Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Grandma Hedy Saturday

I love Saturdays, they hold so much potential and not much stress. My grandaughters always call and schedule some fun time for us. Today Shay called to invite me to lunch at Miguels and Mackenzie wants to take in a movie this afternoon. I'll call Courtney and have her bring her kiddos down for the movie, too. We are seeing the Candlewick Chronicles, the older ones will enjoy it; I'm not sure about Caleb and Michael, but there's always snacks to keep them quiet!!!

Janelle, Janelle, we had hoped the the calming Gaggle influence would counteract genetics with Lady Avery, but it seems she is indeed her mothers child. That uterine wall must be very thick to have blocked us out. :-) What an adventure you and Brian have in store with that one. Enjoy every minute. I was home 24/7 with mine and yet, I feel I missed so much of their antics; cooking, cleaning, laundry took big chunks of our days. Managing careers and families is something I admire in you girls., I do not thik I could have one that. I look at our grandchildren now and see their parents as kids; Gavin has Trent's dimples, curious mind and chubby little hands, Maddie is Stephen made over into a girl with the same quirkyness and hard head. But Cabe has his father's tongue; never such a storyteller as Stephen til Caleb. He will spin yarns of bearhunts, car races and even encounters with Jesus. His imagination knows no boundaries. Mackenzie appears to be a mini-me, reading and making lists, sitting back and observing everyone. I do hope she developes self-confidence younger than her g-ma did. She has battled through so much illnes, I know she is a strong young woman; I pray she sees that capacity within herself.
Abbie will develop into a strong, confident lady, too, I believe. Look at the determination it takes for her daily PT routine and know she will tackle anything with her head held high. Strong girls rule, I say. :-0. My Dad always said I was 40 years old at birth and I think some of us have to be older and stronger to triumph over the challenges in our lives. God doesn't give us more than He knows we can handle and He knows who to make strong. During one period of real turmoil in our lives, Steve was afraid God had us mistaken for someone with real strength, but I always knew we would make it through and we have.
Anna, how are you and the General coming with the Ball plans? I've never known anyone who attended real balls, wow. I guess you will be throwing cocktail parties for the officers and their wives, too. How fun. I know you and David will look drop-dead gorgeous all dolled up. You are such a striking couple. I cannot wait to see babies from this match. :-) How is the job going, any more hope of job security? Have you tracked the grades, behavior and attendance of your students? That is a great way to demonstrate your positive influence and it is in black and white numbers that cannot be disputed. Anecdotal support from teachers and other staff is good, also; a note or email from parents should always be saved for later. We must learn to sell ourselves and our work, sadly.
It was terrific to hear from Mellissa and Staci on this blog. You both sound so busy with your jobs and families. I hope we can keep in touch. Staci, I miss your style direction, I've gone rapidly down the fashion hill this year without you to copy from. I bet you are the best dressed counselor in Illinois and have a throng of teenage wannabees.
Everyone have a good weekend. Be safe.


Alison said...

I love your description of the weekends, Hedy. It sure sounded like fun. Reminds me of my weekends with my grandma when I was a kid.

Both boys spent the night with friends Friday night. It was really strange. It was so quiet Saturday morning. I still can't believe Trent didn't call to come get him at 3 am. He wasn't ready to go home at 1 when we picked him up, but he was VERY tired! Not sure how much he really slept, but he wasn't going home for anything. They stay with his parents all the time, but that's next door and feels different somehow. Rex and I decided that next time they stay the night anywhere, it will be a) not during basketball season, and b) not both the on same night! We suddenly felt really old, and neither of us slept well. Get your heads out of the gutter, we were waiting for the phone call!!!!

Sectionals start this week. We got a decent draw, so hope to be in the finals on Monday. We go to the Plymouth sectional, so since the girls won yesterday it automaticaly pushes finals for the boys to Monday due to the state finals game.

I'm looking forward to our weekend! Hope you are all well and staying warm!

Alison said...

That should say that the boys stay with Rex's parents all of the time.

Oh, and Jill, what's with the incomplete? I though you were free and clear?! Are we going to have to call and harass you at every waking moment of the day????

Jill said...

Hedy, you are so wise...I love reading your blogs....I have to admit, however, that reading about your grandchildren leaves an ache inside my heart knowing I will most likely never have that opportunity...sigh....

Ashley was home on Sunday. She met an old high school boyfriend for lunch. He is home for a week from the military. He stayed for supper with us, and it was nice visiting with him. He is returning to his girlfriend in NJ, however.

Andrew has been sick, and I am afraid a lot of it has to do with depression. He sleeps most of the day away. He has his days and nights mixed up. I am not sure how to help him. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Unfortunately, he doesn't have health insurance, so that is an issue as well.

I will have my incomplete finished before I see you all. I promise. ROFLMAO.

Just an FYI....I will be staying at French Lick again during spring break March 22-29. I know Ms. Hedy will be out of town, but if any of you want to take a couple of days off and come down, you are more than welcome. The first weekend is Easter, so I am sure you all have family things, but if you have that time off come on down for a couple of days during the week. You can even bring your kids!!!

I am looking forward to our time together in March. Just so you know how special you all are, I am not going to a wedding reception just so I can get a gaggle fix!!!

I hope everyone will be able to make it.....

Ok, I should do some actual work here. Our tech guy has been gone now two weeks, and our internet has not worked correctly since. He was in yesterday with another tech guy to fix the firewall. They fixed it, I have numerous opportunities to enlarge my penise or see pics of girls. However, I cnnot get into our grade program to enter student grades. Go figure.

Love y'all!!!