Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tomorrow we start another path in our cancer adventure. Although the last chemo combination did not shrink the tumors, Stephen King will continue Avastin a drug which cuts bloodflow to the lung tumor and will also begin Zumeta which will help the bones to strengthen against the tumors in his spine and legs. We have been resting and recovering the last few weeks. The taxol in the first series was so harsh on him, he could not handle the new series without a break. He has had a few days in the hospital and frequent fluid refills to combat the weakness, fatigue and dehydration. Because of a tendency to fall, Steve is using a cane most of the time. He has a wild variety and usually switches daily. His dad was a collector and left him several. Son Stephen also gave him some old ski poles which he uses outside. The wildest one is made from shumac and has a knife blade on the end. My father-in-law made this while living among the snakes in the Arizona desert! A nurse assisting Stephem King at the cancer center was shocked to unlash the weapon as she handed him his walking stick! I am surprised we weren't arrested as terrorists. They may have installedmetal detectors in the treatment room by tomorrow. :-(

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Alison said...

Sending prayers and love your way!!