Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You Know?????

I've decided to post some probably unknown facts about myself. I've read this on so many other blogs and find it interesting. I hope you all will respond in kind and share with us.

1. I will walk a mile to avoid a spider.

2. I really dislike amusement parks.

3. I love Lily of the Valley flowers.

4. I hold a record for the most 4 leaf clovers found over the summer of 1960.

5. My first car was a show-room fresh yellow 1965 Mustang Fastback and my Dad thought I was worth it. :-) Thanks, Dad

6. My brother wrecked said car when he was 17 and turned it into a grey boy thing. Curse you, Mike.

7. I wish I had named my daughter Rowdy Jo, like I wanted.

8. I wanted to become a doctor, once upon a time. Maybe in my next life.

9. I wonder who I really am sometimes.

10. I wanted to become a nun, once upon a time. Never will happen as long as Stephen King is around.

11. If I ever have money I'll, be surprized!

13. I want to build a house large enough for all my family, so no one has to be in a nursing home.

14. I think I had a previous life as a man, which explains my resentment of the patriarchal world I live in.

15. I only cry when I'm angry.

Some of this is silly, some is troublesome, but all is true. Now talk to me.


Alison said...

I love your list! :) Funny to read other's little "things" about themselves.

summer is finally here. Much work to do around the house and yard. I'm looking forward to resting and not thinking about all of the other things that need to be done.

Jordan is recouping very well. We fished a while this afternoon. He cries over silly things still, but I realize he has to be HUNGRY!!! Yogurt, icecream, and popsickles don't go very far for a growing boy. Not complaining about the pain much today. What a trooper!

Can't wait to see you all. Hope we can schedule some time together this summer. Hope all are well.

Hedy King said...

Al, great to hear Jordan is on his feet! Tough guy, huh? Let's plan something soon, I can't wait to see you all and see how the kids have grown. Love you, Hedy

Staci said...

Happy Anniversary ladies!!! Gabe turned 4 years old on June 12th, that marks the beginning of our journey four years ago!! Seems like ages, hard to believe!

Hope you are all taking time to enjoy yourself. I have started a new "body change" program, sucky eating and kettle bell lifting. I hurt and I'm hungry, but by golly I am going to get this flabby mess of a body in shape or die trying! I am fighting the battle of they thyroid and losing miserably!!!

Hedy King said...

Staci, a thyroid disorder is what they determined, right? You know you can beat it, heck you gave birth and attendeded grad school without missing a beat! You are the woman! Keep up the good work with the body chaging regime; I'm on one too, I'm getting shorter and dumpier by the day. Settling, I suppose :-(. Happy B-day to our boy Gabe.

Janelle said...

Hedy...Your list cracked me up! Yes, we do need to get together...I'm game for whenever. I would love for you all to come back here...either my house or the cabin (which is a bit of a dive right now!)..I would also be willing to travel to the water park or wherever. Who is the planner in the group?!

Staci...I'm right there with you with the whole thyroid disorder. Finally, after a long while of feeling like I had was constantly in a stooper, drooling on myself and forgetting my name, the doctor agreed to test my thyroid. Yep, I was right! Completely out of wack and the doctor immediately cut my dosage of meds in 1/2...I'm hoping there is a turnaround soon!

The girls are good....Avery is jabbering constantly and little Miss O is 17 1/2 lbs as a 4 month old! Chunky monkey! A couple of you have seen the recent pics on FB, but if not, a friend of mine took them and has them on her Snoop if you like!

Ok, so let's get some dates together! Miss you guys!

Janelle said...

Calling all geese! We need to get a Gaggling on our calendars, so after talking with Jill, Anna and Angela today, this is what we are thinkging....(BTW, I also posted this on FB, but we have a few that aren't on there, so I decided to post it in two places).

Date: A day during the week of July 14
Place: Either at a home in the Great North, at a waterpark at the Holiday Inn in Indy or at the French Lick waterpark.

Let me know what your thoughts are....we need to get something planned!

Hedy King said...

Anyway is alright with me, but I cannot do the 17th. Can't wait to see everyone again.

Alison said...

That's fair week for us. Cattle go in on the 13th and show day on the 16th. Not sure when we get released, so I'm not sure just yet. I am so looking forward to the get together!

anna said...

In case you didn't see on facebook...I'm engaged!!!!

He proposed in South Carolina on the beach at sunset :)

Oh...and the ring is beautiful!!! Can't wait for you all to see it during our reunion!!!