Saturday, June 7, 2008


Is everyone high and dry? We didn't get a drop here, but heard Indy and north were flooded. I looked on the map (again) to determine where everyone lives, Kiristie and Anna look to be the closest to the flooding. Ofcourse, we get no news from you in the northwest. You might as well live in Alaska. Staci, I heard Terre Haute was closed off from all travel; I told you you cannot get there from anywhere, didn't I? Are you OK? How about storms, were there any? I may just call one of you, except it is after 11:00 pm.

I had a wonderful 1st week off; lunches with friends, suppers with kids, visits with Mom. It was so nice, just what I needed after this spring. I worked on flowers and cleaned porches, such a nice feeling to have a clean, pleasant place to sit and think. I've discovered schools are terrible places for thinking; no wonder kids are sometimes not successful. I hope you all have a porch to sit on and dream. Kids don't do that much anymore either, do they. We don't allow much time for dreaming in our lives. As a child I thought summer days were endless, you could squeeze so much into them: long hours of play, reading, napping, arguing with siblings and the ice cream truck. Do you girls remember the ice cream truck? We lived in town til I was 8 and everyday the ice cream man would come down the hill into our neighborhood. Banana popcicles were my favorite. We always had to take our baths and get ready for supper after ice cream. Now that was a real sign of vacation, ice cream before supper.

I can still feel the pull of my hair as Mom put it into pigtails after my bath. I'd think my eyes would pop out she pulled so tight. Then she would put one of our sundresses on us. We had matching ones, Debbie and I, most of the time. Although we were very different looking little girls, we often dressed alike. Me all serious with straight dark hair and glasses and Debbie a skinny tomboy with hair like blonde cotton candy. I really thought one of us was found under a bush, and I hoped it was her!! She was such an annoyance, so cute, talking with a lisp and pretending to be a cowgirl all the time. Man, she was loud. I could never have guessed what a wonderful sister she would be back then. She thought I was boring, always reading and sitting around dreaming when I could have been running and shooting cap guns and falling off pretend horses. I'd love to have one of those days back again; I'd play with her, I think.

The girls, the kids and I are leaving on Friday for Dauphin Island. The guys have decided not to go along. I think my daughters-in-law are relieved. It is different when it is just women and children; I think we all relax more and don't have to be on a schedule so much. King men think eating at 6-12-6 is a requirement for life and children don't need everything they want and the TV needs to play 24/7. Anyway, we are excited. I need to see the light from the sun on water and hear the soothing sound of waves. Do you suppose I was a mermaid once upon a time? I don't think I have the personality for it. Maybe a sea turtle?
I haven't packed anything or bought anything new, I don't even have my beach books picked out. But there is a bakery/coffee shop within walking distance of the house that I intend to frequent daily. If I can escape without Caleb or Gavin; they've already decided we are sharing the bunk room. I don't think so but, who knows. Madeleine has promised me a pedicure, she loves bright purple polish and assures me she's been practicing. She did paint Cabe with pink dry marker recently. Those two are priceless. He called her fatty yesterday and she responded, " you are a hateful doofus, I am so skinny you can see my ribs." and pushed him off the trampoline on his face. And I think I want to spend a week on an island with them?

Janelle, I'd love to get together at your place with everyone. I know I could pick Avery from the dog, she'd have the cell phone and purse. Too bad you have to work so much this summer, my 7 weeks are precious.
Allison, your stories about the boys make my eyes tear up. They are so much like my two were only yesterday. Sorry about your dad's accident, sounds like you are having some good reconnect time with him though. I miss my dad more as time goes on, I think.
Kiristie, probably on your extended trip now. You two must live under a rainbow to be blessed with such a long vacation. Enjoy every minute of it, August will roar around the corner on two wheels and haul you back to work soon enough. No, we won't mention THAT.
How about a road trip, Anna? If I drive north will you be my guide? It won't pay much, but you can sleep in the extra bed and I will feed you at least once a day.

Gee, it is after midnight, I guess this will be another night with little sleep, another joy of aging. Just wait, you all will love it. The fun never stops after 50.

Everyone take care. Love you all.


Angela said...

Today is my first official day off. That means I have done my five days - however, it does not mean that I am finished. My office is still a mess, my 6th and 7th grade schedules are not even started yet and the list goes on...

