Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolutions, goals, hopes, wishes, prayers

Happy New Year  2013

Really? 2013? I don't think I ever thought about the possibility of 2013. 2000 maybe, 2020 probably, but 2013 never. Yet how I welcome this year, so happy to be shed of 2012. Although 2012 ended with plenty of blessings, it was chock-full of drama. I won't belabor that point, just glad it is in the past.
I seldom formally announce Resolutions as a new year begins, although they are always the same; peace, health and weight loss. However this year I think I will. Please bear with me. :-)

* world peace, for real
* end of world hunger
* common sense in DC
* kinder, more gentle treatments for cancer
* wipeout Alzheimers disease
* good manners
* good health
* weight loss
* renewed faith

Those will work for me. Nine simple prayers for the world, my family, myself.

We are holding our own in The Valley, treatments,setbacks, or snow, we continue to hold on. Poor Shay is in and out of the hospital this week with mono, a very sick girl. Because of our fear of spreading it to Stephen King, I haven't gone to sit beside her bed this time. It has been difficult for Gma Hedy to stay away. Not fair to have to chose between husband and grandchildren. :-(

I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, healthy year. Are we sure it's 2013...really? Love, Hedy