Thursday, February 21, 2008

Icy Thursday

This is working out great, isn't it? I love hearing from you all; it is almost like a real conversation. Can we believe Ms. Computer Damage did this? Ha Ha to all those who doubt the ability of old crusty people.
I took today off because I was in alot of pain this morning and now they are calling school off because of an approaching ice storm. Worked out well for me :-). The Lupus has laid low this winter but when it decides to announce itself, it does with a vengence.
As for the reading issue, most of my reading still pertains to work. The "Please, Stop Laughing At Me" book was definitely a professional choice. I also finished 2 books by Elizabeth Gilbert; eat, pray, love and The Last American Man. Not what I expected from all the hype, but rather good reads. I loved the eat and pray chapters, although the love section dissolved into a somewhat typical love story. The story of Eustace in The Last American Man was thought provoking and a bit unrealistic. Steve read it and thought our hero was full of " " and the author naive to believe his tales. Anyone else had time to read them? I enjoy discussing books and hearing the thoughts of others. Courtney loved both of them, as her thinking is more liberal than her dad's, to say the least.
We are doing a form of family reading this winter, nothing organized, but we are all reading and sharing our books with each other. It is a far flung array of topics... Steve's choices are usually American history, mine are social issues, Court's alternative, liberal musings, Trent is rereading Ovid and several books on forgiveness and Stephen is strictly conservative, religious authors and blacksmithing journals!!! Now tell me we are not a strange bunch. I love it.
I'm working on a new quilt to use up my collection of fat quarters. It is called Easy Peasy and is done on the machine. It is enjoyable to see it evolve from little snips of this and that into a pretty cool creation. I've been collecting fabric for years and years without a project in mind. My friend, Carole Anne and I tell ourselves when we get old, we will quilt up a storm. Duh, I think we may have overshot that timeline. But we have spent hours looking at and purchasing fabric, so all is not lost.
Jill, let's go with the suite, if possible. It sounds so cosy and we can all sit and chat together. Elaine can visit while all the aunts and g-mamas nuzzle little Annie. I cannot wait. I miss my babies being babies. I should have been a nurse in pediatrics, so I could get my fill of that sweet smell and incredible softness of babies. Melts my heart.
I'm up for salsa and chips and other snacks for our outing. Maybe some vino, French Lick recently won some awards for their whites. I can do a basket of treats, if you want. And I FINALLY finished my project for a Gaggle Gift. I'll bring those along; we can celebrate Anna and Little Anna's Birthdays.


Jill said...

Hey group....

I went ahead and booked the homewood is $199 + tax, so save your pennies!!! I can always cancel if you decide you don't want to spend that much moolah.....

The only bad thing about this is that I can't see Hedy's original blog to respond....of course, I guess I could open another window....but I'm way too lazy for that....

I just want you all to know that I think we need to plan an intervention for Janelle. The other night I was talking to her on the phone and she said, "come and get her". I replied, "are you talking to me or brian?" she said "i'm talking to you, brian's out of town. no, never mind...i will put a saddle on jack's back and strap her in. don't worry...i will wrap her up warm....just keep calling for jack occasionally so he keeps coming in the right direction!!!"

maybe she needs retail therapy???

as far as reading, i have been reading as well, but nothing nearly as intellectual as hedy. i have seen the eat, pray, love book quite a bit, but never picked it up. i probably should be finishing up that last incomplete instead of reading for pleasure.....maybe next week.....

anyway, i am excited about seeing you all. try to stay warm and safe.


Janelle said...

Happy flippin' snow day!

Where does Jill come up with these things?? I didn't say that...(wink, wink!!). Ok, so Avery has a little ornery streak in her?! Let me explain, though...this was my second week in three weeks playing single mom and she was testing me a little. Like mother, like daughter, huh? Poor girl....Brian stayed home with her today because she has RSV. The breathing treatments are really helping, but I've never seen such a pathetic little face. :( I really almost cried when I had to give her her first treatment!!

I will be there for sure at the hotel. There is a possibility that I won't be staying...not sure. Jill, let's talk this week just in case it makes a huge difference. I would be glad to still chip in $$ even if I don't stay.

Speaking of intervention....let's plan one for Jill's incomplete that I didn't realize she still had!

Any word on the director of school counseling job? Just curious...

See you all in a couple of weeks! Yippee!!