Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

I think I'm getting old, I mean showing signs of BEING old. I had a run-in with one of our students today, I know, what else is new. But this was different. I'm the original Pollyanna and see the positive side in everything, but all I could think as this was happening was, "what the Hell is wrong with these kids?" You know "kids today", "when I was a kid" all those thoughts were racing through my mind. And I was scared, scared for her, scared for my grandchildren and their grandchildren. Where are we headed as a nation, as a world? When and from where did kids learn it was OK to disrespect adults, curse teachers, dishonor parents? This tiny 12 year old looked me in the eye and said, "No one tells me what to do, especially you. You are nothing to me, I don't have to listen to you." She then proceeded to push past me and take off down the hall. She didn't get far.

The mother was called and took her home. She will return tomorrow. But what then? Will she continue to challenge us at every turn? What do we do when she calls our bluff? She knows we won't touch her, although today I did hold her arms and speak to her for awhile. Her mother threatens to send her to dad, well she wins, that is what she wants. Where did she see such behavior modeled? What was she thinking?

I was heart-sick the rest of the afternoon, even now hours later, I could cry over that small, angry child, defying the world for no purpose, other then she didn't like what she was hearing from an adult in charge. What generates that kind of anger? What stops it? This girl isn't an EH student, just an average, everyday student.

Children must learn to accept "NO", accept disappointment, deal with anger. So many do not, cannot; it is scary.

We only have 6 more weeks of school left. I've never wanted a year to end so much in all my years. I want to clean my house, fluff it up and make it more organized. I want to garden in the early mornings before the sun grows strong. I want to drink cold iced tea on my front porch with my friends. I want to take trips around Indiana with Stephen King. I want my grandkids to spend days with G-ma, picking beans and tomatoes and eating them right there in the garden. I want to spend nights with my mom and listen to her stories of life as the oldest of 13 children. I want to share meals with my sister and brothers and rediscover who they are. I want to grow strong enough to face next year.

We held our AfterProm at the WaterPark last Saturday night and it was a Blast. That place is big and offers something (many things) for everyone. You all have to come see. The kids would absolutely love it. I can see Jacob, Jordan, Trent and Abbie leading the little ones through the mazes, down the Lazy River and out the tubes. They have rafts and ropes and tubs and tubes, buckets and stairs and chutes and ladders all full of water and music and sunshine (or lights at night). Get online at http://www.valleyofthesprings.com/ and check it out. Rooms are reasonable and most have adult beds and built in bunks for kiddos. I am not a fan of amusement parks, but I was amazed by what this place offers. My kids love it. If it had a bookstore, Mackenzie would move in!

Our Easter was good, Shawn and Stephen sang specials at church, we gathered at Nina and Trent's for supper. I'd been up all night at the water park. The little ones hunted eggs and chased the new lambs and tried out the electric fence. Not one but two of them grabbed hold to see if Papaw was kidding about it being HOT. Quick lesson, long remembered, I bet. Courtney called from Oz and spoke to each of us. Her brothers cried a little, softies that they are. I love my boys. Court is having a wonderful time, adjusting well and growing stronger after her stressful few years. I love my girl, too.

Stephen King is at it again, tried to slice off his thumb with a horse hoof trimmer. Blood, stitches, bandages, He is OK. I may not be able to leave him home alone much longer, he needs a keeper. Silly thing thinks he is still 25. Just as crazy as his wife staying out with teenagers all night, what? i love my old man, too. :-)

It was good to share with all my Gaggle tonight. I miss you, Girlies. Nothing like a group of counselors to unload on. Talk to me. Love, Hedy


Alison said...

You are not old, Hedy. So many of these kiddos have to take care of themselves. It's so sad. They act like little adults and use what the coping mechanisms they have seen from the adults in their lives. i hesitate to call them parents. All some of them do is birth them. I hope the rest of the week went better.

I was showing Rex the pictures of the sheep. ARe they cheviots? That's the breed his grandpa used to raise. We have neat pictures of him at the fair and stuff with his sheep. He talked about them all of the time, though they never had sheep when I was around. We have baby goats. Our mama goat had twins. They are so cute. I had to help dehorn them yesterday. It was horrible! They did fine, but they cried and cried. It has to hurt. They are fine today, though, hopping around playing in the rain. So cute.

Hope all is well with everyone. Miss you all so much! Have a safe and happy week.

Janelle said...

Happy rainy Monday! This weather is so dreary. Yesterday was the first day that I felt like the 4 of us just rested and spent a lot of time just being together...no places to be, nothing to do. It was really nice. I go back to work on Thursday....only 3 days. I can't believe it. My grandma told me last night that she thinks Olivia is going to have a rough time (thanks, that made me feel so much better about leaving her!) because she saw her lip quiver ONCE when I wasn't the one talking to her! :) I think Olivia is going to be just fine...I think I'm going to be the one having a tough time! I am so anxious for some adult interaction, I would just prefer it to start at 10 am.

I'm spending today babysitting Joey and Bella. 4 kids under the age of 3 all day might just cure my thought that Brian and I have one more baby in us! :) Oh, by the way, the pink eye is back. I'm the only one that has it (knock on wood), but it is absolutely annoying. My maternity leave has consisted of late night feedings and pink eye!!! If you all have any suggestions on how to get this disgusting germ out of my house, I'll take any advice...I wash pillow cases/sheets daily, thrown away a semi-load of eye makeup and gone through tubs of clorox wipes!!

Enjoy your week, ladies...this is the time of year that I love...the countdown until summer!

Jill Tucker said...

i wish someone would dehorn me....

Staci said...

Jill, I have to say a lot of your charm is because of your ability to use your horns to entertain...

O.K. so by that I mean sarcasm just in case anyone was questionning!

BTW...heard from Nancy Block. She and Travis are in Arizona at the same school. He has a job next year, but Nancy was given her RIF papers last week. She is hoping to get back to Indiana soon. Told her the job market wasn't that much better.

I hate IEP meetings!

My secretary just asked me if I was talking to myself. Yep, pretty much!

So I was briefly the President of my daughter's PTA, but quickly traded roles with the secretary. My guess is I will end up doing everything anyway, but she will get blamed =)

This weekend I am chair of my daughters spring carnival, decorating a wedding on sat & Garrett's 5th b-day on Sunday. Now you know why this entry has been a series of rants!

Kirstie said...

Our little family is growing. Pat and I just got a new puppy. Chocolate lab. Maggie Mae. She is so cute and well behaved (so far). We've only had her 24 hours.

Not much other news...I am trying to tread water at school.

anna said...

You know...somthing happens when you are told you don't have a job anymore...you really just don't give a shit. Therefore, I lied and told them I had a migraine today and wouldn't be in just so I could work on my portfolio. It happens...

Hedy King said...

Anna, you probably will have a migraine after working on the portfolio so...not a lie, just foreseeing the future:-). I cannot imagine throwing a portfolio into the boatload of crap on my desk this month. Kirstie, keeping treading water, we are all right there with you. Jill, you don't want any part of dehorning- hot, stinky job. miss you all.

Jill Tucker said...

I miss all of you amazing women!!! I would almost wish I was going to the Haute this year just so I could spend time with you.....ok.....ALMOST.....ok...not really, but you get the idea....

Will be in French Lick Sunday and Monday, April 26 & 27. Anna, even if you know you still have a job, you don't give a shit.

Love you all bunches!!!