Tuesday, September 22, 2009





Sunday, September 13, 2009

Next Gagglefest????

Another Sunday night, my girls, the world keeps spinning around to Sunday night. Someone needs to get the next Gagglefest going. I'm the least busy, I know, but don't have a clue when you all could take a break in Indy. I'll just throw out some dates; Nov. 6-7. Friday night and Saturday? F-ball shouldbe over and B-ball not started. I'm not sure about dance or little kids . What does anyone think, can we do this? If not post some other dates. I'll get a couple of rooms on the North side or downtown??? What do you prefer?
We are all terrific, the weather is superb in the south, you all should try it! Jill, have you run off with the office supply man? I'm beginning to worry, Lady. Speak up...soon.
Back to the ZOO tomorrow, for us all. Smile and enjoy it, we could be working for IPS. Now that would hurt. Or DOE, anyone scared by Bennett? He and Your Man Mitch are quite the dynamic duo, what?
Stephen King is headed to New Mexico with the sisters on Wednesday, if you are down this way, stop in and we'll go to the casino or at least to a nice restaurant for dinner. I'm off to bed now to watch Design Star, finale. I thought they were all bad designers this year. But I've watched this far might as well see it through.
Good night, Ladies. Have a wonderful week. Talk to me, Hedy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Skies Overhead and In My Head!!!

Hello Ladies,

I am posting again to counteract the last gloomy post. Things are looking better for everyone this week. Both our boys are back in school and doing as well as can be expected. Our friend is home from Mayo and is patiently awaiting her body's acceptance of the new meds. We are having amazing late summer weather down here with early fog giving way to bright blue skies and moderate temps... night time brings that cool crisp air of early fall.
My nephew Joe and his sweetie Bonner married on Sunday after an 8 year courtship. It was a beautiful, simple, elegant ceremony at Historic Locust Grove in Louisville, Ky. This is the home of George Rogers Clark and has been kept in pristine condition with lovely gardens. The couple was married on the big front porch while the guests looked on from the lawn. I haven't figured out how to post a picture yet, but maybe later.
Our niece Stori and her husband Jamey are adopting 2 babies from the Congo and were to leave this month to bring them home. The paperwork has been delayed and it looks like another month before our family increases by 2. The boys are brothers, 10 months apart. Ian is 5 months old and Chad is 15. Such cuties. They are living with a foster family that was able to get them out of the orphanage for Jamey and Stori. The orphanages are primitive at best and the boys have both suffered from malaria and others diseases. They are thriving in the foster home. Parker and Liv, the big brother and sister are so anxious to have their new siblings home. Liv is 10 and Park 8 and they have to be the sweetest, most kind-hearted kids around. They know the boys coming means a big lifestyle change for them, but they aren't complaining at all and have helped get the house ready for babies. Liv and Parker picked out the babies' names. Chad is the name of 2 family friends and Ian was chosen because they liked it! Our whole family is counting the days til we can hold these new blessings. No babes since Gavin and he will soon be 5.
I had lunch with Caleb yesterday in his classroom for Grandparents' Day. He is a totally different boy in school; polite and calm, but still the cutest kid in the room!!! Those big brown eyes are killers, I tell you. Friday we eat with Madeleine. next year Gav will be in K, so we will have 3 days at school! Cannot wait. The kids puff up when they introduce their grandparents to their classmates. My heart breaks for those kids who have no visitors. Most young g-parents are working.
Mom is doing better this week, she was at lunch with Rob's little girl, Kylee, who is in Cabe's room. She calls me and Debbie grandma, too, so introductions were somewhat confusing! Caleb kept saying "is not your g-ma" and "G-ma Helen is mine too" to Kylee. Quietly though.

Anna, I hope you are feeling better, Swine Flu? Hope not. Good thoughts and prayers to Angela and the kids with the doctor appointment this week. They are the busiest family I know. Elaine, how is the new job? Kids OK? I've been thinking about little Annie, how's she doing? Kirstie, still feeling good? Staci, it was good to hear from you and thanks for the support. I hope everyone else has settled in to the year without too much difficulty. I am still pleased with how we are doing here. Some bumps in the road, but mostly smooth sailing. We have had substitutes out the wazoo in the middle school, but they've been great. Progress reports go out Friday, then my real work starts; interventions for all the struggling students. Nothing like a mailing from school to get a parent's attention. We are hip deep in the new RTI work and I am not getting much cooperation from my teachers. I don't know how they will handle IEPs for everyone, which is what I see coming down the road. I hope to be out by then. Angry teachers are scary!
I'm home this morning to take Mom to Accountant appointment, she is sure she's bleeding money, but I think she's OK. Our own investments have improved lately. Thank Goodness. Stephen King was afraid he would have to look for a real job! He loves retirement and is busy all the time. Canning, freezing, taking old guys to the doctor, helping nephew rebuild the old homeplace. Loving every minute of it. He is even learning to clean up after himself in the kitchen, a true miracle, I believe.
My family is great, health wise and everyone is busy, busy. Like all the rest of you I imagine. Take good care and talk to me whenever you have a moment. Love to all, Hedy

