Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congratulations Kirstie and Pat

What terrific news from the McClamrocks! How exciting to have another gosling on the way. Gee, wonder what gender it will be? All those girls on one side, all those boys on the other? Maybe twins are the answer! You could have knocked me over last night when I got that text, I have been wondering about K's silence lately. I thought she was like the rest of us COVERED up with work, didn't suspect this might be going on. Silly me. I'm happy that you haven't been too uncomfortable yet, Kirstie. Pregnancy can be a joyous time. Mine weren't but that's another story. I'm sure other women have experienced lovely months of morning sickness, heartburn, weight gain, hemorrhoids and all the other special things you have to look forward to in the coming months. Really, it isn't too bad, is it Ladies? Sorry, I just couldn't resist being mean. I know you'll be fine and I know how cute you will look in the new maternity clothes. My daughters-in-law were thrilled they didn't have those ugly things that women wore in my day. Talk about BAD, we looked like pumpkins on stilts. Skinny pants or skirts and tent tops. OK, let's get the name game going for this babe. I say something simple and classic to go with the lengthy Scottish surname. Something like CLAIRE. OK, who is next to suggest their favorite?

Allison says she is finally in the groove, I guess I am too. Our 6th graders are too, too young to be in middle school, but aren't they always? Our new principal is turning out to be a dream come true...supportive, high expectations, no excuses and funny. If I'm dreaming, do not wake me! Really, no kids in the hall, no tardy passes, no nurse passes unless there is blood or broken bones, no gum, no phones, no sticking paper clips in electric outlets. Well the other guy didn't allow that either, but the new one suspends X 2 days for that. And it happened today, in my building, of course. By accident, of course, any one can accidently straighten out a big ole paper clip and accidently stick it into the outlet, of course. Did you know the plastic coating melts when you do that? Yeah, it does and the clip gets all black and fire shoots out. Freaky accident. But,,,I was able to laugh it off to childish pranks, while thanking God he didn't get electrocuted. And Mom has no working phone or emergency number listed. And then there's the girl who showered after PE with her clothes on so she wouldn't be late to class. Yep, in my building. Today. I cannot wait till tomorrow. :-)

The mood in our school is a total 180 from the last 2 years, so much improved. How one person can make such a difference is amazing to me. I feel excited as we plan the next few years. We are being encouraged to use the middle school concept as we have wanted from the start in our new building. I may even have time for counseling! Not that I CAN, but maybe. It feels great to be excited about work again. This is why I started down this road, to feel excited about helping in the educating of young minds, shaping young lives. I'm glad I can do that again before I retire. Administration is not my cup of tea.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, the weather is supposed to be great here in the southland. Finally, a break in the humidity. Stephen King and I may have to do something fun. Talk to me, Girls. Love

Sunday, August 9, 2009

WOF and Alien Invasion

Hi girls,
Has everyone experienced the thrill of returning to work yet? I start my 3rd week tomorrow. Believe me...the thrill is gone. Having the kids show up will be anti-climatic for me. New principal, new student management program, and I'm going back as a 6o year old. Not the makings of a fun year. However, I am determined to be optimist and look for all the positives I can find. Same as last year and the ones before. Who knows maybe this time everything will be alright.
My sister and I went to Women of Faith in Indy again this weekend. It is a wonderful way to prepare for the school year, or any other challenge. Just Deb and me and 12,000 of our best friends gathering at Conseco and sharing moments with a few of the most talented Christian women around. Sheila Walsh is my favorite. She shares such personal, painful stories; I admire her courage so much. Her singing is powerful and hopeful, it just makes you feel better. This year Mandisa was a big part of the gathering. She is one terrific lady, talented, beautiful and strong. And she wears the best. big girl clothing I've ever seen. Steven Curtis Chapman shared his music on Friday evening, his boys play in his band and his wife and girls were there, too. Such a message his Cinderella CD carries. This is something for you all to consider attending. The timing makes it difficult for those of us in schools, but it is worth giving up a half day to attend the Friday night and Saturday sessions. Google Women of Faith and see for yourself.
I have contracted some kind of rash in the last few weeks that is keeping me hot and bothered. It started around my neck like hives, moved up to my cheeks and scalp, now it is crawling down my body like some alien being making me red, swollen and itchy. Plus it looks ugly. Nice image, I know. Sorry, but what are friends for if not to share all life's little joys, bumps and bruises? And red, scaly, swollen, alien beings? I'm sure it will go away soon, as it is down to my knees today. I keep hoping it will crawl away when it gets to my feet. Gotta stay positive :-) I'll talk more later, right now I need to slather on another bottle of Benedryl ointment. Love you all. Hedy