Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anna's Shower

Hello All, I had such a nice visit with Anna, Janelle, Kirstie and Little Kendra yesterday at the wedding shower. We missed you all, wasn't a Gaggle without you. Truthfully, I was dreading the drive, but the weather was great, I found a Classic Rock station out of Indy and the 3 1/2 hours flew by. And holding Little Kendra made the road time worth it. Ladies, she is precious. I had in mind a baby with dark hair and flashing dark eyes like her Momma, but instead Little Kendra is fair and blue-eyed with medium brown hair. Looks alot like Daddy, too. Such a doll baby. She snuggled against my chest like she belonged there. So sweet. She made me feel like I was Grandma Hedy for sure. Kirstie and Pat appear to have a pleasant, good natured daughter, lucky parents! I love having another little goose to watch grow up.
Oh, yeah. Anna was there, too. Hehehe. Sorry, Anna, Little Kendra about stoled the show. Anna's Mom, Grandma and aunts were there with other friends. It was nice to meet them all finally. I feel as if I know Grandma. We all sat on a cute screened in porch, that I'd love to have off my kitchen. Flowers everywhere and a weatherproof rug I wanted to roll up and take South. She was so sweet to have us all in her home. I'm looking forward to the wedding, Anna. I know, "we'll see what happens"! Anna's motto for the whole deal. We all know how she operates, leave everything till the last minute and still come through like a champ. "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON"indeed, my girl. Janelle, is was so good to see you and catch up on all the Lady A and Miss Olivia stories. You just never change, you look just like you did the first day I saw you. What is your secret? I've probably waited too long to find out. 
It is cool here today and rainy. Stephen King had a mussel-loading shooting match so I was home alone all day. I pieced a quilt top and back for a friends shower from some blocks I had. It will be a floor quilt, nothing bulky, just some 1940s style fabric to be used at home. I had to design the backing since I didn't quite have enough unbleached muslin to fit it. I made a large cross piece with muslin corners which I like quite well. Hope the new Momma does. 
She is a wonderful young teacher in our middle school who was a student of mine. She and husband are doing an open-adoption where they have met the birth mom, gone to doctors appointments, seen the ultra sounds and will be there at delivery to meet their daughter. We are all excited for them, they are both special young people. Good, God-loving kids, wanting a child in their lives. She has gone with us on Spring Break for 3 years and is one of my dearest friends. I say a special prayer for her and the baby every night.
We need some nice warm sun in the Valley. Our garden is out, but not doing much in this cool weather. My flower garden is fantastic, though. Flowering bushes, perennials, grasses and roses are falling over themselves, heavy with color. Even my wisteria is covering the old iron fence I planted it behind last year and dripping purple clusters. I never dreamed it would flourish here. Aren't they southern plants? Stephen King leaned a cucumber trellis against the garage last fall, right where my sweet peas would climb up it. Now he can't move it for his cukes! I really love that my sweet peas will be up off the ground this spring. I always drive around hunting sweet peas on my birthday, since that is their best blooming time. My brother, Rob, used to bring them for me, but he has moved to another house. Now I'll grow my own for little pitchers full of sweet flowers for days and days, all over my house. We have to take joy in the little things, Girls. Not wait for big prizes.
I hope Jill has a better week; her mom took a bad turn and she couldn't join us Saturday. But Jill told me today her mom rallied and is doing better. God Bless their family through this painful time. Elaine wasn't feeling up for the trip to Covington either. Hope your days get easier, Elaine. Second trimester is better and school will soon be out. Take some long naps this summer and enjoy your kids, that's an order from Mother Goose. I'll even make you a nap quilt to lie on outside under a tree for sweet summer naps. Take care of yourself, please. Angela and her kids were going in several directions this weekend, so we didn't get to see her, either. How do you keep up? Sam and Abbie have such busy schedules and you with the Poms and Dance, too. I'd lose my head or a kid if I tried that. I hope to see you at the wedding, Angela, it has been a long time. Of course, Alison's boys had ballgames! Good thing there are only 2 Reinholt boys to keep up with, Dad would have to give up coaching to follow his champs around the country. We missed you too, Lady.
I need to hit the kitchen and see if we can find some food. You all have a good week and Talk to me. Hedy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

Hey Ladies, I wanted a fresh spring color for this posting, but you may not be able to read the aqua!  This beautiful weather has brightened my mood 100%, after all the weekend rain, I was much in need of brightening. Things here in the Valley are going well. Stephen King has his garden out and the lawn looks like a magazine pix. It is so good to have a yardner in the house. Now we just need a maid. I haven't started Spring cleaning yet, waiting for the pollen to die down, or the rain to stop, any excuse, really. We have 19 new lambs and they are growing like weeds and filling the pastures with baabaabaa..
I'm still thinking of retirement, but the urgency has calmed to a managable level. A dear friend of mine has cancer and he spoke to me about not wasting my remaining years. That has forced me to think about what we want with our "golden years". My friend was retired only 3 years when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer. His wife is my exact age, we share a birthday and so many similarities in thinking that we feel like twins separated at birth. His illness has responded well to treatment until recently. I truly believe he doesn't have long now. His last visit was difficult for both of us. At 60, my remaining years are limited, I know. Will Stephen King and I have time to do all the traveling we have always planned? Will I see my grandchildren grow into the fine adults I know they will become? Will I ever be thin again? OK, that last one isn't necessary or possible, but I had to lighten up! Really, we all need to consider the future. I know I'm Heaven bound when I die, but what about the years till then? There's the rub.
I'm working on this at work!!! Something I never do, but I have a few minutes before our next case conference and think I'll take advantage of some down time. We have so many incoming 6th graders with IEPs that I don't know how we will place them all in next year's schedule. And no we aren't finished scheduling yet, our admin is, "still making decisions". Hey, guess who gets to work all of July! Not really, but why can't they see these things before April? Do you have such issues? It is too late for this year, but next year I am only doing guidance. No admin, no discipline, no extra duties, no late nights, strictly guidance. Promise, hear me? I am! Pinky swear, cross my heart. How I don't know yet. :-(
I am so excited to see you all at Anna's shower. I do hope Kirstie is bringing Baby Mc. I can't wait to hold her. It has been so long since we have had a tiny one at home. A former student brought in her new 5 pounder, her 3rd in 2 years. Broke my heart. Another issue with work, broken hearts. I love hearing from you all on here, but Alison takes the cake! Al always lifts me with her cheery response, praising the weather snow or shine, sharing endearing things the boys have done or the joys of a farming/coaching wife. Alison, you should have your own blog. I'd love to make mine more interesting, but don't know how to share pictures or links to other good blogs. Maybe that will improve with retirement, too.
Time to go. Another lying parent will come in and try to convince us she is Mom of the Year. Sorry, that slipped out. I am attempting to find the positive side of everything each day. Some days are more challenging than others. And some days I get beaten down by it all. Others, I manage to see the goodness and love in everyone so easily and encourage them to keep up the good job they are doing. These days have been few in recent weeks. Maybe more me than them??? Pollyanna has had hers eyes opened for sure with this career.
See you all on the 15th. Enjoy the Merry Month of May till then. Talk to me. Love, Hedy