Sunday, September 13, 2009

Next Gagglefest????

Another Sunday night, my girls, the world keeps spinning around to Sunday night. Someone needs to get the next Gagglefest going. I'm the least busy, I know, but don't have a clue when you all could take a break in Indy. I'll just throw out some dates; Nov. 6-7. Friday night and Saturday? F-ball shouldbe over and B-ball not started. I'm not sure about dance or little kids . What does anyone think, can we do this? If not post some other dates. I'll get a couple of rooms on the North side or downtown??? What do you prefer?
We are all terrific, the weather is superb in the south, you all should try it! Jill, have you run off with the office supply man? I'm beginning to worry, Lady. Speak up...soon.
Back to the ZOO tomorrow, for us all. Smile and enjoy it, we could be working for IPS. Now that would hurt. Or DOE, anyone scared by Bennett? He and Your Man Mitch are quite the dynamic duo, what?
Stephen King is headed to New Mexico with the sisters on Wednesday, if you are down this way, stop in and we'll go to the casino or at least to a nice restaurant for dinner. I'm off to bed now to watch Design Star, finale. I thought they were all bad designers this year. But I've watched this far might as well see it through.
Good night, Ladies. Have a wonderful week. Talk to me, Hedy


Kirstie said...

Having missed the last Gagglefest, I feel very out of the loop. I have been wanting to leave a comment, but putting together a string of coherent sentences about school and life in general has been a tall order.
I think November is the next time I have a free weekend. October is eaten up by helping at the orchard. Is anyone thinking about going to ISCA this year. It's not until November 12 I think.
Physically I am feeling good. Waiting to stop feeling fat and start feeling pregnant. I have been told I have about a year before that feeling goes away. I have a monthly oppointment this week. I hope it helps with some of the anxiety I am having about whether or not everything is going the way it should.
Last week my dad offered up the name Clemmens after a great uncle, Clem for short, Clemintine for a girl. I don't even know if that is how you spell it. I told him that Clem sounded like a disease. Pat has told both of his brothers that we are thinking about their name for the baby... and we are not.
Notice I didn't say much about school :)

Anna said...

You know me...I'm up for anything at anytime! I can't wait to see Kirstie's baby bump :) Hedy, I think it is wise for you to go ahead and start planning something. I know we just saw each other not that long ago, but I can't wait to see you all again! And can we get Angela here this time??? It's not the same without her.

By the way, I just bought my wedding dress this weekend...very exciting!

Hedy King said...

Great to hear from my girlies. Hi, you both sound great. Such exciting times for both of you. i cannot wait to sit down and hear all about weddings and dresses and babies. Kirstie, we won't even mention school. I'll call for a room for Nov. 6th, OK? I guess downtowwn is better for you two, right. Anna from the East, Kirstie from the West, me from the South...the Nothern girls will just have to find us around the Circle! Take care.

Alison said...

I won't be able to come to the fall gaggle fest the weekend of the 6th. We are going to a cattle show in Lousville that weekend. Jordan is showing the the All-American Saturday, Sunday, and Mon day. :(

Glad to hear things are going well for Kirstie and Anna! Miss you both!

Hedy King said...

Good luck to the boys, Al. How about the next weekend? I can do that one, I think. Courtney is coming home for a visit Oct. 24 and staying for a couple of weeks. She will probably go back by the 12th. How about then for everyone? Let me know what works best. Anyone heard from Elaine and Jill? Enjoy a great weekend, my friends. Hedy

Janelle said...

As far as I can tell, both of those weekends are good for me. Just let me know and I'll be there!!

Anna said...

Me too!

Elaine said...

Hey all...glad to read about everyone's news. Can't wait to see the baby bump either and I can't wait to hear about the wedding dress.

My sister-in-law is getting married in downtown Indy this Saturday (Sept. 26)...kind of a fancy deal...I'm a bit stressed b/c of the cost of everything. I know I should not complain, b/c marriage is a sacred event (for most). I am looking forward to it.

I am planning on attending ISCA. I will be staying down there on the 12th. I'm assuming you all were talking about the 13th (instead of the 12th) for the second possible date for our next Gagglefest...I don't have a problem staying two nights in a row down there if that is what we are looking at. Am I a bad wife/mom for saying that? Don't answer that anyone. And notice, like Kirstie, I did not mention anything about school though it is going...for it being a new gig. Miss you all. :-)

Hedy King said...

I'll make the reservations for the 13th today. Yeah, I cannot wait to see everyone and hear how you all are faring. Hedy