Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Update

Happy Saturday morning, Gaggle,
Everyone had enough of winter yet? Jees Louise, it has been cold here. I cannot imagine how you LapLanders survive this all winter. We are usually experiencing 30s/40s not 0-10s. We had two delayed openings because of the health hazard of having children waiting for school busses in negative temps in the dark. I could totally vote for a 10:00am start everyday. Say, 10:00 to 5:00, my kind of day. I'm always at work till 5:00 anyway so why not get to sleep in ? I think I'll work up a purposal for the board meeting. Ah, maybe not. They haven't been receptive of my ideas lately.
Angela, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to hear of Abbie's amazing results. Prayers answered, undoubtedly. Give her a hug from Lila, please. That girl deserves a party. You sounded so good on the phone, I am happy to hear the joy in your voice again, my friend.
And Miss Jill, your news of the parents was good to hear. I hope they continue to do well. Dad does deserve to get his life back, even just alittle. He isn't short-changing Mom by enjoying things that she cannot. I was afraid you had joined a convent or taken a vow of silence, my girl. I would love a Feb. party in The Valley, of course. But I am willing to travel north if the others cannot do this. Janelle has to bring Waldo wherever we meet. I feel such an urge to hold a newborn and don't have one scheduled for awhile around here. I have some "LIFELIKE BABIES", but Stephen King gets nervous when I go around with one in my arms for an hour or two. He calls the kids and whispers to them about hospitals and medication. Why? I'm just revisiting the past. Maybe not.
Anna, did the move-in happen? Wow, what a giant step for you and Prince Charming. Good wishes, Sweetie. I saw a counseling position in Wheatfield, is that anywhere close to you? Just appy to places that seem good and let God handle the rest, He knows what's up for you.:-) Can your tear yourself away for a weekend in Feb? Or will we have a Gander along? Whatever works for you. I would enjoy a pix of the Man.
Elaine, where are you? Buried under ISTEP and RTI forms, like me? I spend an ungodly amount of time on RTI now. I think maybe our co-op is playing me for a fool, they aren't doing much with all this paperwork. I need a secretary so bad, I'm tempted to hire on out-of-pocket just to get caught up. My classroom time is down to zilch this semester, except for sex education. I've pretty much taken over the discipline at the middle school, too. Our vice-principal is just too busy to cover it. I promised myself this would never happen, but what are you going to do? But you, my dear, need to set the boundary on getting out of that office for hometime with the kids. Is Little Anna toddling yet? Where did the baby go?
Caleb and Gavin have spent so much time playing in the snow, Alison, it makes me think of your boys. Do they ice skate, too? Ours haven't experienced that yet, but their daddies did as children. My guys couldn't wait for the pond to freeze. No pond now :-( for the grandkids. Have you had snow days out yet?
How's it going, Staci? Meds getting balanced yet? I hate the side effects of immune disease drugs, almost as much as the disease. Get plenty of rest on weekends, Kiddo, without that your week will be way too long. I make myself spend either Sat or Sun in bed. But I'm lucky and my family doesn't need me constantly as yours does, I know. Hope JD and family are super supportive to you. There is so much crap involved with auto-immune disorders; somedays I think I'm losing my mind. The good news is You Don't. Take good care.
I am always so thrilled to see the responses from you during the week, it makes me feel connected to my buddies. I've started piecing a quilt and doing an embroidered pillow top for my sister this month. TV holds no draw for me anymore and Stephen King watches basketball 24/7 anyway. Courtney is a reader and movie buff, she uses the TV in our bedroom, so I'm left to create or surf the net. The creative stuff is fun but slow. I'm embroidering a lage cross on some linen and garnishing it with old buttons and ribbons for Deb. Poor girl has been ill since Christmas; shingles, flu and sinus infection. Still not up to par, but slowly recovering. She loves quilts, pillows and such, but hates sewing. Buck has a sewing kit because she won't sew on buttons even! She is an artist with oil paints though. Her landscapes are breathtaking. I have three over my bed that you could practically walk into. She takes you to that place on canvas. Both my brothers are artistic too. Me, I can draw a dynamite stick person. Another bit of proof that I was adopted. That was my wish as a child when those guys would bother me; I'd imagine I wasn't really a part of those wild creatures, but a foundling from England or somewhere, captured to be a slave to the annoying kids. Maybe medication would have worked back then, too. Anyway sewing is peaceful for me, rather like meditation once I get into it.
I'm also reading a bit. My nephew gave me "A Thousand Shining Suns" last week, very good and somewhat educational. Fiction based on truth. I've read several books about Afganistan/Pakistan lately, such a desolate land yet rich with life. Americans really don't know enough about the world; at least not this American.
I lost my color again. Is it me? or my machine? Don't answer that.
Anyway, we see such a narrow slice of the world here. It is painfull to read of the struggle others have just to stay alive and keep their children feed and somewhat safe. Americans should be praising God 5 times a day for our blessings, instead of just on Sunday morning. I am encouraged by the current wave of interest in the spirit we are experiencing in the US and hope the new President will give us reason to explore our spiritual side by exhibiting caring and kindness to other countries. This is an unpaid political statement; the leaders of any country/people set the tone for the people. If that leader is a warrior, the country will strike out at others, if the leader is a person of peace and goodwill the country will seek peace with others. Compassion is never overrated; a man must empathize with the suffering of others to be a good leader. Mr. Bush sees others as "them" not "us" and considers "us" as being more deserving than "them". I don't see the same in Mr. Obama. I pray to God that he will be the person the world needs at this moment. It is such an enormous responsibility for anyone to assume, he will need the grace of God to succeed. I pray God is with him.
Lecture over.
As I was saying earlier, I love reading your comments and wish you all had time to drop in and say hi more often. I'm greedy for news. Everyone stay warm and safe and happy. Talk to me, loves. Hedy


