Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 looks exactly like 2008...amazing

Hello Everyone.
I was hoping the world would be a different place this year, alas, it is the same. I suppose we have more work to do before it becomes a paradise. After the hype and excitement from the election, my hopes were up for a miracle transition. I'm still encouraged about the possibilities IF we all do our part. We have become greener at home and are buying locally. I'd like to contribute to the economy with a new car, but Stephen King isn't feeling so patriotic.
Like Kirstie, I didn't feel so refreshed after break. Our kiddos seemed wired by the snow and the full moon this week. By third period Monday, vacation was a distant memory. By yesterday, I was laughing at everyone and everything. Some weeks in the Valley feel like a Chevy Chase movie. What do you ladies make of the termination of the Safety School Director, Clarissa Snapp? When I received her email, I was astounded; this lady is Indiana's safety program. What is the new guy thinking? Remains to be seen, I guess.
Tuesday night Steve had an allergic reaction to something and had to be transported to the ER by ambulance. He started with a slight cough and within 5 minutes was convulsing. They don't know what caused it, he didn't eat anything new or show any bite marks from a spider or anything else. SCARY. He is fine now, "Back to perfect". His words, not mine. I'm beginning to wonder if we have developed allergies to each other after all these years. He's going for tests next week.
Staci, how is it going for you? any word from your tests? I was tested for that when they were trying to determine if I had Lupus. What's the deal with anti-immune disorders? I think it is environmental. We try to eat organic and natural now, but everyone is exposed to so many chemicals daily, it is a battle.
Janelle, still pregnant? Herman Hardibeck is hanging in there, isn't he? A co-worker told me this week her 3 year old asked when they could send her little brother back, he is wild, she thinks. Lady Avery may decide the same. I remember feeling that way about my little sister and we all know how you felt about poor Whitney.
I have been wondering about your folks, Jill. Do you have Mom settled yet? Have you thought to send Andrew to live with them? Could take care of multiple issues, you know. How are your kids?
Hey, Anna. How was your vacation with Mr. Wonderful? Did the family visits work out? I can't believe you wouldn't impress any family; I bet his was pleased with his good choice. What did Grandma think of him? I trust her good sense. How is the job situation going? Settled down any?
It is always good to see your responses, Alison. It makes me smile to read about the boys. Plan a day out for the Gaggle and I'll come up. Even after being at Janelle's I cannot determine where all the rest of you live. I need a helicopter tour of Northwest Indiana. Everything there is so spread out, here in the south we are nestled close together in the hills and hollows. I can't imagine all that horizon, we have a narrow slice of land between the bumps. It makes me feel safe and cosy. I always feel exposed when we travel to flatter places; Arizona and Texas completely freak me out. What that says about me, I'm not sure. Maybe a bad experience in a past life?
Rather than resolutions this year, I've decided to choose a word...change. This will serve as my mantra to encourage me towards positive actions. I'm walking each day and attempting to eat sensibly. Normal, healthy choices that have been neglected in the past few years. Bad habits are so easy to develop and so difficult to break.
Take care and have a good week. Talk to me. Hedy


anna said...

Oh Hedy...I love your updates! I hope Stephen King is ok. I hope his tests reveal something so it doesn't happen again. I had a wonderful break but yes it was over too soon. With just a week back it feels like we never left. I guess that's just the way it goes. Things at work are pretty much the same. There are many days of frustration and times when I can't wait to get out of there. It sounds horrible, but I hope I can find a new job next year. I was officially told I may not have a job next year...I was just thinking well no shit...however apparently they think I am an idiot and wasn't aware of the economic situation. One of the other counselors at work said her resolution was to be positive...she is trying but I think I am bringing her down. I will try harder to be positive this week. I have been looking at the DOE everyday just in case something promising comes up. If any of you hear of any job openings in this area...let me know!

Now Mr. Wonderful is still all that and more :) The holidays with our families was wonderful. We had a great time spending all that time together and it made our relationship even stronger. It is amazing! Grandma loves him however she still has to throw a negative comment in there. She said I don't know where I will have to take a job next year so I should keep that in mind. Whatever...I wouldn't apply to anything too far away. Last night we talked about me moving in with him. It was very exciting. I practically live there anyway but living there officially is a huge step! I am calling my landlord tomorrow to see if I can get out of my lease but I doubt he will want to lose a renter. Oh doesn't hurt to ask.

