Saturday, January 31, 2009

Summer school....

Summer school indeed, we will be going all summer at this rate. Four consecutive snow days. Actually, snow, ice, snow, ice days; 5 inches of snow followed by 2 inches of ice followed by 7 inces of snow topped off with 1 inch of ice. Quite a glistening scene outside the windows here in the Valley. I haven't stepped outside my door since last Monday and am beginning to get alittle squirrely. I've cut out a new quilt, shopped QVC, bought sandals for summer, the Inaugural necklace, jeans which quarantee a slim look and moved over to Amazon for some reading material; The Middle Place and some other must read that I've forgotten the title of. Stephen King is about to burn the card. We were blessed not to lose power, our kids were without for 3 days. Many still don't have any.
I am waiting to hear from our Momma re: Homer/Harriet. I did the quilt in faded pinks and browns, but can quickly do a blue one if needed. I did dream of the little one the other night; boy oh boy, that's all I can say. Of course, if my memory serves me, I thought Lady Avery would be a Waldo, too. I just love those little boy babies. Although I wouldn't trade the memory of Courtney's birth; I could not believe we'd had a girl. Such a rush of tenderness toward that little bundle of pink skin and red curls, I cried and gushed over her for hours. My boys on the other hand looked like athletes at birth; Stephen at 24 inches, with those long arms and legs could have shot 3 pointers by the time he was a day old, and Trent at 9 pounds was the spitting image of a linebacker. All boy, the both of them. Small wonder it took 6 years before we tried for another.
How about the 21st? Where would be best to meet? Lafayette is OK by me, I want to have Courtney come along. She is leaving March 10 for Australia and I want you all to meet her. Plus, traveling with someone will mean I'll be sure to fight the weather, otherwise I might chicken out like last winter. I feel more comfortable driving north since we took that trip to Janelle's this summer. We will probably get a room wherever we meet and stay the weekend. Any nice places that aren't full of Purdue people? If anyone else wants to stay, we will share or get another. I'm so looking forward to seeing you all and catching up.
Staci, want to join us? We'd love to see you and it sounds as if you could use a break. Could you meet me in B-ton and ride up? I realize you all have family commitments that I don't, but I hope everyone can make it. Enough begging.
Anna and Kirstie, how goes young love? Made any decisions on next year, Anna? Keep showing them what YOU do, my Girls, and the appreciation will come. Again, we all need to educate our co-workers on what we do for them as well as, the kids. Although after all the years, my people are seeing the big picture. It is the "P----" that refuse to open their eyes. Dead Horse, I know. I'm over it. Moving on...
This weather has allowed me to really look at our house and make some decorating decisions for summer. The bathroom is going black and white. We desperately need a new floor in there. Black and white square tiles, I think. The walls are cream tile about 5 feet up then 4 feet of wallpaper, cream with black sailboats. Sounds bad, but really not. Now the vanity, that's bad. Fake marble and ugly faucets. I'm thinking white terry shower curtain and rug to disguise the dreary tub.
I am looking for a table for the parlor to use for sewing. That room is all rocking chairs and a library table with the computer, aqua wicker table and painted book shelf. Grandma's lace curtains at 4 big windows, it is a calm, pleasant room. Quite the contrast to the living room with the navy leather recliner and 40 inch flatscreen. Not quite a man cave, but close.
Our kitchen needs deconstruction, but Stephen King is in denial about it. This may take all of the wily female ways to get accomplished, but I won't give up w/out a fight.
Right now the poor guy's is in fiscal shock over the economy. Retirement is treating him well, but he fears his future outlook. We've always been conservative spenders, and now he borders on tightwad. :-( Yet he is looking at more livestock, go figure.
Gotta go, I guess. Daughter is insisting we go see a movie and she has invited my Mom along. Three generations of womanhood; look out world.
Everyone stay safe and warm. Love, Hedy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is this the week for a new baby? Praying for a peaceful, pleasant and painless delivery, Janelle. Hope to get to visit with you in Febuary and hold the precious little one. And gaggle with the rest of the group, too. Are we looking at the 21st? Maybe?
