Friday, June 26, 2009


We are in Gulf Shores in our rental house, a top story duplex facing the Gulf. We've had such a good time no one is ready to leave, so we've found a last minute cancelation special on a beach front condo down the street. It only has 2 bedrooms, but for 2 nights grandma can sleep on the pullout couch. The kids are on a crab hunt tonight, Trent came down on Thursday and he's in charge of treasure hunts and other night time adventures. Mackenzie and I stayed in to clean up the kitchen. She is afraid of the dark and crabs so we volunteered for KP duty.
The weather has been hot, record high hot. but not sticky Indiana humid hot. The breeze off the Gulf is wonderful and constant. All the stresses and struggles of the year seem to blow away on those breezes, and my shoulders relax and fall out of my ears. I swear if school had lasted any longer I'd be wearing my head on my back. But no shop talk this summer, we will be back to work soon enough.
Caleb and I both have had birthdays down here this week, I am 10 times older than my grandson this year. He couldn't grasp that idea and thinks I'm just old! Out of the mouths of babes. I'm sure 60 was ancient for me too, at 6. The boys have played and played this week. For the first time, they are on the same wavelink. Usually Gavin is so much younger in his development than Cabe, but this summer he's about caught up. Maddie wants to play with them and do big girl stuff with Kenz and Shay.
Oh, they just walked in; no treasure, no crabs but MADDIE FOUND A NEW BALL. That's her fav toy, a ball of any kind, any size, any color. The beach was completly covered in crabs, Gavin reports. Millions of them, kinda freaky, he says!
Everyone appears pretty red tonight, I think tomorrow may be a 50 day in sunscreen land. The mommas are anal about keeping the kiddos covered, but Mother Nature fooled them today. All five have a rosy glow! Meanwhile G-ma is pretty lily white still.
We haven't heard from Elaine in a while, is all OK in Renssalier? how do you spell that? Kirstie, you've been quiet, too, What's up this summer with you? Can everyone make it to our gagglefest? i was wrong, my appointment is the 11th of July, so anyday the next week is great with me.
I really need to go pack up for the move down the street in the morning. I hope everyone has a great weekend, Anna's headache, Sam's sicky feelings go away. Enjoy, enjoy. Talk to me. Love, Hedy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You Know?????

I've decided to post some probably unknown facts about myself. I've read this on so many other blogs and find it interesting. I hope you all will respond in kind and share with us.

1. I will walk a mile to avoid a spider.

2. I really dislike amusement parks.

3. I love Lily of the Valley flowers.

4. I hold a record for the most 4 leaf clovers found over the summer of 1960.

5. My first car was a show-room fresh yellow 1965 Mustang Fastback and my Dad thought I was worth it. :-) Thanks, Dad

6. My brother wrecked said car when he was 17 and turned it into a grey boy thing. Curse you, Mike.

7. I wish I had named my daughter Rowdy Jo, like I wanted.

8. I wanted to become a doctor, once upon a time. Maybe in my next life.

9. I wonder who I really am sometimes.

10. I wanted to become a nun, once upon a time. Never will happen as long as Stephen King is around.

11. If I ever have money I'll, be surprized!

13. I want to build a house large enough for all my family, so no one has to be in a nursing home.

14. I think I had a previous life as a man, which explains my resentment of the patriarchal world I live in.

15. I only cry when I'm angry.

Some of this is silly, some is troublesome, but all is true. Now talk to me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life Goes ON

June is finally here and how I love it. It has always been my favorite month; so soft and sweet, green and fresh, warm and pleasant. I do hope everyone is enjoying June; are we all out of school? Friday was supposed to be my last day, but now we have computer training scheduled for this week. I may rebel and not show, I have to go back Aug. 1 and that is just around the corner. But I'm determined to enjoy everyday to its fullest, I'm going to wring the pleasure out of each one.
Jill, our friend will not be returning to us next year; he's been removed from his position with us. A rather underhanded act of meanness. He was upset, but took it like the gentleman he is, of course. He is retiring; both kids are expecting in the fall and he's called to duty there. He loves his kiddos and grandson. I'm still concerned for his health, maybe this is for his good. The faculty is having a surprise lunch for him this week. The act was performed after the teachers were gone, but word spread and they quickly planned a tribute for him. I am so proud of them. He was not much force this year, but no one wanted him to be treated this way.
Kirstie, hope you and your school family are recovering. What a shock for his family and friends. We are still suffering here, but moving on. A couple of boys have me concerned and I will continue to keep a check on them this summer. Our community raised enough for his funeral and headstone, everyone was so generous. I love small towns.
We are both tired tonight; Stephen King and my brother, Rob, cleared some fallen trees from Mom's yard today. I trimmed shrubs, my nieces scrubbed the garage. It was our annual Mother's Day gift except my sister and other brother are in Florida and Chicago on vacation! Really, Deb does more than her share with Mom and Mike will help Steve rip out some overgrown landscaping some other weekend. The guys try to keep her place looking nice. It has always been a difficult yard to maintain; for 40 years we've held raking days, trimming days, painting days, mowing days, etc, etc, etc. I never lived there, they moved just after we married and it has never been home to me. Odd, I still think of my childhood house as home. Steve and I bought it when we married and lived there for several years. One of my best friends bought it from us, so I had a long connection to that house. We have lived in quite a few other houses over the years, but I never felt bad when we moved, I connect home with family not houses. Isn't it interesting the differences in people's feeling toward home? What is your idea of home?
Steve's garden continues to look great and we are eating lettuces, kale, cauliflower, green onions from it. The peas and green beans are blooming and we have tiny tomatoes setting on. My flower garden looks like someone administered steriods, everything is monstrous and out of control. I should have divided and moved things out this spring but didn't have time, now there is no room to get inside and do trimming. Flowering bushes are eating the shed and roses and wisteria are smothering the iron fence and one side is carpeted in kneehigh coreopsis!! Maybe next year, but probably not :-) .
The girls, kids and I leave for Gulf Shores on the 19th. We are all counting the hours. Are you planning any summer get-a-ways? I hope we can do another get-together this year. My kids spent today at the BIG SPLASH waterpark and loved it, even the little ones had a great time. You all should try it. Jill loves leaving money here, you might, too. I had lunch at the Casino last week, first time I'd been there. No gambling though, I was on the clock!!! I kept crying for a mojito, but the principal wouldn't go for it. Thought it might look bad for the drug counselor to be drinking in the casino on school time.
Elaine, are you still out there working or have you won the lottery and abandoned us? How are Charlie and the kids? Is little Anna doing OK with the muscle issue? I think about calling so often but don't want to interrupt anyone's schedule. I remember life with kids. Myself, I'm pretty much available 24/7. One parent even called my cell on the first day of spring break as I drove to the coast!!! Surprize, we cannot escape.
Anna, any job news? You'll find something that appeals to you. Would you want a principal position in French Lick? Or junior high social studies with the ability to coach football? Or more correct, a football coach who can teach junior high social studies? Or special education? We have a few openings.
Angela, Janelle, Staci and Allison, I love reading your facebook entries. It makes me feel you are close by and we can keep in touch. The pictures are great, too. I enjoy them all. Staci, what are you up to? "No noticible changes" Are you talking new workout or health?
I miss you all and hope we can have a "gaggling" soon. Talk to me. Love, Hedy