Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9-11 Ten Year Anniversary has past without another attack on our country, but each time we hear that date we relive the horror and the fear of that day. Time cannot bring back those who lost their lives, nor can time remove the horror our country witnessed. I believe 9-11 was the day US citizens realised we were living a dream. We have unconsciously (maybe) assumed nothing bad could happen to our nation. Maybe individuals could suffer or be brought down, but our nation was invincible. The USA was above the rest, untouchable, teflon, now we have to realise we are vulnerable. A difficult lesson.
9-20-11. I cannot believe I didn't post that. My days seem to be running together without pause. Mom continues to need care. Her arm is progressing nicely, but she still cannot care for herself. At times it becomes too emotional to handle and I break a little. A few tears, lots of sighs then back to action. I miss my mom. She comes and goes, but is never totally herself. We never lose the need to be mothered, but now the roles are reversed.  I know so many of us will experience a parent with dementia issues, but until you do it is impossible to imagine the emotions involved. Helplessness is enormous, sadness, but tempered with the joy of being allowed to give care to someone who cared for you.
We had a King reunion this weekend. It was great to visit with cousins we hadn't seen in years. Kids I remember as pre-teens, suddenly have children of their own...in high school! How times flies. Fun to see similarities between the children of first cousins who do not remember each other. Even names are shared in some cases, Kenzie King is a 17 year old senior and a 2 year old toddler. Both with sweet, round faces and spunky attitudes. Seeing a 16 year old Marnie play croquette with two year old Ada brings back memories of their mothers, Tonya and Carla, playing volleyball as little girls.  
More later, Ladies. I'm running late. Talk to me. ps Elaine, it was terrific to hear from you. I miss you so much. Love


Alison said...

Can I just say I can't wait for October 21 & 22?? I'm so looking forward to seeing you all.

Miss & love you all!!

Hedy King said...

Right there with you, Alison. We need this!