Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Checking on you.

It is Wednesday and I'm ready to leave work. I've done all the damage I can here today. Not much accomplished, but... It appears that 95% of our incoming students are related. I've been reviewing records and most of them have the same contacts listed. It is a small town, but this is scary. I have visions of a giant spider mother casting her million babies out among us, all still connected to her by a silky web. Or maybe my lunch didn't sit well. Whatever.

I loved hearing from Kirstie and Anna this week, but where,oh, where is eveyone else? Finishing work, ball games, raising kids, planting gardens, feeding pets and husbands? It is strange that only the OLD and YOUNG have time to communicate. I remember days; moving faster than the speed of light, leaping tall buildings, running the world. And then I got old and tired. Slow down, girls, it will happen to you, too. Is this the last week for everyone? Hope so. I hate to think of anyone working in June. June is my favorite month; vacation, warm without hot, garden blooming, everything fresh, not burnt, vacation, vacation, vacation.

Anna, do come visit. Or maybe in July, I can come up and we can visit all the others. Sort of a drive-by party. Door to door gaggling. Doesn't that sound fun? Two or three days should do to visit everyone. Are you game? I know everyone cannot come to Orange County at the same time and Anna and I don't have small kids keeping us at home (yet or anymore). Has anymore thought been given to going to Jill's? That could be one stop on the agenda. We could meet at that coffee shop my cousin plays in on Friday nights in Brookston. Wow, that almost sounds like having a real life. I'm excited now.

How are all the babies, girls? Abbie's sessions going OK, Angela? I loved that article you forwarded. Amazing. Is Sam riding yet? I figure it is just a matter of time till you have a ranch. Is Lady Avery driving yet, Janelle? A pink Barbie jeep or red 4-wheeler? Alison, no ER visits yet this summer? Well it is early yet; I'm sure you"ll be there soon and often. Do her big sibs have Anna tied to a tree yet, Elaine? And Jill, how's little Andrew this summer? Is he moving off the couch yet? Really, Jill is he feeling better? Are you?

How are everyone's parents? My mom is much better. I think the winter was about to do her in. She's out and about again, now. But it sure aged her, she is finally looking past 65. Not old enough to be my mother, but older sister. She's a sweetie. Locked herself out of the car, called my sister, Debbie reminded her the key would still unlock the door even if the remote broke. Hilarious.

Better go, Steve will be looking for supper, again. He just ate last night.
Post some news, gaggle. Love


Janelle said...

I can't believe you guys are done with school!! So jealous...I still have two more weeks. Kids are out, but the extended contract thing is kicking my rear and then I even have to go back in and work June 30th and back to the grind at the end of July. Doesn't feel like much of a break!

I am absolutely up for a gaggle reunion this summer. Anyone else? We could do it here! My house is big enough for everyone! Not much to report around here....Avery is getting big and developing her own sense of style. Every time I turn around, she has necklaces on, sunglasses upside down,a purse on her arm and talking on her cell phone. A real trend setter....Oh and she hates to have her hair done, so a lot of times we can't decide if it's the dog or Avery. :) The life of a girl! sorry to hear about David. I saw Karen H yesterday and she said that you and Suzanne had a good night out!

That's all for now...let me know if you guys want to make some summer plans!

Alison said...

Oh, Anna, Im sorry to hear about you and David. hope things are perking up a bit for you now.

We finish up the school year on Thursday and graduation on Friday. I'm off until July 31, which really seems like it's just around the corner. We too, have no master schedule yet. Some days it is a priority for the admin, but usually it's a short lived panic. I have all of the future jr and sr schule requests in, just no master, so i suppose it will be chaos in August. LAst week the admin and tech people had a meeting about switching to Harmony. The counselors weren't invited.... Not that we ever use the student data system or anything... The tech guy gave me the heads up and i asked him to try to not let it change for next year, but for the 09-10 school year. I just now have power school figured out. Oh well. Dr. howe will do as she pleases i''m sure.

Baseball is really busy. Trent has games Mon, Tues, Thurs, Saturday, and Jordan plays Thurs, Saturday with practice Mon and Tuesday. Who needs to be home at all? Jordan got a nomination for the All STar team, so July will be full of baseball as well. All I can say is, when Sunday comes we try not to go anywhere at all. We have definitely taken advantage of the wonderful weather. some new friends of ours just moved into a lake house and have invited us over several times, but we have yet to make it. i'm looking forward to it later in the summer.

My dad broke his leg 3 weeks ago and just had surgery this past Wednesday. My sister got a job in Colorado Springs and leaves tomorrow so my mom left Friday to help her pack up her apartment. I got to spend some great one on one time with my dad. It was nice and he wasn't grumpy at all like mom warned me. I kind of thought he pain would bother him, but since she left he was ok...... (subtle, huh?!)

I'm totally in for a Gaggle reunion!!! I would love to have anyone or everyone here, but i realize i'm the furthest away for everyone. Someone just throw out some dates and I'll check the calendar. there has to be some time between baseball and basketball- somewhere.

love you all and be safe.

anna said...

Happy late birthday Alison! I hope you are enjoying it and not running around too much. I too am supposed to work through the middle of next week, however I am saving those three days next week for the rest of the summer. This week hasn't been bad, just boring. We have been fixing schedules all week which isn't hard, just tiring looking at schedules, transcripts and the computer all day long. We were supposed to go to holiday world today with 80 middle school children, but because of all the storms, we cancelled. We have rescheduled for next Tues and then on Thursday I am going up to Cedar Point with my brother. It will be a fun but busy week.
David and I met in Brownsburg yesterday to do the exchange of things left at each others apartments. It sucked but now I can fully start to move on. It was hard but I know it was the right decision and I do not regret it at all. Speaking of moving on...there is a new prospect already, however I will leave the details until we hang out a few more times and I fully understand what we are doing....stay tuned :)

Janelle said...

Hey gaggle...just checking to make sure you are all doing ok. Worried about the geese and the flooding!