Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poor February: That Short Ugly Month

Has this not been the longest month ever? Dark, foggy, rainy, snowy, cold? And now here comes February, whose only saving grace is it will only last 28 days. Four weeks, Bam, it is gone. Surely we can stand that after this January. Last night's giant winter storm missed us by 25 miles. From our slight dusting to 4, 5, 6, even 9 inches down the road. Blessing from above if you ask me. 
The Positive Start to each day is still ongoing, just sputters a little some mornings. And I have been told to "stuff it" by a few less than positive folks at work on particularly dark mornings. hehehe. I do find myself feeling better and facing the day stronger by using those first moments to Thank God and Think positive every morning. Attitude is Everything, Ladies. It may take using duct tape to hold up my lips, but I start out smiling! 
Of course, yesterday was an exception. Oh, I started out fine; it was Friday, had my jeans on, no meetings for after work, It was good to go. And then reality stepped in; we are all so affected by others who slack off their jobs and leave us holding the garbage. And yesterday must have been a group slack! Everything I attempted took twice along to do because someone dropped their ball, if they had ever had Balls! I'm afraid I showed my dark side to several people who didn't deserve it.  I am sorry and ask them to forgive me. And as soon as I can pull my magic wand outta my --- I will finish the job.  There, I feel better now. :-)
We are having a Coaches Against Cancer soup supper tonight before Homecoming and I'm the dessert chair. Our families are doing great right now in the battle against the Big, Bad C and it will be a pleasure to see them benefit from this effort. Hopefully both families can take a vacation with the proceeds. All have endured a stressful winter, but stood strong and faced it all without breaking. Bless them, Lord.
I've been working on ditching TV and computer at night in favor of reading and quilting. I know I've wasted many hours sitting in front of these lifeless machines and decided to stop and be quietly productive. Takes a real effort to do this, Girls, somewhat like dieting. But how much more satisfying to have something to show for your time. And the quiet is so restoring. My favorite Bible verse has been "Be still and know" and this practice has brought it to life. After a long day of listening, I relish the quiet. I realize our circumstances are different, but I bet you would be refreshed too with a little quiet in the evening or early morning. My sister, Deb, has her time in the morning with her daily walks. She does these alone for the sole reason of listening to nature, her heart and God. I admire the strength and energy she has to do this everyday whatever the weather. I am a wimp, with weather, exercise and exertion. 
Stephen King is napping through his Saturday afternoon PBS programs, "The Woodwright and This Old House". He flips to IU basketball whenever his snores shake him awake. He gets too upset when the boys are blowing a game to watch continuously. This has been a Saturday afternoon habit of his for years. We all tease that he has never actually seen these programs, he just hears them through his sleep.  The long winter is getting to him, too. Boredom was so bad this week he watched a marathon of old western movies. And even decided they were really bad. Apparently Vincent Price from 1939 wasn't a believable cowboy. He may have to get a winter job. He is anxious to get out in the yard and garden. We will start lambing soon, so he'll be busy then. I think we have nearly 20 ewes waiting to deliver this spring. Nothing like bouncy little baby lambs to improve your spirit. We had great luck last year with our babies, hope to do even better this. 
Jill is coming to the Casino today, we may meet tomorrow. I hope so. It is always fun to catch up with our  funny one. I met her dad last time; such a corker. It is evident where Jill gets her sense of humor. Wish you all could join us. 
I have to get to school now. Get the desserts out and the drinks ready, serving starts at 5:00. Wish us luck. See you next month, Ladies, at Indy. I'll let everyone know the hotel when I book one. Kirstie, take it easy you have precious cargo in there. Love you all. Hedy