Now...a gaggle get together. I am free any weekend in February. We NEED to get together!

Love you!

Angela said...

Hello Gaggle! The Bieghlers are alive and well in beautiful downtown Smithson, Indiana. It has been ages since I have logged on and read, let alone asked any of you how you are doing. I see Jill sporadically and talk to her often on the phone and I have seen Elaine a couple of times because our daughters both are in ballet - not the same class - but in the same recitals. I can not imagine all of the things I have missed that are going on in each of your lives.

Anna - I understand your job situation - I am unofficially in the same boat - not for next year but the year after. Apparently things are pretty bleak at my corporation and do not appear to be getting better. I often wonder exactly why it is that I left a secure job to go to one that I knew was not secure. I beat myself up over it on a regular basis. I have been at work all afternoon filing ISTEP+ reports. I feel very good - I got through all of the seventh grade. This is a much better year considering I did not get them filed until May last year! I am thinking that asking for a secretary is out of the question right now.

Abigail and I just returned Friday from a four day tour of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We had an appt. with the neuro. over break that ended with the "I have no answers for you. I don't know if she will get worse, I can't say whether your son will get it too - we just don't know what this is. We have done every medical test possible and still only know what it is not." I was very frustrated and could not sleep so at 1:00 in the morning I turned on the T.V. and ran across an episode of Mystery Diagnosis that featured two kids that had the exact same symptoms as Abigail and had been misdiagnosed with CP. The mom had been doing research and ran across an article by a doctor about a disease that mimics CP and was treated with dopamine therapy. I looked the doctor up and found him at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I emailed him at 1 AM and received an email back from him by 10 AM the next day - Christmas Eve stating that he wanted to see her on the 7th of January. I had to fight with the insurance company because they thought we should see someone in Indiana. He is a neurogenetisist and there aren't even any in this state, so insurance ended up agreeing to pay "in-network" for this.

Abigail started taking dopamine on Wednesday the 7th. After 4 doses, nothing had changed and I was very frustrated and discouraged. We were to remain in Ann Arbor until Friday so he could see her again and I was ready to go home. They told me to give her a 5th dose on Thursday afternoon and BAM! Instead of telling her to hurry up, I was running after her, trying to keep up. She was able to go up and down steps unassisted. Her movement is so much more fluid I can not even describe it. The doctor is still not sure what it is - however, he is convinced that the dopamine is helping and we are to continue on it for a month and then go back up there. There are many aspects of what is going on that our neuro in Indy did not catch - apparently it whatever it is is either in her hands and face or is "moving" that way. I believe that the things Dr. Fink noticed have always been there - just not noticed by the neuro. - plus Dr. Fink did reflex tests that our neuro never did.

In the meantime, I continue to be amazed watching her enjoy balance, coordination, and movement she has never had. She was dancing all over the place yesterday and all I could do was sit and watch as she spun and twirled like never before. Scott and I had not talked about her improvement and he said that she just seemed so much more fluid in her movement, so I must not be imagining it.

A Gaggle reunion in February would be great. I am good on Sundays but nearly every Saturday is booked for me.

Janelle said...

Wow, Angela!! That is absolutely incredible! I am so thrilled to hear the good news for Abby....and for you. I can't imagine what you have gone through and to see progress is probably pretty overwhelming. Please keep us posted.

Hedy...take care of that husband of yours! Hope you find out what has caused this and you are able to get some answers.

Anna, Anna, Anna.....I am so glad that things are going well with Mr. Dreamy. Sounds like Grandma is just looking out for you. Has she asked you yet if he makes your motor run? :)

Still pregnant...t-14 days now.....I am so flipping anxious to get this baby here!!

Take care everyone....stay safe...stay warm!! Love ya!

Alison said...

Oh Angela, thank God you have some answers!!! Your post gave me chills as I read it. God is watching over all of you.I hope this is what does the trick for her.

