Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Ladies,
       Our long awaited vacation is behind us now, but it was wonderful. All the kiddos enjoyed themselves, as did all the adults. It was good to have our 3 kids together in the same house for a few days. Stephen and family had been there for a week so they had to leave 2 days after Trent and Courtney arrived, but we had a terrific weekend. Spending 2 weeks felt right, we had no hurry to get things done, see all the sites or spend time on the beach. We had time enough for it all. Not that we wouldn't have stayed all summer if possible!! We were so blessed that no oil showed up while we were there. The beach and ocean were clear and beautiful. The Bay was a biology lab with a multitude of sea creatures, just waiting to be found. I discovered and picked up a Horseshoe Crab (with my flipflop) An amazing creature. The grandson was so impressed with G-ma.
          Courtney had flown home on the weekend we left Indiana and spent some time with Stori and her family and her Dad. No, we couldn't talk Stephen King into going on vaca with us. He has a fear of grandchildren in the same house for extended periods of time!!! Court and Trent came down on Friday of our 1st week in Cape San Blas. It was so good to see her after 8 months. She looks great, so happy with her life in Oz. But she was glad to get home to us, too. She had a blast with the grandkids and her brothers. Romping in the ocean with Madeleine every evening was a highlight, I think. Of course, picking on Mom was the theme of the trip, making fun of the person who gave them life has always been a favorite passtime of our kids. Good thing I'm easy going or heads would roll!!
          I got my first real tan since my teen years. I could not avoid the sunshine. I used plenty of sunscreen, but still managed a nice golden glow. Now I'm peeling, of course. But I looked healthy for awhile! :-). I had forgotten how much fun and relaxation the ocean provides, riding the waves or just floating around is such a tension reliever. Loved every minute of it. All the kiddos except Mackenzie and sea lovers. She prefers the pool with its lack of living things to touch her! Mack discovered the joy of tourists' shops while there. Each evening she would load up the car with her sibs, cousin and Allie, her friend who went with us and head of to the shop down the road. Driving is a new obsession for Mack. She is a good, safe driver, but has some trouble seeing over the hood of some vehicles. She is a tiny 4' 10" 16 year old. People point and laugh when she gets out of the driver's seat of her Mom's SUV. The red hair and freckles add to the little girl look, too. She is a joy though.
        We discovered cute little shops in Appalachiacola and Port St. Joe. Courtney was taken by "Books N Purl" the knitting/book shop and the girls and I loved :The Green Door", a home decor shop with the perfect accessories in it.  We ate at many good restaurants from the Wise Owl to JoMommas Pizza. And we cooked some great meals at the house, too. But it is over and now we are back to our real lives, which are pretty good, too!!! It is nice to be at home doing all the little things I've left unattended all winter. Nina cleans my house and so I can do the other chores the need done. New curtains, scrubbed porches, tending flowers. All the easier things. I'm trying to see Mom everyday now that I'm not working. She is rapidly losing memory and we spend more and more time with her. Don't know how much longer she can stay alone at night. We have ideas of how to handle that, but haven't had to yet, Thank God. She loves her independence. Keep us in your prayers, Girls.
        I cannot wait to see you al at Anna's wedding. Imagine; our last little goose getting married! Sweet. See you in a few days. Love, Hedy