Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remind me again...why?

This is one of those days where I need to be reminded why I'm in this field. I truly believe our kids have had their brains sucked out by aliens. OMG!!! The simplest task appears to be beyond their collective abilities. They cannot even eat a meal successfully. Somebody stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!
OK, that's over. I'm better now. Maybe Indiana does truly suffer from sectional fever, maybe the kids really are this into school spirit; who knows maybe the 8th grade can build a monument to basketball in the next hour with masking tape, construction paper and Christmas lights.
How is Andrew today, Jill? Nothing more troubling than an adult child, I know. When they are kids we can cuddle them and make everything rosy, but when they become adults their issues are too big even for Mamas. Do you have a good counselor friend to talk to him? (angela) You could speak to Andrew as a counselor rather than a mom, but that is pretty touchy. The advice is the same; he needs to get off the couch, become productive in something and start sleeping and eating regularly. Simple. Except....Really, encouraging him to stop this cycle is the most important step. If he has to stay up for 24 hours then start a new routine, so be it. He needs to shake this up abit and restart.
Allison, hearing about the boys was great, they remind me of mine 30 years ago. Always into something, always planning their next exploit. And your farm, like ours, offers unlimited resources for them. They are lucky little guys. I hope you are not close to a river; ours once built a raft from foam cubes and floated down the Patoka. They hadn't given any thought to how they would get back up stream. It was a long day.
I'm off the Weight Watchers. The pounds are holding on tight, but I've shaken off a few this month. I'm trying to become the world's saggiest woman, I guess. Where did all this extra skin come from and what do I do with it now that it is down around my knees? Picture that, Gaggle.
Take care.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Grandma Hedy Saturday

I love Saturdays, they hold so much potential and not much stress. My grandaughters always call and schedule some fun time for us. Today Shay called to invite me to lunch at Miguels and Mackenzie wants to take in a movie this afternoon. I'll call Courtney and have her bring her kiddos down for the movie, too. We are seeing the Candlewick Chronicles, the older ones will enjoy it; I'm not sure about Caleb and Michael, but there's always snacks to keep them quiet!!!

Janelle, Janelle, we had hoped the the calming Gaggle influence would counteract genetics with Lady Avery, but it seems she is indeed her mothers child. That uterine wall must be very thick to have blocked us out. :-) What an adventure you and Brian have in store with that one. Enjoy every minute. I was home 24/7 with mine and yet, I feel I missed so much of their antics; cooking, cleaning, laundry took big chunks of our days. Managing careers and families is something I admire in you girls., I do not thik I could have one that. I look at our grandchildren now and see their parents as kids; Gavin has Trent's dimples, curious mind and chubby little hands, Maddie is Stephen made over into a girl with the same quirkyness and hard head. But Cabe has his father's tongue; never such a storyteller as Stephen til Caleb. He will spin yarns of bearhunts, car races and even encounters with Jesus. His imagination knows no boundaries. Mackenzie appears to be a mini-me, reading and making lists, sitting back and observing everyone. I do hope she developes self-confidence younger than her g-ma did. She has battled through so much illnes, I know she is a strong young woman; I pray she sees that capacity within herself.
Abbie will develop into a strong, confident lady, too, I believe. Look at the determination it takes for her daily PT routine and know she will tackle anything with her head held high. Strong girls rule, I say. :-0. My Dad always said I was 40 years old at birth and I think some of us have to be older and stronger to triumph over the challenges in our lives. God doesn't give us more than He knows we can handle and He knows who to make strong. During one period of real turmoil in our lives, Steve was afraid God had us mistaken for someone with real strength, but I always knew we would make it through and we have.
Anna, how are you and the General coming with the Ball plans? I've never known anyone who attended real balls, wow. I guess you will be throwing cocktail parties for the officers and their wives, too. How fun. I know you and David will look drop-dead gorgeous all dolled up. You are such a striking couple. I cannot wait to see babies from this match. :-) How is the job going, any more hope of job security? Have you tracked the grades, behavior and attendance of your students? That is a great way to demonstrate your positive influence and it is in black and white numbers that cannot be disputed. Anecdotal support from teachers and other staff is good, also; a note or email from parents should always be saved for later. We must learn to sell ourselves and our work, sadly.
It was terrific to hear from Mellissa and Staci on this blog. You both sound so busy with your jobs and families. I hope we can keep in touch. Staci, I miss your style direction, I've gone rapidly down the fashion hill this year without you to copy from. I bet you are the best dressed counselor in Illinois and have a throng of teenage wannabees.
Everyone have a good weekend. Be safe.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Icy Thursday

