Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello all,
we are on Dauphin Island in a wonderful home soaking up the sun. everyonehas settled in well. yesterday we went to the astuarium and saw the sealife, bought fresh peaches, melons, even tomatoes. WONDERFUL.
Anna, welcome to middle school, that trip is so typical for them. gotta love it. And we can make that roadtrip whenever the girls plan our next get together. I drove 700+ miles Friday and Saturday in a big ol' Excursion diesel. Varoommmmm. Grandma Hedy and the younguns headed south. I can handle the Jeep in northern IN. I hope you find an apartment soon, I love home shopping. I want to do a navy and white bedroom with a beachy theme, nothing tacky, just clean contrast. I have looked for just the right bedding, but no luck yet. One of the beds in this house is in those colors, sort of a batik spread and washed furniture, very smart. I would have to use our back bedroom with the twin bed and rustic furniture. I really love our room in whites and taupes and do not want to change it yet.
I haven't been in the pool here, Caleb asked me not to get in with him because he doesn't like fat skin. Talk about an embarrassed momma, Shawn about choked. He hid in the house this morning, we were close to calling the police when out he strolled asking, "what is all the yelling for?" He got his butt beat for that one. He claimed he heard us calling his name, but didn't know we meant him or some other Caleb. He's 5, I shudder to think about 15.
I better get, the kids are planning to eat out tonight and I'm not dressed. Although I can usually wait on them to get ready and still be done before they are. Shawn's on the phone trying to book Silpada parties. Anyone interested? It is beautiful stuff. I got a terrific silver watch and some nice silver hoops. I will bring some of her books when I come. Ofcourse, I make a great model for the line. You will all want to look like me.
Oh, now there is talk of a dolphin watch tonight. That means this bunch on a boat???? I'm not sure.


Angela said...

Okay - I am going to cut right to the chase - the Bieghler's are again in need of prayer. Sam recently failed 1 reflex test at his latest check up - enough to warrant a look of panic on the pediatrician's face. I believe her exact comments were, "What are the odds?" What this means we are unsure. He is exhibiting something called Clonus. This is something that Abigail has and has been linked to her CP. When both children have it, it more than likely becomes genetic giving the doctor's reason to start testing on both kids for other genetic issues. We have always known that Abigail's diagnosis was one of ruling out everything else. There was no need to test for genetic disorders if no one else in the family had symptoms. Genetic disorders are things like muscular dystrophy and other rare diseases. Nearly all of them have horrible prognosis. I know I should stay off the Internet, but I can't. We go to the neurologist on Tuesday the 24th at 9 AM. I told Scott that I don't think I can go, but he says I have to.

I am not going to lie - I am of little faith in anything right now. I am trying so hard to pray - but all I can seem to do is cry. I am trying not to think of the worst, but it is so hard. Please pray that I can find the strength I need to deal with whatever is coming our way and please pray for my babies...

I miss all of you dearly, but I am so glad to finally be able to spend the time that I need to with my family.

Hedy King said...

Oh, Angela, I am so sorry for what you and Scott are going through. Please, know we are thinking of you and are praying for Sam's good health and your strength. We never know what we are capable of until we surprisingly come out the other side of trials. Of course you are worried, you're allowed that as a mom whose child may be ill. Just save some energy to deal with what may lie ahead. My first reaction was always to pack them up and run for the hills away from all harm.But we cannot do that, we have to take advantage of all the medical resources we have available.
You and Scott have faced so many threats together an have proven your strength, you will do it again, I'm sure. You are a wonderful, strong woman don't forget that.
Keep us posted on Sam. The Gaggle is here, holding your hand. Love, Hedy

Kirstie said...

Here I am!! I have been way out of the loop, I know. It is hard catching up with everything going on for all of you so I won't try but know that I have been thinking of you all.
Pat and I had an awesome trip!! 4 days at the beach, 3 days of camping and hiking in an amazing National Forest, 3 days of Family Reunion. Go ahead and say it... obviously we don't have kids. I have heard that every time I tell about our trip. It was a great way to start the summer.
We were away for all of the flooding. We are on high ground but we still had to treat our well due to contamination.
I have started helping my sister get the Orchard ready to reopen in July. She and her husband found out her father in law has MS and they are in the process of completely taking over the family business.
I might just have the inside track on Anna's love life... Is this new prospect named BRETT???

anna said...

Oh Kirstie, you and Pat are so clever :) Yes that is who I am talking about, however I don't know that I am into it anymore. We'll see I guess. Can we please get together soon? How come no one else is talking???? Hedy, please take a trip up here so we can at least go see Kirstie and whoever else will take us! I want to see everyone so bad!

Alison said...

Someone throw out a date and I will check the calendar. Jordan is playing all stars now, so for now we have a break until July 9th. Angela, we took a page from your book last night and went for a family bike ride, minus Rex. We had fun, but my butt hurt when we were done! Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope it was just a fluke and it's nothing serious.

Glad to hear from Kirstie and Anna. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!!!

Janelle said...

Ok, so we have a date for our Gaggle Get-together!! Thursday, July 17th....Come in for lunch and spend the day at my house!! How does this work everyone? My husband won't be here, but please feel free to bring husbands and's up to the geese!

Hedy King said...

Jill sent me an email asking me to cut and paste to Gagglespeak; obviously she forgot about my disability. Good thing Janelle is on top of the plans. I'll call you, Anna and Kirstie, and arrange to pick you up early in the day. OK? Cannot wait.

Elaine said...

Hello all! I want you all to know that I have been thinking of you all and Angela, you and the family are in my prayers...had no idea about any of this when I spoke to you last week...sorry. Please let us know how the appointment went.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the everyone coming? What time Janelle? Just tell me fast time (your time, okay?).

Oh yeah...I'm an aunt again. Emori Natalena was born Friday, June 27, at 11:13 a.m. and was 8 lbs, 12.4 oz. and 21 inches long. My parents were able to be out in Iowa with Rachel and Andy and it was my dad to call and tell me the news. He was the one to call and tell me almost four years ago about the twins being born and their weights (Olivia was 1 lb, 12 oz. and Roscoe, who lived a day, was 1 lb., 15 oz.) I cried when I heard Emori's weight...what happiness and god's blessings for my sister and Andy. She is doing well and so is Olivia (so far anyway).

I better go...I will be dragging in church tomorrow (or should I say today?). Miss you all.

anna said...

Yay for a gaggle reunion! Sorry Angela that I never called you back...I would have gotten around to it eventually! The 17th is great and I cannot wait to see everyone. Are we bringing things for lunch? Hedy I was hoping we could ride up there together. Love you all!