Monday, February 18, 2008

New read

Now that I discovered how to create a daily posting, I want to talk about a new book I read...last night. I could not put it down. You all know that relational aggression is sort of my soft spot; last week a freshman had a breakdown of sorts brought on by the hateful teasing of her peers. I felt totally helpless in dealing with her, what could I do or say that would ease her pain? I thought I'd read everything in print about RA, but I had never even heard of, "Please, Don't Laugh At Me" by Jodee Blanco. She is a publishing editor of some reknown and works with celebrities everyday, but she spent grades 5-12 as a victim of RA. Her story is heart-renching and powerful. I'm going to share the book with my student and attempt to help her survive. I recommend it for all counselors and parents.
On a lighter note, I provided some hilarious video for SVHS with my attempt to mavigate down my parking ramp on Friday. I executed a perfect 180 and paralel parked between 2 buildings only 8 feet a part. I'm sure it will make the national news.
Tucker, I know you have been teaching Cabe those new words somehow; I certainly do not talk like that!!!


Janelle said...

That's hilarious! It had to be Tucker...seriously, does Caleb have your phone number? Thanks for the tip on the good book. I am finding that I deal more with RA than anything else...unbelievable. Hey, I'm reading a good book right now too...nothing relevant to work, just to occupy this little mind of mine. It's The Memory Keeper's Daughter. It's very good!

Staci said...

Two questions...1) how do you all have time to read, 2)When did Elaine have the baby?

Just to give you an update, I have a committee meeting tomorrow to discuss the candidates for the postition. There were 3, but one guy pulled out the day before he was supposed to come for the interview. I will let you all know after the decision has been made & offer accepted.
I went to a great conference a few weeks ago that I encourage you all to look in to, especially Anna. It is called FRESHMAN FOCUS and it is an amazing program for transitioning 8th graders into their 9th grade year. We have a fairly high retention rate, 80% of students who are held back their freshman year do not complete high school, scary, huh? Check out the website, it is really interesting.
I am absolutely swamped with scheduling. I think the other counselor finally likes me, he is giving me more responsibility and a hard time, that says acceptance to me!

Jill said...

I swear it wasn't me!!!

Ok, gaggle, I need some info on the March meeting. Do you have a preference on where we stay? Who all will be there? Will there be babies staying? I am trying to decide where it will be best to stay. The place I wanted to stay at was $129 per room, so I decided against that. I am contemplating Homewood Suites, with 2 bedrooms and a fireplace, so we could all stay together, but at this point I think the cost of the room is $199. What to do, what to do.....

Let me know your thoughts. I miss you all. As much as I hated the Haute, it sure was nice knowing I would see you all!!!

anna said...

Staci, what is that website??? I would love to look into anything about transitioning our 8th graders...especially so I will have something to show our board that I am worthwhile! Jill, anything you pick will be great, I just can't wait to see you all! I have a military formal this Friday that I got to buy a ball gown for so I am super excited about going! Elaine, it was nice to hear from you and I can't wait to see a baby! Hedy, you are a genius for getting this blog together!

Alison said...

Sounds fun Anna! I too am jealous that Hedy and Janelle have time to read things unrelated or related to counseling. I am looking so forward to seeing all of you!