This is working out great, isn't it? I love hearing from you all; it is almost like a real conversation. Can we believe Ms. Computer Damage did this? Ha Ha to all those who doubt the ability of old crusty people.
I took today off because I was in alot of pain this morning and now they are calling school off because of an approaching ice storm. Worked out well for me :-). The Lupus has laid low this winter but when it decides to announce itself, it does with a vengence.
As for the reading issue, most of my reading still pertains to work. The "Please, Stop Laughing At Me" book was definitely a professional choice. I also finished 2 books by Elizabeth Gilbert; eat, pray, love and The Last American Man. Not what I expected from all the hype, but rather good reads. I loved the eat and pray chapters, although the love section dissolved into a somewhat typical love story. The story of Eustace in The Last American Man was thought provoking and a bit unrealistic. Steve read it and thought our hero was full of " " and the author naive to believe his tales. Anyone else had time to read them? I enjoy discussing books and hearing the thoughts of others. Courtney loved both of them, as her thinking is more liberal than her dad's, to say the least.
We are doing a form of family reading this winter, nothing organized, but we are all reading and sharing our books with each other. It is a far flung array of topics... Steve's choices are usually American history, mine are social issues, Court's alternative, liberal musings, Trent is rereading Ovid and several books on forgiveness and Stephen is strictly conservative, religious authors and blacksmithing journals!!! Now tell me we are not a strange bunch. I love it.
I'm working on a new quilt to use up my collection of fat quarters. It is called Easy Peasy and is done on the machine. It is enjoyable to see it evolve from little snips of this and that into a pretty cool creation. I've been collecting fabric for years and years without a project in mind. My friend, Carole Anne and I tell ourselves when we get old, we will quilt up a storm. Duh, I think we may have overshot that timeline. But we have spent hours looking at and purchasing fabric, so all is not lost.
Jill, let's go with the suite, if possible. It sounds so cosy and we can all sit and chat together. Elaine can visit while all the aunts and g-mamas nuzzle little Annie. I cannot wait. I miss my babies being babies. I should have been a nurse in pediatrics, so I could get my fill of that sweet smell and incredible softness of babies. Melts my heart.
I'm up for salsa and chips and other snacks for our outing. Maybe some vino, French Lick recently won some awards for their whites. I can do a basket of treats, if you want. And I FINALLY finished my project for a Gaggle Gift. I'll bring those along; we can celebrate Anna and Little Anna's Birthdays.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New read

Now that I discovered how to create a daily posting, I want to talk about a new book I read...last night. I could not put it down. You all know that relational aggression is sort of my soft spot; last week a freshman had a breakdown of sorts brought on by the hateful teasing of her peers. I felt totally helpless in dealing with her, what could I do or say that would ease her pain? I thought I'd read everything in print about RA, but I had never even heard of, "Please, Don't Laugh At Me" by Jodee Blanco. She is a publishing editor of some reknown and works with celebrities everyday, but she spent grades 5-12 as a victim of RA. Her story is heart-renching and powerful. I'm going to share the book with my student and attempt to help her survive. I recommend it for all counselors and parents.
On a lighter note, I provided some hilarious video for SVHS with my attempt to mavigate down my parking ramp on Friday. I executed a perfect 180 and paralel parked between 2 buildings only 8 feet a part. I'm sure it will make the national news.
Tucker, I know you have been teaching Cabe those new words somehow; I certainly do not talk like that!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello, Gaggle and others

I have been looking for a convenient way to communicate with friends. I decided this might work for me after I saw Alice Wooton's blog from the Lost River Market. As you all know, I am seriously challenged when technology is involved, so bear with, please.
I have no idea how to "design" this thing; watch for improvements, right now, I'm just playing. If I cannot figure out how to add comments, it will be a shortlived undertaking; I want to dialogue, not monologue, for Heaven's sake. I figure this can be BRIEF THERAPY for all of us.
First of all; Elaine, how is everything? I cannot wait to see you and Anna Ruth. I have considered calling everyday, but hesitate to interrupt your busy life. Please, know my thoughts and best wishes are with you and Charlie and the kids.
Angela, your days sounds so full, please, remember to take some time for yourself. Abbie is blessed to have such a devoted mom.
Nothing new happening in my world. Just killing time till SPRINGBREAK and Gulf Shores. Connie and I are returning to the same house, just like the swallows in Capistrano, and have invited 2 young teachers along. Both are newly married and have never vacationed without their guys, I just hope they don't cry. Steve is going to San Antonio with his 4 older sisters to visit their baby sister on her ranch. We are such a modern couple, hehe. I firmly believe these trips add interest to our lives; he doesn't care for the coast and I wouldn't want to go West often. We love traveling together to other destinations and look forward to a trip to the Northwest soon. I've been to the Portland area and want him to see it. He's been to San Francisco, but no farther north. He will love the mountains, I know.
I'm trying a 2nd attempt to sell myself to the Board this spring. Decided to point out how forward thinking they will look to have 3 full time counselors in their small school corporation. I've also kept track of my activities and added duties this year and of the number of hours the administrators have actually spent in my building. They are supposed to be there 2 hours/day; did 12 hours 1st semester, none so far 2nd. The hateful part of it all is I love my job. I just want the respect and pay, I've earned.
On the family front, all is well; Steve is fully retired and loving it. Although I am sick of hearing "limited income" already. The kids are doing well, staying healthy and hopefully, happy. We have cut Sunday suppers down to once or twice a month this winter. Easier on Grandma and the weather has been so cold to drag little ones out at night. Caleb has learned this week that soap tastes bad and will remove dirty words from a 4 year old's mouth. Where does he hear these things? Mine didn't get wise until the school bus. Gavin is talking about going to college; he is only 3, his sister is graduating this year. He wants to be a cowboy superpower. He speaks very precise English and has a vocabulary beyond any of Grandma's middle schoolers. I enjoy the heck out of him, but he is Papaw Steve's boy.
I'm going to post this now and email all my friends about this blog. Have a blessed, peaceful week.