Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday spins round again

Sunday night once again. Time seems to be flying in my old...err, mature years. I had always been told this would happen, but thought it was a silly idea. But for the last several years, I feel as if I am continuously experiencing Sunday night. Days fly by, weeks last only hours, years melt together; do scientists know about this? It must be researched and prevented. I DO NOT CARE FOR IT!!!! I want it stopped NOW. I need to savor the summer days on my front porch, wallow in the glorius time spent with my babies on the beach, cherish the afternoons with my mom sitting at her kitchen table reliving our lives, laugh with Stephen King as we go on road trips driving 200 miles for lunch! All of these precious things are speeding past before I can grab hold and slow them down. Is it this way for everyone? I hope not. I hope others have 24 hours in each day to live in the moment; as we all did when we were children. Remember? Those summers that lasted forever, starting early each morning and going on until long after all the lightening bugs had been stuffed into coke bottle lanterns. Playing baseball with the neighbor kids all afternoon, hour after hour, hitting the ball, running the bases. Round n round. Waiting for the Ice Cream man to ring his bell on your street, calling every kid to come and get an icy popsicle, a creamy sherbet push-up or a nutty drumstick. Getting your bath and shampoo in the middle of the afternoon so you would be nice and clean for Bible school. Your mom braiding your wet hair so tight you couldn't smile for hours. And Sunday dinners at your grandmother's house; remember those long afternoons playing with the cousins in the yard, climbing trees, hiding in the wellhouse, locking the little kids in the outhouse, remember? My grandkids come for Sunday and it is over in a flash, the cooking, eating, clearing up, playing in the yard, taking walks...poof and it is Sunday night once again.
I had such a wonderful time at our Gagglefest at the waterpark, Ladies. It was great to visit with everyone, we missed Kirstie and Angela and the kids though. I think Sam and Abbie would have loved the park, hope he is much improved and feeling good again. We even had an escaped murderer close by to add more excitement. All the kiddos were so well behaved and I loved holding Annie and Baby O. Such sweeties. I'm sure you mommies will enjoy the next meeting w/o the kids, but I had a ball. My girls were tickled to meet everyone, too. They were somewhat shocked to see so many of you, they'll never keep you straight. Stephen King refers to you as; the short one, the one who sat beside me, the one with the baby, the young one, the other one with the baby!! Clueless.
I start work Friday, officially, I have a meeting with some parents tomorrow, and a court appearance one day, so really my summer is over. At least I don't have the challenge of a new school, just a new principal. How'd the interviews go, Anna? Hope you got what you wanted. Are you having any lookers at the house? Al, I forgot to ask, is the new school year-round as your other one was? I think you will love the little guys, they are still so innocent. Elaine, hope you find a wonderful office set up just like you need it to be, in both schools! Or even just one. Jill, I'm working on a Friday trip to your town. Love you all. Talk to me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Where has summer gone? I have 15 days of freedom left before it starts all over again. Our board selected our new high school principal last week...the brother of our superintendent! Their father is a past principal and is currently on our school board. Odd?? You think?? Conflict of interests? More just small town politics, I think. I'm going into this year with a positive outlook, assuming everything will be great and ready to deal with...whatever. I don't want to lose track of what is important, the kids. Pray for us, please.
Our county has experienced a horrible loss this week; several families took a horseback vacation to Yellowstone and one of the teens is lost in a flooded river. They've been attempting to locate him since Tuesday, but cannot get to him because of the swift, high water. He is the only child of the family who own the county meat processing plant, everyone knows them here. They are a terrific family. Jared graduated in May from Orleans high school and is just a great kid. Our whole county is praying for a miracle for him. It appears that he was washed into a cave by the rushing water, but they cannot determine if he may still be alive. Pray for them, please.
On a happier note, I am so excited about our gagglefest '09. I do hope everyone can make it down here for a couple of days. Your rooms await you! The kiddos will love the waterpark, I know, but I do want a few hours of good old fashion visiting with my ladies so we can catch up with our lives. I miss you all. Elaine, I feel like it has been years instead of months since we've talked and Anna, I need to see the rock and hear all the details. Allison, I'm so excited about your career change, if only we all were so brave! Kirstie, we haven't had a report on the McClamrock happenings either, surely you and Pat have attended 101 weddings this summer, as usual! Or are all your family and friends married now? Mellissa, how is your sister doing with her recovery? Staci, Carrie, Jill, Janelle, Angela and I keep up on each other on Facebook, but that isn't as good as face-to-face! Cannot wait til the 21st.
Stephen King and I have spent very little time together this summer, oh, we are together each day, but we haven't done anything special yet. We keep planning roadtrips and outings, but things keep popping up to change our plans. Our nephew and brother-in-law have new beehive operations and Steve seems to be the head cowboy on the round-up crew. Everytime the bees swarm they call him to corral them. At first, he was somewhat hesitant, but now he saddles up and takes off. Being retired puts him at everyone's beck and call and he stays busy all summer! He says he doesn't know how he ever had time to have a job! He sure is enjoying his retirement and I am so happy for him. He worked hard long hours for many years to provide for our family and he deserves this.
