Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congratulations Kirstie and Pat

What terrific news from the McClamrocks! How exciting to have another gosling on the way. Gee, wonder what gender it will be? All those girls on one side, all those boys on the other? Maybe twins are the answer! You could have knocked me over last night when I got that text, I have been wondering about K's silence lately. I thought she was like the rest of us COVERED up with work, didn't suspect this might be going on. Silly me. I'm happy that you haven't been too uncomfortable yet, Kirstie. Pregnancy can be a joyous time. Mine weren't but that's another story. I'm sure other women have experienced lovely months of morning sickness, heartburn, weight gain, hemorrhoids and all the other special things you have to look forward to in the coming months. Really, it isn't too bad, is it Ladies? Sorry, I just couldn't resist being mean. I know you'll be fine and I know how cute you will look in the new maternity clothes. My daughters-in-law were thrilled they didn't have those ugly things that women wore in my day. Talk about BAD, we looked like pumpkins on stilts. Skinny pants or skirts and tent tops. OK, let's get the name game going for this babe. I say something simple and classic to go with the lengthy Scottish surname. Something like CLAIRE. OK, who is next to suggest their favorite?

Allison says she is finally in the groove, I guess I am too. Our 6th graders are too, too young to be in middle school, but aren't they always? Our new principal is turning out to be a dream come true...supportive, high expectations, no excuses and funny. If I'm dreaming, do not wake me! Really, no kids in the hall, no tardy passes, no nurse passes unless there is blood or broken bones, no gum, no phones, no sticking paper clips in electric outlets. Well the other guy didn't allow that either, but the new one suspends X 2 days for that. And it happened today, in my building, of course. By accident, of course, any one can accidently straighten out a big ole paper clip and accidently stick it into the outlet, of course. Did you know the plastic coating melts when you do that? Yeah, it does and the clip gets all black and fire shoots out. Freaky accident. But,,,I was able to laugh it off to childish pranks, while thanking God he didn't get electrocuted. And Mom has no working phone or emergency number listed. And then there's the girl who showered after PE with her clothes on so she wouldn't be late to class. Yep, in my building. Today. I cannot wait till tomorrow. :-)

The mood in our school is a total 180 from the last 2 years, so much improved. How one person can make such a difference is amazing to me. I feel excited as we plan the next few years. We are being encouraged to use the middle school concept as we have wanted from the start in our new building. I may even have time for counseling! Not that I CAN, but maybe. It feels great to be excited about work again. This is why I started down this road, to feel excited about helping in the educating of young minds, shaping young lives. I'm glad I can do that again before I retire. Administration is not my cup of tea.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, the weather is supposed to be great here in the southland. Finally, a break in the humidity. Stephen King and I may have to do something fun. Talk to me, Girls. Love


Alison said...

Rex would like to know which side of the Ohio River you live on??? :) What a crazy week it sounds like you had. I had my own meltdown this week. I have quite the group of kids this year. I have two kids who are non verbal, one who is autistic and refuses to do much of anything and is very physically aggressive. Luckily, he was absent most of the week. When he's here we're trying to keep him in the room and not running out the doors. My little 2nd grade ED boy pulled down his pants and undies in the lunch line yesterday. Another 2nd grade girl yelled to the class that I was a bitch and not to listen to me. On the other hand, I have GREAT assistants, a wonderful supervisor, and a fantastic principal and superintendent who know and understand how challenging this is. The staff is great to work with and I feel blessed to be here, even though I have no idea how I'm going to get through this. It will all come together.

Jordan did really well at the state fair last Sunday. He won Grand Champion with the Ayrshire and Honors with his 4yr old Jersey. Got first place with that same Jersey as well as the 2 yr old and the aged cow. Not bad for his first time out. He was really excited. It was really hot Sunday, though.

Kirstie, I'm so excited for you and Pat. What wonderful news! Congrats! Glad school is going well, too. Hope you're feeling well. Mine were completely different. Once the exhaustion and nausea settled, I felt great. the second trimester really is great, and the third is exciting as time draws near.

Hope all is well with everyone else. Have a good weekend everyone!

Janelle said...

Congratulations Kirstie and Pat! Such great news! Hedy, I can hear the positive energy in your postings about glad it is going better. And, you too Anna! Oh Alison, I have so much respect for you...going back to the classroom and especially the ED classroom. It really used to annoy me when people would say, it takes a special person to teach special ed.....well, it's so true here. It really does and I'm so glad that the students have you in their classroom.

It's been a roller coaster of a week for us...bottom line is we have so much to be thankful for. Seriously, I am lucky to be sitting here typing and my husband is here with me. He was welding a heavy machine this week on the back of his tailgate of his truck and it is believed that a spark hit some gas that had inadvertedly been spilled in the back of his truck....and, well, you can see where this is going. No surprise that the truck caught fire and it is a total loss. After the truck started burning, Superhero Brian drove the truck out of a barn so that the barn didn't burn down and then threw all of the "important" stuff out of the cab of his pickup while it burned. 7 fire extinguishers, a high pressure washer and 2 fire trucks later = a totaled new pick up. Yes, it's been a long week, but he is so very lucky. We all are.

That's all the big news I know right now....still feeling pretty yucky. Called the doctor yesterday after some more bloodwork was done and found out that my thyroid levels are more than 10x higher than they are suppose to be. No wonder I feel like crap...after telling me that a specialist will see me in 2 months, I got an appointment on Monday. Let's hope I get some answers....Brian is just hoping that my bitchiness has a medical reason!!! :)

Miss you girls and hope that the start of the school yaer goes well for everyone.

Staci said...

I am just sure I couldn't do it all the time, but I love to go visit the ED classroom. They like it when I come over, b/c they get few visitors but I am just sure that I would wig out after any length of time! Just confirms what we already knew, Alison is saintly =)

WOW Janelle, so glad everything turned out the way it did. Tell Brian next time he would like to weld, he is welcome to use my mommy van...

The thyroid thing is so annoying! I have been dealing with it since November and hate to tell you, it is not a whole lot better yet...especially when you forget to take your meds..

Hedy King said...

Madeleine posted the ultra sound pix of baby McClamrock on my phone screen; she thought it was "interesting". Caleb thinks it is "magic".

Kirstie said...

Claire is actually on our name list. We have a boy name and girl name that are our "favorite" right now, but we aren't telling anyone those names. Now we have decided to not find out if it's a boy or girl. Pat really wants that moment when he gets to go to the waiting room and tell the family. My borther-in-law told him that is the only moment throughout the 9 months that's just for him.
My sister showed Gloria the ultrasound and told her that's her cousin and Gloria has not forgotten.