I've spent most of this weekend reflecting, thinking about how lives cross and separate and come together again. Our school has been involved in a fund-raiser for one of the students with cancer all week. We've had such a good time and the kids have jumped on the bandwagon in a wonderful way. Coin contests between the classes, with the seniors finally figuring out the 25 pennies weigh more the 1 quarter, spending $1 to wear your hat on Friday, teachers paying $2 to wear jeans, a chili supper before the home game with our nearest rivals and culminating with the shaved head of our coach because $3500 was gathered over our goal of $1000. Goody got to be there for a few minutes despite having a treatment earlier in the day that was pretty devastating on him. He accepted his checks with an enormous smile and big tears. He left the gym floor to the roar of the crowd chanting his name in support. Small town America at its best, I believe.
In horrible contrast, we also lost one of our kids that day; a former student overdosed at a party at one of the college campuses. One of my "kids", Grasshopper was the model student during high school. He worked or played in my office his junior and senior years as our aide. He provided hours of hijinks, he was a clever practical joker and big hearted clown. I gave him his nickname when he would spring up from the bench every time the coach motioned him into the game. He wasn't a natural athlete, but he had a heart as big as the gym and everyone loved it when he got playing time. I witnessed him with other in my office, sitting on the floor, crying, asking them to stop the drugging or drinking, encouraging them to be happy like him, drug-free and sane. He offered to stay by their side 24/7 in order to keep them clean, to fight off others who pressured them to use. He hated drugs and alcohol...then. I don't know what happened, when we lost him; he graduated and stopped showing up around his friends, hanging with those he had no time for in the past. He got hooked, dragged into the world of drugs and alcohol and violence. He refused to speak to his old mentors, left his family to wonder where he was, he would run if approached. It broke our hearts, but at least he was alive and that meant there was hope he could turn around, clean up and be himself again. Friday took that away; he is gone, betrayed by the comfort he sought from drugs. I don't know what to do for his Mom, his sisters, his family who I work with everyday. I don't know what to do for us all, who lost a shining star to the dark night. I am sorry, Grasshopper, sorry we couldn't save you.
I'll watch the kids on Monday, those who knew him, those who didn't but pretend to; watch them grieve and cry yet miss the real tragedy of his death. It could be them, any of them who gamble with losing control and escaping, even once. Adolescents all, they will feel the pain for themselves, for how they are affected by this loss; they won't see the bigger tragedy of anyone being so lost, so hopeless he couldn't turn to anyone for help. I dread Monday, I dread keeping myself from screaming out to them, "look, open your eyes, it will happen to you. He is gone for no good reason, it is senseless to lose someone like him or YOU." Say a prayer for us all, my friends, please.
Stay safe and warm this cold week. Give us a shout, Janelle, when Homer shows up. Love you all, Hedy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Update

Happy Saturday morning, Gaggle,
Everyone had enough of winter yet? Jees Louise, it has been cold here. I cannot imagine how you LapLanders survive this all winter. We are usually experiencing 30s/40s not 0-10s. We had two delayed openings because of the health hazard of having children waiting for school busses in negative temps in the dark. I could totally vote for a 10:00am start everyday. Say, 10:00 to 5:00, my kind of day. I'm always at work till 5:00 anyway so why not get to sleep in ? I think I'll work up a purposal for the board meeting. Ah, maybe not. They haven't been receptive of my ideas lately.
Angela, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to hear of Abbie's amazing results. Prayers answered, undoubtedly. Give her a hug from Lila, please. That girl deserves a party. You sounded so good on the phone, I am happy to hear the joy in your voice again, my friend.