My girls have secured our vacation house for next year already!!! and for 2 weeks instead of 1. They are getting spoiled, I believe. I've told them this probably stops when I retire, but for now we all love our summer retreats. Anyway, this house is in Florida, just east of Gulf Shores and is bigger than the one we got this year. Get has an "in-law" suite on the ground floor!!! Maybe Papaw will come along, if he doesn't have to be exposed to kids 24/7!!! Maybe for a few days, but not 2 weeks.
Back to work means a redo for my office; I haven't changed the decor for 2 years and think this is the time. I'm seeing some students this summer and have been using the office and considering what needs to be done in there. Still not sure, the kids love the homey feel of my wicker furniture and the rockers, so I won't remove those. Any ideas? Usually I find enough here at home that will work there. I've exciled my round white coffee table to the basement, maybe it will move over to my conference area. I have 2 black and 2 white wicker chairs that could circle it.
I have sessions there and it serves as a "cooling off spot" several times a day. For students, staff, ME. I'd like to have plants in there, but it gets no direct sunlight. There is a big window facing the lobby, but no windows to outside. Anyone know of shade loving indoor plants? that aren't plastic? I take in cut flowers for the desks, but in winter that gets pricey. I want a warm, happy, comforting room; that just happens to be in the middle of a school building!!! Is that too much to ask? Ha.
My sister and I are attending the Women of Faith conference in Indy again this year in August. If you ever get the chance, do it. It is non-denominational and is a wonderful experience for women. Lots of stories, laughs, music, tears, support and love. The two days fly by and by the end you will be lifted up in spirit and ready to face the world with a new understanding and appreciation for your life. Debbie's chuch ladies are planning to sponsor a one day retreat facilitated by Sheila Walsh, one of the singer/speakers next summer. She lost her father to suicide as a small child and her story is heart-breaking/heart-warming. She has an amazing voice, too.
I'll see you all in a few days. Enjoy the week. Talk to me. Love,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back Home Again In Indiana....

Vacation is over and that is OK, we had a wonderful time. Everyone played and rested and tanned and ate to their hearts' content. All is good. We can last til next time. We all feel so blessed to be able to do this trip each year and hope eventually the 2 Stephens will join us. Trent comes down for the last few days and has a great time, by the time he gets here the kiddos are starved for a male and we girls get a break. This time the DILs weren't ready to leave on Saturday so they searched for and found a weekend condo that was fantastic. We lolled around the pools and beach for another 2 days. Even the 12 hour drive home was pleasant, no bloodshed, not many tears!
It was good to get home and settled in for the rest of summer, I have 4 more weeks of vacation and hope to accomplish something. I have a baby quilt to finish, another quilt cut out and ready to piece, windows to clean, porches to scrub, flowers to deadhead and on and on and on... Of course, I know it won't all get done, but I'm hopeful I'll make a dent in my list. I love marking items off my list when they are complete. I'm a major list maker, that is how I get through my day, write it down , do it, mark it off, go on to the next. If only life didn't stick its foot in my way, I'd be into the 22nd century by now!! As is is, I'm just clearing off my list from Feb. 28, 1995. hehehe.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the Gaggle in a few weeks. Someone needs to finalize our plans, Ladies. It is nearly impossible to schedule a day for 8 women and 9 kids to meet. There is a special going on at the Waterpark if you all have time for an overnight; $119 for room, waterpark tickets, breakfast. Let me know before the 3rd and I'll book it. I realize that is a major commitment for you, so remember it is just a suggestion. I'm just thrilled we all get together, meeting here is not necessary.
Came home to beans, beans, beans, we canned yesterday til 7:00. Can't just let them waste, they will be wonderful this winter. I like putting things up, just don't want to do it in the BIG way I used to. As we get older, it is sometimes easier and cheaper to eat out. Or eat cereal. Yes, Stephen King and I have become our parents.
My girls gave me a trip to the spa for my b-day last week. A manicure and pedicure felt wonderful and this time I chose color! Not taupe! Silvery champaine and rosy bronze. Of course the canning did a number on the hands yesterday, oh well I was Cinderella for a week! ;-) Now to do something with this hair.It is just long enough to pull back in a knot, but Cabe told me last week; "Grandma, no, just no". I guess that is not a look to go for.
I cannot wait to hear your story, Alison, about how you decided to quit. We've probably all been there and battled ourselves. For the first time, this year had me to that point. Politics has no place in education. Our board interviewed 3 last night for our HS principal position. Two women and the brother of our superintendent. Their dad is on our board, too. I cannot think what will happen if he is hired. One of the women is a teacher on staff and would be a good choice, but we've never had a woman administrator here. And the other is from out of town; our last principal was the first our of towner in our 50 year history and that didn't work out so well. I'm anxious to hear their decision.
Anna, have you set the date? I'm excited about hearing all that news. I'd love to meet Brett, too. How's the job hunt? Hope the rest of you are having a terrific summer. See you soon. Talk to me. Hedy