Friday, May 25, 2012

Transplant update

No transplant this week, Mack has a sinus infection again. ENT wanted to do sinus surgery before transplant, but Team vetoed that, her kidneys are in critical condition. Poor kid is at breaking point, exhausted  with struggle  to walk, eat, breathe. Another CTscan next week to assess infection. Please, keep praying for her.
Stephen King is a new man lately, 9 weeks without chemo. PETscan scheduled for June12 will show status of any cancer. He is gaining his strength back and looks like his old self. His hair and beard came back very white, as in Poppa Smurf. I try to keep him out of Blue clothing, heehee. He mows or gardens most days with plenty of naps between.
Mom continues down the winding Alzheimers trail, good days and bad. Of all our challenges, this feels the most stressfull. Not much hope of a good outcome and each day is an emotional battle. Less and less of our mom lives in the sweet lady we care for. We are with her in 24hour shifts and each time brings a dread of what we will find, but when it is time to go no one wants to leave her. I usually need to sleep for 12 hours afterward to recover from the stress. Lupus, cancer,  Alzheimers or kidney failure all make miserable companions.
Allthekidshavetheirpoolsopen andtheywillbeinthewateralltheholidayweekend,Imsure.  Damn spacebar isnt working, can youtell?
The summer heat is building here inthe south, Ladies. Rioting flowers andgarden plants, the Valley looks like a fantasy land.Comeseeus. Love youall. Hedy  ***thanks toLara@ Primitive Homesteadforthesweetwords.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I know I've fallen behind here, sorry. Our lives have picked up speed again this month. Steve is doing so much better since receiving word that his bone cancer is gone or inactive. Such a blessing. Prayer and big medicine have made a miracle for us. The lung cancer is still there and is being contained by another drug which isn't as destructive to his body. This will continue at least until June when he will have another cat scan. The doctor has him on a steroid which takes care of the fainting, too, so he is up and around on his own again. And the steroid has given him an appetite so the weight is returning. In all things are looking up. The chemo damage to the nerve endings in his hands and feet still causes issues, especially his feet which seem to be worsening inspite of new meds.

I'm back on the schedule at Mom's too. We are trying to return to normal (impossible word) and live life to its fullest. Mom has declined alot since I've not been staying, I was shocked at how much she has lost. When seeing her only for a few minutes throughout the week, she seemed good, but spending 24 hours reveals her limitations. The doctors keep telling us Alzheimers is responsible for all her symptoms, but sometimes it seems she has other problems. She was seen by her optometrist this week and needs cataract surgery if she wants to read. Reading is an enjoyable pastime for her, even though she repeats alot. We are going to pray on this before we decide what to do. Prayer Always helps and Never hurts.

I have filled my porches full of flower pots with beautiful bright blooms this week. I love spring with everything fresh and new. Before summer is over many will dry up, birds will nest in others, stormy winds will blow a pot or two off the banister, but right now they are gorgeous. I enjoy using odd objects as pots, but this year I've finally put some vintage planters to work holding cactus. I have a collection of  American Bisque Pottery Co. figurine planters on an old aqua wicker table. Such a cute sight when walking up to the front door. If I can figure out how, I will post a few new pictures. Stephen King has planted a few tomatoes and peppers and some corn and green beans in his garden this week. So good to know he feels well enough to accomplish this. He works around the yard and garden in the morning and naps throughout the afternoon most days. It is terrifying how much strength he lost in the past 8 months. He is slowly regaining now, Bless his heart.

I don't think I've told you that Courtney and Ken are married now. They had a simple ceremony at his Naval Club with his family and a few close friends. We could not make the trip, but have the video and many pictures. He is a dear, sweet man and she is happy so we count ouselves blessed. We do want to visit Australia and get to know their life, but they are scheduled for a long visit here this fall. It will be awhile before we can travel to Oz. I am uncertain I can be on a plane that long and Steve needs to be stable physically. I want to do a big family trip, but know that won't happen anytime soon. I just imagine our kiddos seeing downunder for the first exciting for everyone. Australia is such a unique place, Court loves it there. Our boys could have big adventures there! Gavin plays Indiana Jones with the hat and whip, he could really discover the Outback.

Mackenzie's transplant has been scheduled for May 23. We are excited to see this happen after such a long, hard winter. She is terribly thin and has little kidney function now, but insists on graduating on the 19th and just yesterday had a great daytrip to Chicago with the NHS. That girl is amazing she is graduating Academic Honors with a 3.5 GPA and has been accepted at Hanover with an academic scholarship all while fighting for every breath she takes. She's a warrior, strong in her faith and in her heart and mind. I love that child.

Anna, I am so thrilled with Dexter. You have a beautiful child, Sweetie. You and Brett know the true blessing of life now. I really expected you to have a girl, you will have to be careful around Janelle, she may try to trade with you! We have to get together early this summer, really it has been too long. Gma Hedy needs to rock the baby boy.  Take care ladies, love you all. Hedy