And Miss Jill, your news of the parents was good to hear. I hope they continue to do well. Dad does deserve to get his life back, even just alittle. He isn't short-changing Mom by enjoying things that she cannot. I was afraid you had joined a convent or taken a vow of silence, my girl. I would love a Feb. party in The Valley, of course. But I am willing to travel north if the others cannot do this. Janelle has to bring Waldo wherever we meet. I feel such an urge to hold a newborn and don't have one scheduled for awhile around here. I have some "LIFELIKE BABIES", but Stephen King gets nervous when I go around with one in my arms for an hour or two. He calls the kids and whispers to them about hospitals and medication. Why? I'm just revisiting the past. Maybe not.
Anna, did the move-in happen? Wow, what a giant step for you and Prince Charming. Good wishes, Sweetie. I saw a counseling position in Wheatfield, is that anywhere close to you? Just appy to places that seem good and let God handle the rest, He knows what's up for you.:-) Can your tear yourself away for a weekend in Feb? Or will we have a Gander along? Whatever works for you. I would enjoy a pix of the Man.
Elaine, where are you? Buried under ISTEP and RTI forms, like me? I spend an ungodly amount of time on RTI now. I think maybe our co-op is playing me for a fool, they aren't doing much with all this paperwork. I need a secretary so bad, I'm tempted to hire on out-of-pocket just to get caught up. My classroom time is down to zilch this semester, except for sex education. I've pretty much taken over the discipline at the middle school, too. Our vice-principal is just too busy to cover it. I promised myself this would never happen, but what are you going to do? But you, my dear, need to set the boundary on getting out of that office for hometime with the kids. Is Little Anna toddling yet? Where did the baby go?
Caleb and Gavin have spent so much time playing in the snow, Alison, it makes me think of your boys. Do they ice skate, too? Ours haven't experienced that yet, but their daddies did as children. My guys couldn't wait for the pond to freeze. No pond now :-( for the grandkids. Have you had snow days out yet?
How's it going, Staci? Meds getting balanced yet? I hate the side effects of immune disease drugs, almost as much as the disease. Get plenty of rest on weekends, Kiddo, without that your week will be way too long. I make myself spend either Sat or Sun in bed. But I'm lucky and my family doesn't need me constantly as yours does, I know. Hope JD and family are super supportive to you. There is so much crap involved with auto-immune disorders; somedays I think I'm losing my mind. The good news is You Don't. Take good care.
I am always so thrilled to see the responses from you during the week, it makes me feel connected to my buddies. I've started piecing a quilt and doing an embroidered pillow top for my sister this month. TV holds no draw for me anymore and Stephen King watches basketball 24/7 anyway. Courtney is a reader and movie buff, she uses the TV in our bedroom, so I'm left to create or surf the net. The creative stuff is fun but slow. I'm embroidering a lage cross on some linen and garnishing it with old buttons and ribbons for Deb. Poor girl has been ill since Christmas; shingles, flu and sinus infection. Still not up to par, but slowly recovering. She loves quilts, pillows and such, but hates sewing. Buck has a sewing kit because she won't sew on buttons even! She is an artist with oil paints though. Her landscapes are breathtaking. I have three over my bed that you could practically walk into. She takes you to that place on canvas. Both my brothers are artistic too. Me, I can draw a dynamite stick person. Another bit of proof that I was adopted. That was my wish as a child when those guys would bother me; I'd imagine I wasn't really a part of those wild creatures, but a foundling from England or somewhere, captured to be a slave to the annoying kids. Maybe medication would have worked back then, too. Anyway sewing is peaceful for me, rather like meditation once I get into it.
I'm also reading a bit. My nephew gave me "A Thousand Shining Suns" last week, very good and somewhat educational. Fiction based on truth. I've read several books about Afganistan/Pakistan lately, such a desolate land yet rich with life. Americans really don't know enough about the world; at least not this American.
I lost my color again. Is it me? or my machine? Don't answer that.
