Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Is Good!

Hello, we are good here. I'm so excited to get to Stephen's house each morning and see my girl. Kenzie is a new person 10 days out from surgery and the new kidney is kicking butt! Her eyes shine, her voice is strong, her face glows, she laughs, she doesn't cough or gasp for breath, she is WELL.
I cannot thank our God enough for this blessing. For nine years, we have watched this child struggle and succeed inspite of her illness. Now, hopefully, the way will be easier for her, the path happier, more exciting. I cannot wait for her to experience life. Kenzie is a special person; strong, full of grace and humor, intelligent and witty. She is going to make a difference in this world, I know God has special plans for her.
Poor Shawn (The Donor) isn't having an easy recovery. She has many incisions and insults to her body. It is more difficult to remove a kidney from a healthy body than to place it into a weak one. She also had a hernia repair done which is major on it's own. Still Shawn is our hero and if she needs more time to heal, more pampering will be hers. I try to push fluids and good food, but so far she isn't very interested in much more than her bed. She was blindsided by the reality of surgery and recovery, never having been a patien before. Mama Shawn has been a rock throughout all the trials her kids have experienced, never faltering, head up, smiling strong. I know she needs tough love to get up and at'em but my maternal side wants to rock her in my arms and spoon feed her ice cream. Stephen is amazing with them both, especially Shawn. He can encourage her to get up move, eat, walk, whatever she needs to do.
The only creature I can bully is Lucy the dog. She think I am the wicked witch. I've kept her from jumping on the girls, eating from dinner plates, the waste baskets and my hand. She has seen more time outs since I've been there than in her full 5 years. She has been the Queen of the household til now. Gma Hedy is showing her a whole new world. Heeheehee.
Kenzie has Clinic in Indy each Tuesday and Friday to keep check on her meds and kidney function, Stephen King and I will be taking her tomorrow. We have to be there at 7:00 AM for labs. Then she can have breakfast and her meds before seeing doctors at 10:00. We will get used to this routine eventually, but this week it will be a challenge, I'm sure.
Mom continues along her path with Alzheimers, losing more each day, living more in the past. My sister, brothers, sisters-in-law and aunt are taking up the slack while I attend to my girls. Soon we can get back to the routine of 24 on once a week. I did run over for a couple of hours on Saturday to visit with Mom and my brother Mike. I explained again about the transplant and how great the girls are doing, but Mom forgets before I'm finished and we replay it once more. Sad, sad, sad.
Stephen King is doing well, proving yet again he can take care of himself while I'm elsewhere. My house is clean and calm when I return each night. He cooks and cleans the kitchen after his meals, aweeps the floor and has the AC on for me. Our new washing machine has him over a barrel. But I can handle the laundry as long as he keeps the kitchen clean! Five years ago, he would not have done anything but fix sausage n eggs and leave his mess. My man has grown so much since retirement. Steve has lots of foot pain from the neuropothy but otherwise is feeling better. The doctor has changed his meds and we hope to see improvement soon. He is determined to beat this too.
We did get a rain last week, so the garden is bouncing back abit. We've had some tomatoes and peppers this weekend, which were wonderful. The corn and green beans are probably shot and our sunflowers are blooming while only 3 feet tall. Some cosmos are budding but the marigolds and zinnias I sowed haven't made a showing yet. My flower row is pretty skimpy this year. But it will be better next year, I'm sure. God is Good All the Time.
Keep in touch, Ladies.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Oh mm goodness girls we have had such a beautiful blessing this weekend. Mackenzie received her moms kidney on Friday and they are both doing well. Docs are pleased with Mack's progress but Shawn has had terrible pain and bad reaction to meds. She may be released tomorrow but will go to hotel across from Med Center. her mom will stay with her there until she feels up to staying with Mack or until Mack is released. Zgod is good, Ladies, all the time. never doubt. Love Z