Friday, September 4, 2009

Where Is A Good Counselor When I Need One?

I'm writing this from my desk at school, which is something I never do. When I'm at work, I am at work. But this has been a very trying week for us and I'm taking my lunch time to reach out to my friends.

We have another student at Riley with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is the 14 year old son of one of our 6th grade teachers and one of our maintenance guys. This is the same class that lost a boy the first day of summer break. We also have a 6th grade teacher in Mayo Clinic, she hasn't worked this year at all due to numbness spreading over her body. I am so grateful for the upcoming 3 day weekend; everyone needs a break from the stress.

This boy is such a sweetheart, an All American boy next door. He is a class leader; all the kids admire him for his character, athletic ability and academic strength. He and his older brother a polite, compassionate, and friendly young men. The parents are close friends of everyone on the staff, they are both from local families and have worked here for years. Good People. He had his first chemo yesterday and was very ill afterwards. Today and tomorrow hold more of the same for him.

Teachers have been asking me into their classrooms to speak with his classmates this week; looking at their hurt faces, listening to their questioning pleas is almost as difficult as knowing what the family is going through. I reassure them his doctors are very optimistic and he will be fine after treatment, we discuss all the possible side effects of the chemo, talk about how to support each other and encourage them to pray, if that is their belief. Still in the back of my mind, the depth of my heart, I'm questioning too. Why is this happening? Why do children have to suffer? When do we learn to accept and trust? Life is difficult no matter who you are, did you know that?

The teacher in Mayo is afraid she may have some progressive disease which will completely change her life. She, too, has been a part of our community all her life. She has 2 sons and fears that they will have to watch her lose her battle with this illness.

I wasn't able to finish the post yesterday, too many interuptions, but we got some good news after school. The results from Mayo were that she has the lesser of the two conditions, chronic, but treatable. Answered prayers.

On the home front, Mom is now being treated for early onset of Alzheimers. Her short term memory comes and goes. She was great last night when Stephen King and I dropped her off from dinner. Two hours later she calls my sister in a panic over her meds; Deb got there to see pills all over the counter and Mom not remembering what she had taken. My nephew is getting married in L-ville tomorrow and Deb's day is full today. My brother and I will keep check on Mom till Deb picks her up for rehearsal dinner this evening. I keep reminding Debbie to BREATHE, but she is excitable. I've thought of you, Jill, all week and your momma. Bless you both. I think this is a long, long road we are starting down.
Our kids are great; Caleb and Gavin are less than impressed with school, but continue to attend. We may be looking at homeschool for those two characters!. Mack is loving sophomore year without PE. And Madeleine is becoming a stronger 4th grader everyday. She loves school and being with all her buddies. Stephen King is busy all the time, helping the nephew restore the old home place. And as he always says, "happiest SOB in the world". What a way with words he has!
Courtney is planning a visit home in late October and we are all excited. She will return to Oz after a couple of weeks, I'm sure. She has found her home and is very happy in it. She and Ken are an oddly matched couple, but seem to care deeply for each other and that makes her parents happy. She can apply for residency next year and then be allowed to work in any field she chooses. She makes the most of her temporary retirement by cooking from scratch, knitting and of course reading books by the dozen. They have a small sailboat and take long weekends sailing the many islands in a nearby bay. The pix from her are amazing; the wildlife, ocean and land formations are wild.
It is Saturday noon and I must check out the wedding duds for the man and myself. I'm hoping everything is still fitting, I didn't shop for new and the closest mall is 60 miles away. Don't want to shame the family by wearing our camo or anything tacky. I'm saving that for our Anna's wedding, hehehe.
I hope all of you are healthy and enjoying this good, long weekend with your loved ones. Miss you all and hope we can plan a gagglefest soon. Talk to me, Ladies. Hedy