Friday, June 26, 2009


We are in Gulf Shores in our rental house, a top story duplex facing the Gulf. We've had such a good time no one is ready to leave, so we've found a last minute cancelation special on a beach front condo down the street. It only has 2 bedrooms, but for 2 nights grandma can sleep on the pullout couch. The kids are on a crab hunt tonight, Trent came down on Thursday and he's in charge of treasure hunts and other night time adventures. Mackenzie and I stayed in to clean up the kitchen. She is afraid of the dark and crabs so we volunteered for KP duty.
The weather has been hot, record high hot. but not sticky Indiana humid hot. The breeze off the Gulf is wonderful and constant. All the stresses and struggles of the year seem to blow away on those breezes, and my shoulders relax and fall out of my ears. I swear if school had lasted any longer I'd be wearing my head on my back. But no shop talk this summer, we will be back to work soon enough.
Caleb and I both have had birthdays down here this week, I am 10 times older than my grandson this year. He couldn't grasp that idea and thinks I'm just old! Out of the mouths of babes. I'm sure 60 was ancient for me too, at 6. The boys have played and played this week. For the first time, they are on the same wavelink. Usually Gavin is so much younger in his development than Cabe, but this summer he's about caught up. Maddie wants to play with them and do big girl stuff with Kenz and Shay.
Oh, they just walked in; no treasure, no crabs but MADDIE FOUND A NEW BALL. That's her fav toy, a ball of any kind, any size, any color. The beach was completly covered in crabs, Gavin reports. Millions of them, kinda freaky, he says!
Everyone appears pretty red tonight, I think tomorrow may be a 50 day in sunscreen land. The mommas are anal about keeping the kiddos covered, but Mother Nature fooled them today. All five have a rosy glow! Meanwhile G-ma is pretty lily white still.
We haven't heard from Elaine in a while, is all OK in Renssalier? how do you spell that? Kirstie, you've been quiet, too, What's up this summer with you? Can everyone make it to our gagglefest? i was wrong, my appointment is the 11th of July, so anyday the next week is great with me.
I really need to go pack up for the move down the street in the morning. I hope everyone has a great weekend, Anna's headache, Sam's sicky feelings go away. Enjoy, enjoy. Talk to me. Love, Hedy

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