Mary said...

Hello Hedy and thanks for stopping by and leaving such a pleasant comment. I see you are into words, LOTS of them, which is great. I love the written word in every shape and form - even have a few on the walls around the cottage!!

Hope you will continue to visit - and don't say you will never see those places, you just never know where you might end up on the planet...........if you really want to travel some day! I'll be going home to England in April so hope to find Springtime in my beloved lanes, lambs and primroses - perfection!!

Enjoy your weekend - sounds like you are a busy lady come Monday morning!
Warm hugs from chilly North Carolina.

Alison said...

Hello all. Interesting having geese in the news lately. There is a HUGE group, more than just a gaggle, someone says over 1000 have been counted, right near my house. Some of them live on our ponds. It makes the sky dark when they fly over. kinda creepy when it happens, like something out of "The Birds". The book doesn't bother me, but to see it in person is really strange and rather unsettling. Regardless, makes me think of all of you and how we may have seemed to the others in our cohort. Hmmm...

We were released early on Wednesday because of the snow, and had Thursday and Friday off due to the cold. Thank goodness it has warmed up, around the freezing point right now, as the boys reallyl need to get outside and run off some pent up energy. Our semester exams were slated for Thrusday and Friday and will now be on Monday and Tuesday, with new semester starting on Wednesday. That gave me two extra days to procrastinate on those few schedule fixes I need to make. Oh well.I did read Twilight (you were right about the tragic love story- I did enjoy it greatly), cleaned my house well, and did the mountain of laundry. We had warm dinners, wii tournaments, board games, and I didn't leave the house until yesterday morning for Trent's first basketball game. It was glorious, but I am ready to get out of the house tomorrow.

No ice skating around here I'm afraid. Jordan has been before, but not Trent. We just don't trust our pond here at the house and usually the ice is too rough. It would be neat though. We do love to ice fish, however. That is a special thing for me and my dad and now with dad and Jordan. Rex likes to go too just not enough time to do it usually. Dad's not up to it yet, though he is anxious to get out there too.

As for dates in February, I am open the weekends of 7th and 21st. Trent has games both mornings, but I can be out of here by 11:30 at the latest. Can't do Valentine's Day becuase Jordan's birthday is the 15th, and well, that would be just plain mean to the young lovers. Name the place and I will be there, weather permitting.

Have a safe, warm week everyone. Much love to all.

Hedy King said...

Hey, Alison, great to hear you. The extra goose is responding to a message I left on her blog "Across the Pond". You can get to it on our post. She's a lovely lady who has wonderful travel adventures and allows us to stow-away. Some other bloggers have left notes here when I comment on their work.
Kirstie, I share your concern regarding the portfolio; I have some things done, but no one to ctitique them. I still do not have a mentor, a license or any business running a middle school. Keep on doing what you are doing, Girlie, you'll be rewarded eventually.

Janelle said...