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello Ladies, hope you all are snug and warm in the great north. It is so foggy here that we won't recognize the sun when it does reappear. Oh well, winter in the midwest, I suppose. Why fight it? 
We all are back in our 2nd semester routine at school, one day following the other, plodding toward Spring Break. So sad, our lives have come to this. I try to enjoy each day and make it count for something special, but along about February, I seem to falter. I cannot think I'm alone in this fault. :-( 
We all should realize how blessed we are to live here and have the bounty we do. The Haitian disaster , along with the adoption of our new nephews from the Congo, has opened our eyes to our wonderful country. Giving money just doesn't seem enough when there is so much need in the world. It is difficult to understand how we can be so blessed when others are suffering so intensely. Not a balanced world we live in, Ladies. Not at all. My sister has started a daily routine of asking each of us to go out and be a blessing to someone each day on Face Book. All her friends have responded with such positive comments, it is heartwarming. We all need that encouraging reminder to do just that. Thanks, Debbie.
I'm sure you all  are busy with school and family now that basketball season is upon Indiana. Our boys have only won 3 games this year, but last night we only lost by 2 points against our county rival. Our boys are great kids, we have no great athletes right now, but they all play with heart.  I'm doing desserts for our annual "Coaches Against Cancer" bean supper at our homecoming next Saturday night. You are all invited to come on down! As you know we have two students with cancer and will donate the proceeds to those families. Last year we raised $3000 from it. Then we only had one boy with cancer. One is cancer free at this point, the other had a major setback with H1N1, chicken pox and pneumonia this winter. 
Stephen King has a new coon dog, Hoss, a blue tick who is identical to all the others we have owned in our 43 year marriage. I cannot name all of them , but they all looked alike. He and a friend have been hunting almost every night a are just like two boys with their new toy. Walking through a dark, cold woods after a bawling dog is something I've never been able to wrap my head around. Must be a man thing! 
Orange County is undertaking a health project called Ways of Wellness. It has attracted hundreds of people. We have exercise, dance and yoga classes, cooking workshops and many other events going on all over the county. My girls are doing yoga, but I'm just stretching and walking to begin with, easing my way into real stuff. I plan to do water aerobics, but have had an ear infection for weeks. The shared enthusiasm is wonderful. Heaven knows most of us need to get healthier. Me especially! 
Winter Gagglefest can't come soon enough for me. I haven't been anywhere since our fall get together. I'm so ready for a road trip. And want to see you all, of course!! Give me some response on Kirstie's shower date and I'll book a room or two. Talk to me. Love, Hedy 

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello all. Another Sunday evening. Waiting for my chicks to get here for supper. I made brown beans and ham, cheezy potato soup, cornbread and angel food cupcakes, chocolate and raspberry filled. I hope someone is hungry. I haven't fed them since Christmas break, so I'm starved to see them all at home. 
We have had a 2 day snow break this week, it was nice and unexpected. I really don't know if me and my teachers could have survived a whole week. That 2 week Christmas break was a spoiler. I love the snow, but this cold weather is a killer. I hurt all over and am only warm in bed. I've intended to finish quilting projects and start a new one, but have only managed to read [ :-)],  patterns and instructions for projects...that's almost the same as starting, isn't it? What a peaceful time this has been though. at least for those of us who haven't had to get outside and work. Our Stephen has been working in Terre Haute setting forms for a new project. Cold as Hell, we all know. Poor guy. But atleast he is working. So many aren't as lucky right now. My heart goes out to them. We had our own low years when we first married and started our family. Stephen King was critically injured when Stephen was a baby and we lived on Worksman's Comp at $36 a week for months. Imagine trying that now. 
I'm looking forward to getting back and working hard this semester to raise our grades and tests scores. I'm starting a new Bullying guidance lesson to deal with bystanders. Most of our kids are the bystanders, of course, observing without taking a stand. I hope to turn this around. Make heroes of them! I also have a new Girl's program I'd like to flesh out for the middle school. Just wish I could recruit some younger adults to run it for us. I'm tired and old. I hate to tie up one more late day. I best check on my soups right now, back tonight.
OK, it is now Monday night. 
Boy, the students were loud today, must have be glad to get back to their friends. Everyone was in a great mood though. Even my downstairs boys who cause me grief were impressed with the automatic paper towel dispenser in the restroom they routinely destroy. I wonder how long it will last and what were they thinking to install it there. We have had sausage and biscuits in the urinals, locked stalls, plugged toilets and boys sitting on the urinals in there. Wonder what they will do with free flowing paper toweling? Give a boy a motorized toy and he can rule the world. I do believe 12 year olds are a different species. From real people, I mean.
Good to hear from Elaine. I'm wondering about a winter gagglefest. Who is planning it? Lets wait till the great freeze out of 2010 passes, OK? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. I wasn't too happy with the place I chose last year, what else is available and better? I looked at B & Bs, but they all looked musty. I enjoy the modern ones with spas attached. Do you have one of those in Laffy? Can we afford it?
I'm resolved to starting each new day in a positive mood this year. So far, so good. We can at least choose that much for ourselves. girls. The world may enter and smack us around, but that first few minutes belongs to us. Use them as a blessing. Love you all. Talk to me. Hedy