Saturday, April 25, 2009

How Good is This Day?

Hello Everyone,
I hope the great north is as beautiful today as the deep south. Bright sun, nice breeze and 85 degrees. If only there were an ocean in sight, this woman would be soooooooo happy. Even without the ocean, it a good. I believe it is in reward for the hellish week we've had here; my car doors were frozen shut one day this week. I swear!!! Me trying to pretend it is spring in my capris and sandals, can even get in the Jeep without slpashing some of my hot coffee on the door handle. But now we've been given a day like this.
We have some plants to set out in the garden when the sun goes down some, you know the shy violet here can't have too much sun, I'll wilt. Or something. Stephen King has done a great job on the lawn and veggie garden, but I haven't ventured out there yet. What with my 15 hour days at public school. He has decided no squash, I am ruling against okra. I really just want tomatoes, green beans and corn, but I know we'll go crazy again and plant all manner of exotic vegetables. Mr. King canned and froze lots of goodies last year, we've almost exhausted our pantry. So nice to have a man that cans.
We have part of our front yard fenced for the sheep right now, how did that happen? People do get a kick out of watching them and the kids on the school bus love it. We only have 6 head here, most are at the farm, but 3 are new lambs and they are cuties. I wish we had room for more, but the neighbor doesn't want to sell and land. I'm working on chickens now, he seems not to be paying attention to my wishes, but I'll figure out something. The boys used to help me, but they are both busy with their wives wishes now!! Ha.
I do hope you are finished with your portfolios now. What a crock, any counselor doing her job doesn't have time for this. Why not reports from your supervisors? I guess Staci, Jill and I won't be bothered by such nonsense, right Girls? ISTEP is this week, of course. Staci, what does Illinois do while Indiana is chasing test scores? Do you just rely on teachers to pass the kids who are progressing and retain the others? Or are there end of course assessments? My daughter is raving about the wonders of Australian schools. They go year round, wear uniforms, are taught respect and actually have high graduation rates. I have started a push for an alternative school in Orange County. My super told me if I could figure a way to finance it, he would take it to the other supz in the county. We have too many kids who do not fit in public school. Whether this is a local phenomenon or generalized all over, I don't know, but these kids are not being served well in our schools. Bloominton has an alternative school the appears to be successful, Alan is involved somewhat in it. They have a full staff and have lots of flexiblity in the scheduling and classes offered. Now to find the $$$$$, SHOW ME THE MONEY. Any ideas? I figure I've given up SADD and AfterProm, I'll have time to build a school, right?
How was your return, Janelle? I feel for you and Olivia, you had such a sweet time together while it lasted. How did she do? The first time I left Trent he was 9 months old and I went to a wedding shower. Sitter called after 30 minutes, he was still screaming; we didn't try again til he was 3. Not the way to do it. I don't think Stephen was ever left anywhere but my mom's. And I wonder why they are such Mommas Boys? What can I say? I was young and apparently none too bright. I'm sure Lady A helped the sitter with Miss Liv. You only have a few weeks left, Mamma.
Any leads on a new place, Anna? Lots of area schools are cutting elementary counselors, too. I wish education could not be touched by this bad economy, surely kids are too important to take with risks their futures. Maybe some older counselor will retire this summer. I have a few young ladies poised like vultures over my shoulders. I'm afraid to drink the water sometimes, hehehe. How about getting pregnant and being a stay at home Mom? Brent up for that? OK, it was just a suggestion. Better you than the 2 freshmen I have this spring. Breaks my heart; I feel I didn't do enough to prevent this somehow. Guess I shoulda been there to hand out the condom.
Alison, I can't believe how fast you all went from basketball to baseball; I'd forgotten life with boys. Caleb is playing Biddy League for the first time this year. I cannot wait to see him in action. He'll be in the bleachers talking to the parents or trying to coach the other kids. He had kindergarten screening and failed the hearing test, due to an ear infection. He told us he was going to get hearing aides and have to go to the speech teacher everyday. "It's OK," he says, "it's only Holly". Holly is their neighbor, the speech and hearing therapist at school. Where the hearing aides came in, no one knows. He called me the other night to tell me Mackenzie was home alone with him and Maddie. I asked if she were being mean to them, he says, "Not Yet!". He has an answer for everything. The school has been warned in advance not to believe all he reports. I believe he will be the next Mark Twain. Or Adam Sandler!!!
How is Abbie doing, Angela? The Easter pix were so cute. The kids have grown so much this year. Do you have a busy summer planned? I love seeing your posts on Facebook. You and your sister are so funny together. My postings are always so boring. Or sometimes a little too sharp. I forget that written words can't show the smile or twinkle in the eye that face-to-face can. I figure no one pays attention anyway.
I'm going to call you, Jill, while you are in FL this weekend. Maybe we can get together with Stephen King. He isn't quite as reclusive in the spring. He can be a bear in winter. Are you OK? You've been quiet of late; makes me worry. Where's Tucker? and why isn't she talking to us? I agree about the Haute thing. If only we could all meet there for weekends and NOT have ISU involved...perfect.
How's the new addition, Kirstie? A pup is more work than a newborn, you know that, don't you? They chew, poop, pee, chew, poop, pee all day long everywhere. Good Luck. Inside? Outside? You probably couldn't tell, but I'm not an indoor pet person. I'm sure your puppy is the absolute best behaved dog ever. You will have fun this summer with him at the lake, I know.
And Elaine, our silent friend, how are you all? Work pushing right along like a freight train on your heels? Middle school is just the best, isn't it. Exiting 8th graders, entering 5 th graders, orientation for parents, 21 Century Scholars deadlines, MORP, freshman schedules. What have I forgotten? Are you doing the 6th grade Scholars oath? Our supe says I have to have 100% signed up by the end of school. Or else??? I'm not sure what that means and not willing to find out. Hope you are enjoying the new bag, it is you; bright, sleek and sophisticated.
Must check on my yard man, he is in the garden with power tools. Talk to me. Love you all, Hedy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

