Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Home Stretch

Hello all, How's our little Kendra Lou, Kirstie? I cannot wait to see her and hope all is well with your family. I have her pictured in my mind; sometimes as a dark brunette, next as a little red head. Which is she? Back from sunny, then rainy, then windy Florida, well rested and ready to tackle the last lap of our educational race to the top. (to steal a phrase from Dr. Bennett).The trip was good, the house OK and the company great. I'm lucky to have such good friends to travel with.
 Tomorrow starts our last 9 weeks and hopefully a new start for many of our students. We are initiating a "Top Hawk" incentive/award program for the middle school. The Winners get an afternoon at the WaterPark the last week of school. I trust that everyone else had a terrific Spring Break, too. I know Kirstie and Pat did! Anna, did you find THE house? I always loved house hunting, although most people hate it. I enjoy looking, deciding how I would make each one of them mine. Which wall needs to come down, which room needs new paint, what were the owners thinking when they did that! Love it all. We striped this one from the ceilings down and created our home from a black and gold shag carpeted Spanish motif disaster. I like to think we saved her from humiliation and she repays us by being solid, strong and dry. But maybe I'm too far-fetched in my feeling for houses? What did everyone do over Break? It feels like ages since I've heard from anyone. Talk to me! Please. :-)
Miss you all, Hedy


Elaine said...

Hey all. Congrats to Pat and Kirstie. I also cannot wait to meet that little gal. How exciting for you guys.

Spring Break was good, but fast for the Parrish's. We did not go any where, but I did get started on the Spring Cleaning. :-)

This last stretch will be somewhat yuck for me. I begin a 5 week stretch in the computer lab on Monday, 4/5, with 3 of those weeks for NWEA and 2 of those weeks for 3rd grade online I-STEP+ testing. I am so pumped! We just got back from Spring Break this week and I'm trying to cram as many kiddos in as I can during this 4 day week for us. I am enjoying this level very much. Miss you all and Happy Easter.

Alison said...

Nothing big over our spring break here in the north. Went fishing at the ponds a couple days. Took Jordan to Bass Pro in Portage on day. We had fun, just he and I. Cleaned house, did laundry, you know- the fun stuff. I do so wish I could see little Kendra. I will stay away for a while as the kids are sniffling. Only 3 days back to school and already have one home sick. I don't mind though. they are rarely ever sick so this was a treat.

rain tonight and cooler temps for the next few days. We've been so spoiled with nice weather the last several days. Nice to see sunshine. School year is soon coming to a close. only 7 weeks to go and ISTEP for 2 of those, so really only 5 weeks of actual academic work for some of my kiddos. We are working on our framework for RTI. I am enjoying it though. Glad to be where I am this year.

hope all is well with all of you. Miss you all and can't wait to see you all. Take care, stay safe. Much love!! xoxo

Janelle said...

Hi Gaggle girls! Congratulations to Kirstie and Pat. You are going to have to come up with a way to send us pics...maybe we can twist your arm to join the FB world. :)

I miss everyone so much. Spring break was fun, but I feel that I am still trying to recover from taking a week from here. We went to Siesta Key, FL and had a great time. Olivia still isn't walking, but she loved crawling on the beach. Avery is definitely becoming an independent 3 year old. She told me recently that I needed to stop popping my gum. When I asked her why, she responded with "your mom is watching you." I asked her where my mom was watching me from and her response was "from God's house!" I don't know where she comes up with these things, but I see a little piece of my parents in her every day. I also see her attitude, which is a bigger piece of my mom!

Let's try to get another get together on the books. I love seeing you girls....I think of you all often and hope that your school years have been good and your families are all doing well. Hope to see you all soon.