Friday, May 25, 2012

Transplant update

No transplant this week, Mack has a sinus infection again. ENT wanted to do sinus surgery before transplant, but Team vetoed that, her kidneys are in critical condition. Poor kid is at breaking point, exhausted  with struggle  to walk, eat, breathe. Another CTscan next week to assess infection. Please, keep praying for her.
Stephen King is a new man lately, 9 weeks without chemo. PETscan scheduled for June12 will show status of any cancer. He is gaining his strength back and looks like his old self. His hair and beard came back very white, as in Poppa Smurf. I try to keep him out of Blue clothing, heehee. He mows or gardens most days with plenty of naps between.
Mom continues down the winding Alzheimers trail, good days and bad. Of all our challenges, this feels the most stressfull. Not much hope of a good outcome and each day is an emotional battle. Less and less of our mom lives in the sweet lady we care for. We are with her in 24hour shifts and each time brings a dread of what we will find, but when it is time to go no one wants to leave her. I usually need to sleep for 12 hours afterward to recover from the stress. Lupus, cancer,  Alzheimers or kidney failure all make miserable companions.
Allthekidshavetheirpoolsopen andtheywillbeinthewateralltheholidayweekend,Imsure.  Damn spacebar isnt working, can youtell?
The summer heat is building here inthe south, Ladies. Rioting flowers andgarden plants, the Valley looks like a fantasy land.Comeseeus. Love youall. Hedy  ***thanks toLara@ Primitive Homesteadforthesweetwords.


Alison said...

Gaggle get-together soon? When is everyone done with school? I'm flexible. In need of Gaggle time. Miss you all!!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

As I catch up today with your blog I find you & your loved ones in need of Gods strength to carry you all through this valley. I lift you all in prayer for all these needs. Stress can really take a toll on ones health. Wishing you much rest when you can get your sleep. I started my gardens at a time in my life that was very stressful & over the years it has provided me with the therapy & healing at times. So good Stephen is able to work in the gardens. For me it seems natural to find peace & healing in my garden as God first put his beloved creations in his garden to tend it. Blessings!