Hedy, I love your updates! They really make me think about things and your Obama words made me think even more...I hope that you are right. I really hope that he is just what our world needs right now.

Elaine and Alison...we were up your way today. We drove up to Demotte to get a golf cart for the lake this summer. Our lake cabin is within golf carting distance of Brian's brother's place, so Brian just HAD to buy a golf cart for our summers. It should be fun, but the lake cabin is turning into a project in itself. I am a hands-off kind of girl.....this is his project and he is on a strict budget!!! BTW, I counted my blessings this morning...a million times over. If we had been 30 seconds quicker in our trip to Demotte, we would have been in a major accident. We were first on the scene and thank the Lord, everyone was ok, but there's no way it would have been the same had we been quicker in our trip. Poor guy hit a patch of ice and ended up across our lane, upside down and crashed into a light pole.

One more week and I should be holding a baby in my arms, right? I mean, it's like clock work, right? Due dates are due dates?! Brian is still struggling with boy names...I've settled, but he hasn't. I gave him the suggestions of Waldo or Herman. He's thinking them over. ;)

Stay warm ladies...just set the date and as long as I'm not in the hospital, I'll do my very best to be there. I would love to share the baby, once it shares itself with me!!

Take care, stay warm and be safe!

Hugs and kisses!!

Elaine said...

Hey all! It's been a long time. I'm sorry. I will still use the excuse of having dial up. I am acutally here at school tonight and supposed to be working (or catching up). It is now 9:02 p.m. your time and no, I don't feel like I am any farther ahead.

First off, I want you all to know that I have been reading the posts and you have all been in my thoughts and prayers. It seems like we all experience such ups and downs in our lives...I suppose this means that is just part of the life cycle.

I do want to get together...any day in February except February 7, works for me. We are celebrating Annie's 1st birthday that night.

Yes, Annie will be 1 on February 5. She is not crawling or walking yet. She was evaluated on December 10 by First Steps (which is housed under Article VII and so she has a plan very similar to an IEP) and qualified for physical therapy for one hour a week. That started on December 23. She is making progress, but it is very slow. Angela, you story gives me hope and inspiration as it did for other gaggle members.

She has never wanted to put weight on her legs and will pull them up toward her chest if you try to stand her's been very trying (and demanding) with the numerous stretches. I keep telling myself one day at a time. She finally let me stand her up with much help on the changing table for me to pull up her pants as I was getting her dressed last week and I know for some of you that may sound wierd, but we have not been able to do things like that with her. Her therapist really wants her to crawl b/c of the research indicating that if one skips crawling, they are more likely to have a LD. I know that does not mean she will have a LD, but the human mind is always playing the "What if" question over and over in our heads...we all know that as counselors, don't we? Initial reports are indicating that Annie has low muscle tone...neurological tests will probably follow her 15 month or 18 month checkups. We'll see. Her therapist, Charlie and I feel like progress has been made within this first month of therapy. She is putting weight on her legs now with help and she never did that before.

My Lizzie turned five last Thursday and we were home from school due to the cold. That was so nice because we made cupcakes together. I wanted to do some baking at Christmas Break, but we were without power from December 19-23 b/c of the ice storm and I spent Christmas Eve doing my house cleaning and wrapping gifts. Not exactly how I had planned the start of break, but it was meant to be.

I also had another round of kidney stones on December 10 and had a stint put in on the 12th after they pulled out the fragments of a rather large stone they had to blast apart. The stint came out on December 18, our, nothing intimate happened that night. I am so thankful I did not experience that pain during my ISU years. I said it again this time, I would rather be in labor than experience that horrid, horrid pain again.

No, Hedy we have not started remodeling, but we have become house owners. We bought our house on December 31 and it was a scary purchase, but a good one. The house needs a lot of work. We will most likely wait a year before we begin any remodeling.

School is keeping me busy as it is for all of you I'm sure. My portfolio is coming along in my imagination right now. I need to make myself sit down and physically organize things, but I think my office really needs to be organized first.

Miss you all and I send my prayers to each of you. I have written lots and would like to address each of you individually- I'll try to post more new year's resolution along with fifteen others. :-)

Elaine said...

Hedy...the same author of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" also wrote "The Kite Runner." The second one is also mainly set in Afghanistan. Yes, I actually read some books this past summer that were of my choice. Both brought tears to my eyes.

hilltopper said...

thank you for visiting my blog (or delurking, whatever the case may be) and for the record i have had enough of this weather.