Thursday, March 22, 2012


Things are actually looking up this week. :-) for Stephen King. A visit with Dr. K on Wednesday had positive results. He was given a new med for the dizziness and it appears to be working. Apparently the chemo caused an issue with his blood vessels, they aren't constricting when he stands up and dizziness results. So far today, after 2 doses, he hasn't been dizzy! The weakness is still bothering him, but no more falling on hi face!! We are thrilled. Dr. K was positive the chemo has effected the bone tumors since he has no more back pain. ANOTHER BLESSING. He is scheduled for another Bone Scan on the 3rd, so we will know if a change shows in the spine and legs. On the 9th we will start another type of chemo to address the lung tumor. The drug is yet to be determined. I cannot express how grateful we are to have the dizziness resolved. The dread and fear of falling kept him in his chair and me on my toes. Praise the Lord.
Mackenzie continues to WAIT for her docs to decide if and when she will be healthy enough for the transplant. The stress is difficult for everyone to cope with; Shawn runs everyday to find some peace, praying and speaking with God with every step, Stephen is working out of state this week. I'm sure he leaves part of himself at home with his family. I am torn between wanting her to have the surgery and be well and dreading the actual operation procedure for Mack and Shawn. So difficult to turn it over to God and know He is in control. We women have such control issues!! Oh ye of little faith! Worry is a waste of time and energy, yet we do worry about all the issues we cannot change or control.
This weather is such a treat this month, we are enjoying afternoons in the yard. Not usual for March, but much appreciated after our grey winter. I'm painting a few old pieces of furniture, adding bright new fabrics to bench and making cushions for the porch swing. I cannot wait for pots of fresh plants to brighten up our porches. We are undecided on the size of the garden this year, not certain the usual large one can be properly cared for by these two old folks. Probably won't plant potatoes or as much corn, but have to have the tomatoes and green beans. We may use more mulch and less tilling to save our energy.  I'm thinking of hosting a painting party to trick our kiddos into painting the garage and shed for me. For a few grilled hot dogs and a couple of desserts, we can get things spruced up around here.
I've enjoyed the pictures Allison has posted from their Spring Break in Seagrove. Ahhh, the sight of those waves and that sun and sand is almost like being there. Thanks, Al and Rex. I cannot believe how grown up the boys are. Jordan looks like a teenager, nearly as tall as Dad. And Trenton has lost all his little boy look, no more little ones, Al, you have young men now. Having had lots of thinking time this winter has me pondering how quickly life goes; Stephen King and I are now the old folks, our kids are full blown adults and even the grandkids are no longer babies. We always think there will be time for the things we want to do, but now we know sometimes that isn't to be. I'm so glad we tried to spend time with our loved ones. All the Sunday suppers and summer vacations have a special memory when looking back on them. The nightly meal together after Steve came in from work was a hassle for me and a pain for the kids, but I am so happy we always insisted upon eating together. Sharing our day helped build the closeness we all feel now.
Speaking of family...gotta go shower, Papaw Steve and I are taking Shayla to lunch today and we cannot keep her waiting. Love our big girl!

Enjoy our gift of Spring, Ladies. Talk to me. Love, Hedy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tomorrow we start another path in our cancer adventure. Although the last chemo combination did not shrink the tumors, Stephen King will continue Avastin a drug which cuts bloodflow to the lung tumor and will also begin Zumeta which will help the bones to strengthen against the tumors in his spine and legs. We have been resting and recovering the last few weeks. The taxol in the first series was so harsh on him, he could not handle the new series without a break. He has had a few days in the hospital and frequent fluid refills to combat the weakness, fatigue and dehydration. Because of a tendency to fall, Steve is using a cane most of the time. He has a wild variety and usually switches daily. His dad was a collector and left him several. Son Stephen also gave him some old ski poles which he uses outside. The wildest one is made from shumac and has a knife blade on the end. My father-in-law made this while living among the snakes in the Arizona desert! A nurse assisting Stephem King at the cancer center was shocked to unlash the weapon as she handed him his walking stick! I am surprised we weren't arrested as terrorists. They may have installedmetal detectors in the treatment room by tomorrow. :-(