Good luck Janelle!!! We're thinking of you. Hope things go smoothly for you.

Anna, your vacation sounds like it was heavenly. :) New love is so wonderful. Though I love my husband more than ever, I miss that newness of young love. Today I was turned on by the fact he did laundry and dishes while I was at church. Sad, I know, and probably TMI, sorry about that. I'm just happy for your happiness and giddiness. :) Have fun!!!!

Hope all is well with you all. Please know that I pray for continued health and health related answers for you all. Miss you all terribly. I will gladly plan a gaggle reunion for February. Hope the weather cooperates. Would love to have everyone here, though I realize it is the furthest north for everyone. We love get togethers here in the flatlands.

love you all!!! Stay warm.

Staci said...

Oh Angela...I just read your entry and am sitting at my desk crying! I am emotionally drained from meds and schedule changes, but the tears are authentic!!!!! That is amazing, miraculous the way it all came together, and has to be unbelievable joy as a parent to watch the improvements. O.K. dry the tears Garz, more schedules to change!

Take care Gaggle!

Kirstie said...

I think this is the one place I can go and always get good news. I know sometimes the bad stuff is sprinkled in but you all are really an uplifting group. Angela, I can just imagine you sitting and watching Abby play.
Anna, it's funny. Over break Pat and I were also discussing you and Bret moving in together. We really need to get on those boys about hanging out some time.
Dare I utter the word PORTFOLIO. I have a meeting with my mentor this week and made the mistake of telling her that I would have a componant or 2 to show her at our meeting. That is was I am avoiding right now. Sometimes I look at the manual and think "piece of cake" other times I think "you have got to be kidding me". Where is everyone else on this?

anna said...

Angela...that is wonderful news! I hope the medicine continues to work. Please keep us updated on how things are going!

Kirstie...I hate the thought of the portfolio. The other high school counselor that started when I did has been working on hers and keeps getting on me about getting started on mine. So no, I have not started. I have looked at it but then it usually goes back into my folder. You all know me...master procrastinator. I know it is going to be time consuming so I will try to start soon...yeah right.

I have called my landlord to see about getting out of my lease. I talked to his wife and she seemed to think it would be no problem...she was supposed to call back yesterday after talking to her call. I will have to call her again today I guess. She better not have gotten my hopes up. Oh well. By the way, for all you gaggle in the Lafayette area we will be going out for my birthday on Sat. Jan 31st if you would like to join. We are meeting for dinner at 7:00 at the Olive Garden and then of course out for drinks after that. Even if you wanted to come for dinner, it would be great to see you. Oh's a pink party so you have to wear something pink! I know...sounds dumb but my friends like theme parties for some reason!

Start putting out there what weekends you are available in February so we can get together!

Jill Tucker said...

Hi group. Hope this finds you all doing well and staying cozy.

It is 7:41 in the morning, and I have yet to be asleep. Must have something to do with a 4 hour nap I had yesterday! I swear I only meant to sleep 30 minutes!

Hedy, how is Stephen King doing? I think we may just create allergies to each other!!! It sounds like things are going well for the rest of you. I am so excited about Miss Abigail. Once again, it is the universe at work....

Janelle, you need to have your hubby call me when the wee one arrives...hell, maybe I will even travel to the hospital to harrass you!!!

Update on mom....she was in the hospital for two weeks for evaluation. Dad insisted that we bring her home. (I might have told you this, who knows???) It was not a good time, to say the least, and we placed her in a facility a week before Christmas. It was by far the best thing we could do for her, for dad, and for all of us. She has adapted very well and is doing fine. Dad has gained back some life although he does get lonely at times. She usually knows him, although it is rare that she recognizes the rest of us. I try to get there every other week to see her. My sister is bearing the biggest burden because she is the one they call when there is an issue.

The first day she was there she pooped on someone's guitar (not inside it, however) and then that same week she pulled the large screen tv down and broke it. Since they kep her through those two incidents, we may be home free!!! lol

I miss you all so much. School is is what it is.... I would love to see all of you at any given time. Someone pick a date, time, and place. We do have the condo available in French Lick in February if you want to consider that.

And...I want everyone's e-mail and snail mail addresses! ttfn