Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back Home Again In Indiana....

Vacation is over and that is OK, we had a wonderful time. Everyone played and rested and tanned and ate to their hearts' content. All is good. We can last til next time. We all feel so blessed to be able to do this trip each year and hope eventually the 2 Stephens will join us. Trent comes down for the last few days and has a great time, by the time he gets here the kiddos are starved for a male and we girls get a break. This time the DILs weren't ready to leave on Saturday so they searched for and found a weekend condo that was fantastic. We lolled around the pools and beach for another 2 days. Even the 12 hour drive home was pleasant, no bloodshed, not many tears!
It was good to get home and settled in for the rest of summer, I have 4 more weeks of vacation and hope to accomplish something. I have a baby quilt to finish, another quilt cut out and ready to piece, windows to clean, porches to scrub, flowers to deadhead and on and on and on... Of course, I know it won't all get done, but I'm hopeful I'll make a dent in my list. I love marking items off my list when they are complete. I'm a major list maker, that is how I get through my day, write it down , do it, mark it off, go on to the next. If only life didn't stick its foot in my way, I'd be into the 22nd century by now!! As is is, I'm just clearing off my list from Feb. 28, 1995. hehehe.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the Gaggle in a few weeks. Someone needs to finalize our plans, Ladies. It is nearly impossible to schedule a day for 8 women and 9 kids to meet. There is a special going on at the Waterpark if you all have time for an overnight; $119 for room, waterpark tickets, breakfast. Let me know before the 3rd and I'll book it. I realize that is a major commitment for you, so remember it is just a suggestion. I'm just thrilled we all get together, meeting here is not necessary.
Came home to beans, beans, beans, we canned yesterday til 7:00. Can't just let them waste, they will be wonderful this winter. I like putting things up, just don't want to do it in the BIG way I used to. As we get older, it is sometimes easier and cheaper to eat out. Or eat cereal. Yes, Stephen King and I have become our parents.
My girls gave me a trip to the spa for my b-day last week. A manicure and pedicure felt wonderful and this time I chose color! Not taupe! Silvery champaine and rosy bronze. Of course the canning did a number on the hands yesterday, oh well I was Cinderella for a week! ;-) Now to do something with this hair.It is just long enough to pull back in a knot, but Cabe told me last week; "Grandma, no, just no". I guess that is not a look to go for.
I cannot wait to hear your story, Alison, about how you decided to quit. We've probably all been there and battled ourselves. For the first time, this year had me to that point. Politics has no place in education. Our board interviewed 3 last night for our HS principal position. Two women and the brother of our superintendent. Their dad is on our board, too. I cannot think what will happen if he is hired. One of the women is a teacher on staff and would be a good choice, but we've never had a woman administrator here. And the other is from out of town; our last principal was the first our of towner in our 50 year history and that didn't work out so well. I'm anxious to hear their decision.
Anna, have you set the date? I'm excited about hearing all that news. I'd love to meet Brett, too. How's the job hunt? Hope the rest of you are having a terrific summer. See you soon. Talk to me. Hedy

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