Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello Ladies,
I made it. Valley went to school this morning and I slept right through it! I may have some doubts and down moments, but at this moment, I feel confident that retiring was the correct decision. I am so happy to be able to help my mom through her recovery. I shudder to think I would have to return to my office instead. Several folks have texted, messaged and called to ask how I feel about not going back, and I have to honestly say, "I haven't given it a thought!" I'm finished with that part of my life; no regrets, no seconds thoughts and no looking back.
When Mom gets on her feet and we are no longer staying at night, I m going to quilt everyday. I plan to have a scheduled morning quilting hour or two. I have so many tops to finish, patterns to cut and quilts to quilt or have quilted, I know that scheduling time will ensure they get done. I do believe that choosing fabric is the big thrill for me, maybe I should just buy fabric and gift it to a real quilter! I suppose that might cause custody issues when they were finished though.
Stephen King's garden is done. The tomatoes have just about dried up on the vines. Guess there will be no juicing this fall. He has spent many long, hot hours out ther this summer and the results were delicious. I am happy he enjoys gardening, it fills lots of empty hours for him. I do wish he had another hobby though, maybe woodworking or something like it. TV seems to rot his brain, he continues to watch NBA games from the 80s and movies from the 30s. Not just watch but ENJOY! Makes me sad to see his little head shrinking. He does spend time reading, and I love that. But he tends to drop off after a few chapters and wants to share what he's reading with me. I have a rule DON'T READ TO ME AND I WON'T READ TO YOU. He isn't quite up on that one yet.
The kiddos are starting school tomorrow and none of them are excited about it at all. The boys and Madeleine haven't had enough playtime and Mackenzie isn't sure about her senior year. The transplant is likely to interfere with school this year at some point, but we don't know when. Not knowing is difficult for her. Mack is a good patient but would like to have more of a definite timeline. She plans on working on the yearbook from her bed, she hasn't talked about the rest of her classes! I know the kids will all settle into school in a matter of days. They are all good students and learn like eager beavers. Their friends are all at school and the little ones are social butterflies. Caleb will play basketball this year and I would be thrilled if the doctors allowed Maddie to play. She is a born athlete, but hasn't been healthy enough to play in the past, with the last surgery we hope her heart will be strong enough.  Gavin has done soccer and tennis, but 1st grade doesn't have basketball. It will be something to start all those school activities over again with these boys, their dad's kept us busy in the 80s. I really cannot believe my boys are in their forties, gee, where did all the time go?
Have a stack of ironing waiting for me, Girls. Talk to me, Love


Janelle said...

Hedy, I'm so happy to hear that you are content with your decision to retire! I know you've had a lot go on in your family this summer and it sounds like you are right where you are needed. I appreciate that you keep us posted on your family.

We are back in the swing of things with school. We still aren't moved back into the downstairs of our house. My in-laws allowed us to borrow their camper and we cook our meals out of that...Brian basically lived in the "Redneck Ramada" as the girls and I stayed at the cabin. The house is almost finished. The cabinets will be installed on August 23rd and then the countertops a week later...that is essentially the last piece before we move back in. There will still be finishing the porch and a few other things...we have been blessed by an incredible contractor and his team. A true Christian guy in every sense of the word. A neat experience to watch them...

As I was thinking about our next Gaggle Fest, I was going to suggest that we have it here. Although the house isn't going to be in top-notch decorated and organized shape, why don't we have it here this fall? The girls and Brian could leave for the weekend...we have 4 beds and we could have the place to ourselves. I know it's not as much fun as shopping, eating out and staying at a hotel, but it would be relaxing. August and September are a little busy, but we could do any weekend that worked for everyone...If we would rather stay in a hotel, I am good with that too...I just NEED to see the geese. :)

Better get going...I feel behind on my sleep and my nephew Joey tells me tonight is going to be the night that I have to go stay with him and his little sister while Sarah has the babies. Sarah isn't due with the twins until Sept 10 but she will be induced by the end of next week if she hasn't had them. Joey is predicting it's going to happen tonight...funny guy. He also tells me that he thinks they are girls (although he really wants boys) and when the girls arrive, he's moving to the barn. Oh Joey....

Miss you all. Hope each of you are well.

Hedy King said...

Janelle, a fall gagglefest at your home sounds wonderful. I too, need to see my geese. I would love to spend time in that lovely old home and cannot wait to see the remodel. Please, post some some pictures soon. I pray for Sarah and those babies. Does Joey want to be the only boy or is he dreading it? Seems forever since I've seen new pictures of the girls, bet they've grown a bunch. I loved hearing from you. Keep in touch. And I'm hoping you have a terrific school year. You will be in my thoughts. Love

Alison said...

Love it!!! Want to see you all too. Janelle, I would love to stay at your place. What a generous invitation. I'm pretty flexible as far as dates go. Not much going on right now.

Praying for those babies! So glad she's still hanging in there. I know it was up in the air in the beginning.

Love you all!