Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello, Gaggle and others

I have been looking for a convenient way to communicate with friends. I decided this might work for me after I saw Alice Wooton's blog from the Lost River Market. As you all know, I am seriously challenged when technology is involved, so bear with, please.
I have no idea how to "design" this thing; watch for improvements, right now, I'm just playing. If I cannot figure out how to add comments, it will be a shortlived undertaking; I want to dialogue, not monologue, for Heaven's sake. I figure this can be BRIEF THERAPY for all of us.
First of all; Elaine, how is everything? I cannot wait to see you and Anna Ruth. I have considered calling everyday, but hesitate to interrupt your busy life. Please, know my thoughts and best wishes are with you and Charlie and the kids.
Angela, your days sounds so full, please, remember to take some time for yourself. Abbie is blessed to have such a devoted mom.
Nothing new happening in my world. Just killing time till SPRINGBREAK and Gulf Shores. Connie and I are returning to the same house, just like the swallows in Capistrano, and have invited 2 young teachers along. Both are newly married and have never vacationed without their guys, I just hope they don't cry. Steve is going to San Antonio with his 4 older sisters to visit their baby sister on her ranch. We are such a modern couple, hehe. I firmly believe these trips add interest to our lives; he doesn't care for the coast and I wouldn't want to go West often. We love traveling together to other destinations and look forward to a trip to the Northwest soon. I've been to the Portland area and want him to see it. He's been to San Francisco, but no farther north. He will love the mountains, I know.
I'm trying a 2nd attempt to sell myself to the Board this spring. Decided to point out how forward thinking they will look to have 3 full time counselors in their small school corporation. I've also kept track of my activities and added duties this year and of the number of hours the administrators have actually spent in my building. They are supposed to be there 2 hours/day; did 12 hours 1st semester, none so far 2nd. The hateful part of it all is I love my job. I just want the respect and pay, I've earned.
On the family front, all is well; Steve is fully retired and loving it. Although I am sick of hearing "limited income" already. The kids are doing well, staying healthy and hopefully, happy. We have cut Sunday suppers down to once or twice a month this winter. Easier on Grandma and the weather has been so cold to drag little ones out at night. Caleb has learned this week that soap tastes bad and will remove dirty words from a 4 year old's mouth. Where does he hear these things? Mine didn't get wise until the school bus. Gavin is talking about going to college; he is only 3, his sister is graduating this year. He wants to be a cowboy superpower. He speaks very precise English and has a vocabulary beyond any of Grandma's middle schoolers. I enjoy the heck out of him, but he is Papaw Steve's boy.
I'm going to post this now and email all my friends about this blog. Have a blessed, peaceful week.


Angela said...

Way to go, Lila! I am impressed with your "blob-ability". What a great idea - especially since I remain largely un-impressed with my ISU mail account at the moment.

Angela said...

Yeah - so that should read "blog-ability".

Janelle said...

Wow!! I am so impressed! You are beyond cool.....looking forward to our March getaway!

Jill said...

i swear, Hedy, I haven't been around your grandson!!!

Staci said...

This is so cool...although I think Hedy is conspiring with my principal, we have a blog for everything!

Mellissa said...

Great job Hedy!! I am so jealous of your tech. skills. It sounds like you are keeping busy. I'll blog more soon.

Alison said...

Go Lila!! This is awesome! I don't know where they get the language, well, I guess rex and I may have a little to do with it.... but it is hard to watch sometimes. I think Gav will be a great cowboy superstar!