Saturday, May 9, 2009


I so wanted to write this is a girlie pink, but it just would not show, so we have this instead.
I hope you all enjoy tomorrow as your special day; Anna and Kirstie, too. I am not too much for "days" except birthdays. Everyone should have one special day just for herself once a year. I was much better at celebrating my friends' birthdays in my other life. I made cakes, planned surprise parties, lots of cool things. Now I just attempt to remember the day. Usually I don't even send a card anymore. Where do those 24 hours in a day go??? They used to be plenty, now they don't last as long.
Twelve more days to turn our students from uneducated, feral creatures into refined, educated boys and girls. I don't think we'll make it. They have too great an advantage on us...we are outnumbered and they don't have any desire to learn. Last week the whole sixth grade tried to turn in their textbooks. The seventh graders just lost theirs. Fifty percent of the 8th grade will never be mature enough for high school and the rest of them think they're already adults. It's been a baaaaaad year. I laugh somedays and look around for the hidden camera; we have to be on a TV special. Speaking of cameras; I spend an hour after school watching ours for the theft of the day. My next career will be CSI. Is it the same for you? Please, lie and tell me it is.
We are getting our yard and gardens looking decent this week. Stephen King has mowed twice and we bought new hydrangeas for the front porch beds. I've wanted the Endless Summer variety since Kirstie and Pat's wedding. Had to buy them for my Mothers Day gift today. At least I get what I want this way. Of course he will plant them for me, he is useful for the heavy work. My Mom, sister and I shopped at a new greenhouse last week, the best flowers I've ever seen. The woman is a wonder with bedding plants. Everything was so healthy and full and the pots she had filled where beautiful, so creative. We wanted one of each, but held each other back and just got a car full! Deb's been back twice for more. I love springtime flower shopping; every plant offers such promise. I'd have lots more, but Stephen King hates mowing around pots and beds and lawn furniture. Have to keep the yardner happy.
Anna, let us know about the interview. I'll keep you in my prayers for a happy resolution. I was so glad to hear you were called back for a second one, that sounds promising. Maybe you won't have to trick Brett into supporting you, after all, Sweetie. Although you might want to rethink this career choice we've all made while you have an out. It is a tough way to earn a living. Maybe you can find an interior decorating job instead. Or landscaping. Maybe Kirstie's goodlooking dad could use an extra hand? Oh, yeah, Jill wants that job, I forgot.
I had a nice chat with Mellissa on Facebook earlier. I wish we lived closer, she is so fun. She was the first person I spoke to at ISU during those interviews, such a nice lady, she took pity and befriended me. Next get together, we must remember to ask her. I've just discovered the chat button on FB and like it so much more than the commenting thingy. Mell was so impressed with my techno savvy, don't ya know. I had to admit someone else taught me how to use it. Courtney, actually and I had to email her before I could respond. DUMB. Did any of you watch that YouTube video of Staci's? I couldn't pick her out of the dancers, but it looked like fun, she is a crackerjack.
Our vice-principal and I are working on a proposal for an alternative school, any suggestions? Do your schools have one? How does yours work, if so? We want a true educational environment, not just a holding tank for JDs. We had those. Too many of our kids are not being educated and are creating such chaos that the others are suffering, too. I think most of them could be successful if the situation were right, but $$$$ seems to stop with those kids. I'm excited about a workshop we are attending on Wednesday; the principal at one of Bloomington's alternative schools is presenting along with some online curriculum people. Let me know if you have any terrific ideas, please.
The kids and I have our summer house rented and the boys are counting down the days. Gavin has an Alabama Countdown Calendar on the fridge and he crosses off each day. We have to wait til Mackenzie gets out of drivers' ed on June 19th before we can leave. I know it will be more difficult to schedule each year as they get older and busier. Of course, they may decide to take off without Grandma one of these days, too. Our week together is a bright spot for all of us, I hope. I know the 2 Mommies love it. Nina and Shawn danced around the table when we picked the house this year. They, too are ready for a break.
I best get back to the kitchen, I'm fixing desserts for our cookout tomorrow. Our rhubarb has been so good this spring, I'm baking a big pan of rhubarb crisp and some orange/coconut cupcakes. I hope the weather stays pretty so we can be outdoors. I have to scrub my front porch and wipe down the furniture out there before they get here, too. I'll do that while the big guy digs the holes for the new plants. He likes company while he works ;0).
Everyone take care this week. Talk to me. Love, Hedy


Jill Tucker said...


Hedy King said...

I'm doubting it, Jill. I took off today, just couldn't take anymore. Hang tight, June will be here eventually, then July, then August...oh no, then we'll be back at work. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Alison said...

I'm seriously thinking of a career change. I don't think I can do this forever. I suppose it is just the end of the year crap, but I just want to be done. That's bad because i haven't been in the building much this week.

Hang in there everyone.

Staci said...

Ladies, this is what we were meant to do. Embrace it!!! Why just yesterday I finished our state testing, lunched with area community college dignitaries, and busted a drug ring...all the while soaking my feet which were still soar from prom. At the end of the day, I was still glad to say I was a school counselor. Yes, I know I am still a little wet behind the ears, but I love every freakin' minute of it. Hell, I got an apology from a kid getting ready to be cuffed and stuffed. Does it get any better than that??

Staci said...

On WTWO there was a nice story about Elaina's brother last night. He is the new track coach at Terre Haute South. They talked about the death of his sister, who was also his biggest supporter, as we can all imagine. I am sure you can find it on their website

Hope you are all surviving your last few days. I work until 6/10...can't come soon enough!