Anyway, we see such a narrow slice of the world here. It is painfull to read of the struggle others have just to stay alive and keep their children feed and somewhat safe. Americans should be praising God 5 times a day for our blessings, instead of just on Sunday morning. I am encouraged by the current wave of interest in the spirit we are experiencing in the US and hope the new President will give us reason to explore our spiritual side by exhibiting caring and kindness to other countries. This is an unpaid political statement; the leaders of any country/people set the tone for the people. If that leader is a warrior, the country will strike out at others, if the leader is a person of peace and goodwill the country will seek peace with others. Compassion is never overrated; a man must empathize with the suffering of others to be a good leader. Mr. Bush sees others as "them" not "us" and considers "us" as being more deserving than "them". I don't see the same in Mr. Obama. I pray to God that he will be the person the world needs at this moment. It is such an enormous responsibility for anyone to assume, he will need the grace of God to succeed. I pray God is with him.
Lecture over.
As I was saying earlier, I love reading your comments and wish you all had time to drop in and say hi more often. I'm greedy for news. Everyone stay warm and safe and happy. Talk to me, loves. Hedy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 looks exactly like 2008...amazing

Hello Everyone.
I was hoping the world would be a different place this year, alas, it is the same. I suppose we have more work to do before it becomes a paradise. After the hype and excitement from the election, my hopes were up for a miracle transition. I'm still encouraged about the possibilities IF we all do our part. We have become greener at home and are buying locally. I'd like to contribute to the economy with a new car, but Stephen King isn't feeling so patriotic.
Like Kirstie, I didn't feel so refreshed after break. Our kiddos seemed wired by the snow and the full moon this week. By third period Monday, vacation was a distant memory. By yesterday, I was laughing at everyone and everything. Some weeks in the Valley feel like a Chevy Chase movie. What do you ladies make of the termination of the Safety School Director, Clarissa Snapp? When I received her email, I was astounded; this lady is Indiana's safety program. What is the new guy thinking? Remains to be seen, I guess.
Tuesday night Steve had an allergic reaction to something and had to be transported to the ER by ambulance. He started with a slight cough and within 5 minutes was convulsing. They don't know what caused it, he didn't eat anything new or show any bite marks from a spider or anything else. SCARY. He is fine now, "Back to perfect". His words, not mine. I'm beginning to wonder if we have developed allergies to each other after all these years. He's going for tests next week.
Staci, how is it going for you? any word from your tests? I was tested for that when they were trying to determine if I had Lupus. What's the deal with anti-immune disorders? I think it is environmental. We try to eat organic and natural now, but everyone is exposed to so many chemicals daily, it is a battle.
Janelle, still pregnant? Herman Hardibeck is hanging in there, isn't he? A co-worker told me this week her 3 year old asked when they could send her little brother back, he is wild, she thinks. Lady Avery may decide the same. I remember feeling that way about my little sister and we all know how you felt about poor Whitney.
I have been wondering about your folks, Jill. Do you have Mom settled yet? Have you thought to send Andrew to live with them? Could take care of multiple issues, you know. How are your kids?
Hey, Anna. How was your vacation with Mr. Wonderful? Did the family visits work out? I can't believe you wouldn't impress any family; I bet his was pleased with his good choice. What did Grandma think of him? I trust her good sense. How is the job situation going? Settled down any?
It is always good to see your responses, Alison. It makes me smile to read about the boys. Plan a day out for the Gaggle and I'll come up. Even after being at Janelle's I cannot determine where all the rest of you live. I need a helicopter tour of Northwest Indiana. Everything there is so spread out, here in the south we are nestled close together in the hills and hollows. I can't imagine all that horizon, we have a narrow slice of land between the bumps. It makes me feel safe and cosy. I always feel exposed when we travel to flatter places; Arizona and Texas completely freak me out. What that says about me, I'm not sure. Maybe a bad experience in a past life?
Rather than resolutions this year, I've decided to choose a word...change. This will serve as my mantra to encourage me towards positive actions. I'm walking each day and attempting to eat sensibly. Normal, healthy choices that have been neglected in the past few years. Bad habits are so easy to develop and so difficult to break.
Take care and have a good week. Talk to me. Hedy