I think I'm getting old, I mean showing signs of BEING old. I had a run-in with one of our students today, I know, what else is new. But this was different. I'm the original Pollyanna and see the positive side in everything, but all I could think as this was happening was, "what the Hell is wrong with these kids?" You know "kids today", "when I was a kid" all those thoughts were racing through my mind. And I was scared, scared for her, scared for my grandchildren and their grandchildren. Where are we headed as a nation, as a world? When and from where did kids learn it was OK to disrespect adults, curse teachers, dishonor parents? This tiny 12 year old looked me in the eye and said, "No one tells me what to do, especially you. You are nothing to me, I don't have to listen to you." She then proceeded to push past me and take off down the hall. She didn't get far.

The mother was called and took her home. She will return tomorrow. But what then? Will she continue to challenge us at every turn? What do we do when she calls our bluff? She knows we won't touch her, although today I did hold her arms and speak to her for awhile. Her mother threatens to send her to dad, well she wins, that is what she wants. Where did she see such behavior modeled? What was she thinking?

I was heart-sick the rest of the afternoon, even now hours later, I could cry over that small, angry child, defying the world for no purpose, other then she didn't like what she was hearing from an adult in charge. What generates that kind of anger? What stops it? This girl isn't an EH student, just an average, everyday student.

Children must learn to accept "NO", accept disappointment, deal with anger. So many do not, cannot; it is scary.

We only have 6 more weeks of school left. I've never wanted a year to end so much in all my years. I want to clean my house, fluff it up and make it more organized. I want to garden in the early mornings before the sun grows strong. I want to drink cold iced tea on my front porch with my friends. I want to take trips around Indiana with Stephen King. I want my grandkids to spend days with G-ma, picking beans and tomatoes and eating them right there in the garden. I want to spend nights with my mom and listen to her stories of life as the oldest of 13 children. I want to share meals with my sister and brothers and rediscover who they are. I want to grow strong enough to face next year.

We held our AfterProm at the WaterPark last Saturday night and it was a Blast. That place is big and offers something (many things) for everyone. You all have to come see. The kids would absolutely love it. I can see Jacob, Jordan, Trent and Abbie leading the little ones through the mazes, down the Lazy River and out the tubes. They have rafts and ropes and tubs and tubes, buckets and stairs and chutes and ladders all full of water and music and sunshine (or lights at night). Get online at and check it out. Rooms are reasonable and most have adult beds and built in bunks for kiddos. I am not a fan of amusement parks, but I was amazed by what this place offers. My kids love it. If it had a bookstore, Mackenzie would move in!

Our Easter was good, Shawn and Stephen sang specials at church, we gathered at Nina and Trent's for supper. I'd been up all night at the water park. The little ones hunted eggs and chased the new lambs and tried out the electric fence. Not one but two of them grabbed hold to see if Papaw was kidding about it being HOT. Quick lesson, long remembered, I bet. Courtney called from Oz and spoke to each of us. Her brothers cried a little, softies that they are. I love my boys. Court is having a wonderful time, adjusting well and growing stronger after her stressful few years. I love my girl, too.

Stephen King is at it again, tried to slice off his thumb with a horse hoof trimmer. Blood, stitches, bandages, He is OK. I may not be able to leave him home alone much longer, he needs a keeper. Silly thing thinks he is still 25. Just as crazy as his wife staying out with teenagers all night, what? i love my old man, too. :-)

It was good to share with all my Gaggle tonight. I miss you, Girlies. Nothing like a group of counselors to unload on. Talk to me. Love, Hedy