of her with mixed emotions, my sister, aunts and I hate to leave her but have to get rest and relief from the strain being there brings. While our brothers deny the depth of her illness and breeze in and out refusing to admit to themselves that we are losing Mom. It hurts so much to see their hurt. They have both shared a special relationship with her, one her first born son, the other her baby boy. Life is hard, my friends, you have to be strong. And sometimes being strong is the pits.
Sorry, this wasn't meant to end on a down note. Day-to-day we are ok and God is good. Love.