Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poor February: That Short Ugly Month

Has this not been the longest month ever? Dark, foggy, rainy, snowy, cold? And now here comes February, whose only saving grace is it will only last 28 days. Four weeks, Bam, it is gone. Surely we can stand that after this January. Last night's giant winter storm missed us by 25 miles. From our slight dusting to 4, 5, 6, even 9 inches down the road. Blessing from above if you ask me. 
The Positive Start to each day is still ongoing, just sputters a little some mornings. And I have been told to "stuff it" by a few less than positive folks at work on particularly dark mornings. hehehe. I do find myself feeling better and facing the day stronger by using those first moments to Thank God and Think positive every morning. Attitude is Everything, Ladies. It may take using duct tape to hold up my lips, but I start out smiling! 
Of course, yesterday was an exception. Oh, I started out fine; it was Friday, had my jeans on, no meetings for after work, It was good to go. And then reality stepped in; we are all so affected by others who slack off their jobs and leave us holding the garbage. And yesterday must have been a group slack! Everything I attempted took twice along to do because someone dropped their ball, if they had ever had Balls! I'm afraid I showed my dark side to several people who didn't deserve it.  I am sorry and ask them to forgive me. And as soon as I can pull my magic wand outta my --- I will finish the job.  There, I feel better now. :-)
We are having a Coaches Against Cancer soup supper tonight before Homecoming and I'm the dessert chair. Our families are doing great right now in the battle against the Big, Bad C and it will be a pleasure to see them benefit from this effort. Hopefully both families can take a vacation with the proceeds. All have endured a stressful winter, but stood strong and faced it all without breaking. Bless them, Lord.
I've been working on ditching TV and computer at night in favor of reading and quilting. I know I've wasted many hours sitting in front of these lifeless machines and decided to stop and be quietly productive. Takes a real effort to do this, Girls, somewhat like dieting. But how much more satisfying to have something to show for your time. And the quiet is so restoring. My favorite Bible verse has been "Be still and know" and this practice has brought it to life. After a long day of listening, I relish the quiet. I realize our circumstances are different, but I bet you would be refreshed too with a little quiet in the evening or early morning. My sister, Deb, has her time in the morning with her daily walks. She does these alone for the sole reason of listening to nature, her heart and God. I admire the strength and energy she has to do this everyday whatever the weather. I am a wimp, with weather, exercise and exertion. 
Stephen King is napping through his Saturday afternoon PBS programs, "The Woodwright and This Old House". He flips to IU basketball whenever his snores shake him awake. He gets too upset when the boys are blowing a game to watch continuously. This has been a Saturday afternoon habit of his for years. We all tease that he has never actually seen these programs, he just hears them through his sleep.  The long winter is getting to him, too. Boredom was so bad this week he watched a marathon of old western movies. And even decided they were really bad. Apparently Vincent Price from 1939 wasn't a believable cowboy. He may have to get a winter job. He is anxious to get out in the yard and garden. We will start lambing soon, so he'll be busy then. I think we have nearly 20 ewes waiting to deliver this spring. Nothing like bouncy little baby lambs to improve your spirit. We had great luck last year with our babies, hope to do even better this. 
Jill is coming to the Casino today, we may meet tomorrow. I hope so. It is always fun to catch up with our  funny one. I met her dad last time; such a corker. It is evident where Jill gets her sense of humor. Wish you all could join us. 
I have to get to school now. Get the desserts out and the drinks ready, serving starts at 5:00. Wish us luck. See you next month, Ladies, at Indy. I'll let everyone know the hotel when I book one. Kirstie, take it easy you have precious cargo in there. Love you all. Hedy

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Alison said...

Stay warm and safe ladies! It appears we are all getting another winter storm. I had the day off, but not my boys again. Be careful on the roads and enjoy any time you may get off due to the weather.