We survived the brief laborer's strike in the Lafayette/Indy area. Scott was off for three days - ironworkers won't cross another trades' picket. I told him to start practicing "would you like fries with that" if he was going to be off this week - but they went back to work on Friday.

I had a small panic attack about this sort of stuff earlier this week, but as usual, Janelle saved me. Much has happened this year including that we are getting a new principal (not really new - they are putting the HS principal over both buildings)and a new dean of students (the present is going to be AD).

Abigail's riding lessons are going well - we switch to "group" lessons on Tuesday of this week - there will be another girl her age who has CP and they will be riding together. It will be a good thing -Abigail will get to meet someone else her age with CP and I will get to meet another mom. The lessons have helped her sense of balance so much that even her ballet instructor has noticed it! Abigail's teacher recommended her for a Super Summer Class at Purdue that will take place in June. I thank God everyday that he gave her the gift of writing - she is currently composing her first song! We have a neuro. appt. on the 24th for a follow up - I will keep you posted.

Sam is in his first year of t-ball. It was time we did something that is Sam-centered since every other day of the week is consumed by Abbie's therapy, or ballet, or gymnastics. He loves that it is all about him. Of course he is typical boy and dives for every ball that is hit, even if it is at first and he is on third. He has been up since 7:00 this morning - no sleeping in today. The cat just went flying through the house and skidded into the front room wall - Sam was on the floor laughing so hard - he said, "Now that's something you don't see everyday!" He loves going around asking people, "Hey - did you cut the cheese?" Boys....

I again feel out of the loop about everything else. We normally do not get home until about 7PM - after supper and a family bike ride (yes, Scott goes too) we fall into bed. I am hoping to relax some this week and then hit the schedules sometime next week. I will try to pay more attention to what is going on Gagglewise! I can't wait for a summer reunion!

Alison said...

No water problems here. Lots of rain, standing water, no flooding. We're on a hill anyway, so I hope we don't have an issue with it at any point.

don't worry Angela, schedules aren't quited done yet for me either. i swear my brain must be going to mush. Things that I know I put in are suddenly gone, and I don't know why. I have met with every sophomore and junior, yet still seem to have issues with some schedules. Met will all the seniors and still missed one credit that meant the difference between Academic Honors and Core 40. Talk about feeling like an ass. On the plus side, I have developed a much better system for keeping track of these things.

Anyway, not much else going on. Will probably spend most of the week picking strawberries and making jam. Hope all are staying high and dry.

Hedy King said...

Hi, I sent you all an email about our new indoor water park. Maybe you can come see it. Looks to be fun for all ages, except maybe mine. I spoke with Jill Sunday, she's still planning a summer visit. Hippy, happy everyone is out for the summer. Alison, strawberries?? yummy. I haven't grown my own for years. Your bike rides sound great Angela, the kids love that time with Mom and Dad. Take care. love to all, Hedy

anna said...

Hedy, I would love to go on a roadtrip with you! It would be a marvelous time! I went to holiday world with 80 middle school students on Tuesday...that was interesting. Because of the floiding we had to take the long way around...6 hours to be exact...when it should only take 3 1/2. It was exhausting! Here is a list of highlights: 1) We had to be evacuated off of the river rapids ride because the boat in front of us sunk because there was "too much extra weight" on the boat...meaning all 8 people on the boat were very large. The kids thought this was hilarious! 2) The teacher in charge thought she lost the $15,000 school credit card. All the kids are on the bus to go home and she realizes she doesn't have it. For 30 minutes we are in the park in a mad panic looking for this card. She is crying, shaking and keeps repeating "I'm going to lose my job!" Needless to say 30 minutes later she found it in her billfold...of course. 3) After we ate we were supposed to not make any stops for bathroom breaks until we got home. My secretary's son was on my bus...his mom calls and says I need to stop the bus because "Nick is going to shit his pants!" So we stopped and the other chaperones were pissed...oh well. 4) We didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning when we were supposed to arrive at 11:00. All in all it was a great time. Next week I am starting to look for an apartment in Lafayette. If anyone has seen anything or knows anything...let me know. Are we getting together at Jill's anytime soon??? Love you all!