Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Does anyone else feeling her head twisting off her shoulders? There seems to be more to finish before school is over than ever. Everyone has shut down for the year in middle school, our teachers are threatening to walk out or to beat students. Even the cafeteria ladies are complaining about lunch manners! So much for my positive attitude initiative. Actually, I am doing much better, I am choosing to look through my rose colored glasses and ignore negative thoughts. tra-la-la.

Life is too short to dwell on the things we cannot change; if it bothers me, I'll attempt to change it, otherwise, I'm over it. No more whining and complaining. I've been sharing this with anyone who gripes to me lately. They either shut up or say thanks. Talk about "brief therapy" ;-). My sister is trying to turn her worries over to God, I suppose that is what I'm doing, too. I do know she has become a much happier person and smiles much more than ever. Why do we wait till we are 50+ to stop struggling with control? I purchased some rubber bracelets saying "All is forgiven; move on". I love them and have given them to some who have battled with control issues. My sister was the first to receive one. We both wear them alot.

My siblings and I are spending Saturday at our mom's house and doing all those little projects that have been accumulating for years. She recited a poem at our Mother/Daughter Banquet that made us all cringe with guilt.
I Love You, Mother
I love you Mother says John
as he walked through the house with muddy boots on.
I love you Mother says Tess
as she created another kitchen mess.
I love you Mother
says Little Fan
as she washed and swept 'til spic and span.
Oops, words are cheap, actions tell the tale. So off we go to show our love of Mom. It will be a good day, working together; I just hope Mike and Debbie don't revert back to fighting like they did 40 years ago. I doubt it, they don't have the spunk, they used to.
This opens another subject; why is strength wasted on the young and wisdom on the old? If I were in charge (again with the control) I would give kids the good sense to make wise decisions and not mess up their lives and old folks the strength to manage alone in the twilight years. But, again, no one asked me.
I'm administering AP tests and have some absolutely free time right now, priceless. I am feeling so much for these poor AP calculus kiddos. I couldn't even remember how to start a calc problem right now. I have another case conference next hour, apparently 2/3 of the incoming 6th grade are special needs. They all seem so sweet this year and so small. I hope they toughen up over the summer. We have orientation tonight; lots of different rules and regulations from elementary to middle school.
Put on those rosy shades, Gaggle and waddle on. Love


Alison said...

I too am AP testing, though I wish I could say I had oodles of free time. I am stil scheduling and now I guess they are ready to do a trial run. I too am struggling to find my happiness. i try not to think about school when I get home, but sometimes it's hard. I miss our weekends venting and laughing together. A get together would be nice.

The boys are both full swing into baseball now. So fun to watch, though basketball is so much more enjoyable to me. I can't believe how big they are getting. Kindergarted roundup went well. Trent did great. Jordan's grades are slacking a bit, but he's not working as hard as he can work. He's made such progress this year. I think he's shut off for the summer as well. We don't get out until june 5, so he's got a bit more to go. He made First Holy Communion at church this past Sunday. I cried like a baby. I was so moved by the whole thing. I remember how special it was for me and I just can't believe how grown up he is already. I felt silly, but it was special.

I like your braclets Hedy. I need to get one for my dad- he's going to need it. He broke his leg yesterday. No surgery, but has to have x-ray's the next 2 weeks to make sure it's healing correctly, then surgery if needed. He's going to have to learn to hire some other people and delegate more responsibility to others while he's laid up (at least 2 months) or he's going to go crazy. He'll go stir crazy anyway. The apple doesn't fall far.... Control isn't an issue, more of a curse... On the plus side, he may get to catch some of the boys' baseball games, but it's not about me...

Take care all, and enjoy the beautiful weather. I was happy to help at baseball practice tonight. :) Play ball!

Hedy King said...

Alison, I would have been a soggy mama if my kids had K round-up and 1st Communion the same week!! Too many big steps. I can barely hold it together when Stephen sings a solo in church. I am generally not sentimental, but with my kids I am jello. Enjoy the weekend.

Kirstie said...

I hope this finds everyone doing well. I haven't "commented" in a while. Things are going good through, aside from allergies that kept me home yesterday. But that is my fault. I have waited to long to get back on meds. I know, I sound like one of the students that needs to get back on meds.

In the news... My yougest sister graduated from IUPUI last weekend. I know that my sisters and I sometimes forget that she is only 23 and still going through all that college stuff. She has been grown up since she was 16.
The hydrangias from the wedding that we planted last fall are coming back... I guess that's a good sign. We have spent the last couple of weeks admiring the redbuds and dogwoods that seem to be everywhere in the woods around our house. No mushrooms though.

Not much else to ramble about...
family is good, pat is good, work is good.

anna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE!!!!! It is your birthday isn't it??? I hope I got the day right! Anyway...I cannot wait for this stinking school year to be over! I am definitely ready for a break. Is there such a thing as counseloritis??? If so, I think I have it. I am helping AP test...once again, I'm not really in charge of anything, I'm just a helper. We are in the middle of scheduling which central office says we need to have schedules to the students by Friday and we still don't even have the master schedule right. It has been lovely at school these last couple of days...or not. I did put together a freshmen orientation a couple weeks ago and it went pretty well. There was actually something I was in charge of. I don't mean to bitch, work has been pretty good actually. The middle school is great but I am still having trouble at the high school actually being part of the team...oh well...the year is almost over and next year I will not be the newbie anymore. Other than that, things are going well. David is good. We will be looking for apartments in Lafayette as soon as school is over...I can't wait to move out of the apartment complex where all my students reside. Tomorrow I am taking my cats to have them shaved...I am nervous because I have never done it but I have heard they really like it and I can't handle their hair anymore! It should be interesting. Oh well, I hope everyone is hanging in there for the last couple weeks. Love you and can't wait to see you all again!

Kirstie said...

Could everyone please send their birthdays. I have lost my whole birthday list.