Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May - Month Two in OZ

Hello all,
May has been a beautiful month here and no day more perfect than today. As I sit on the balcony of our vacation rental a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, the large cargo ships move in and out of Brisbane harbor, waves crash on the flat rocks, and sailboats zip past. I am so blessed to experience all of this and cannot describe what it means to me. As I get older, my soul seems to crave the water. It lifts the trouble from my heart and mind and allows the wind to blow them away. I breathe better at the ocean, not with my lungs, with my being. I feel so much a part of nature and God's creation while watching, listening, breathing the sea. So peaceful, so calming. 

We arrived here at Caloundra on Friday, it is only a two hour drive from Courtney's house. I was like a five year old anticipating my first glimpse of water; the change in the sky came first, that lovely lightness, then the landscape changed, tunnels of Norfolk pines towering on each side of the road guiding us toward our destination, ahh there it was...the water crashing in the distance, spreading out as far as I could see. It had only been three weeks since I'd been on Bribie Island watching this same water but it seemed ages since I'd had my needed dose. How do I manage once or twice a year back home?  We are here till Sunday, I hope to place each moment in a box and store it away for remembering during the long, hot summer in Indiana. 

On Saturday we walked the boardwalk bordering the town, people were everywhere. Not in overwhelming crowds, just in clusters spread along the beach and park and shops. Life was going on here, a kickball game at a birthday party, a wedding being set-up with white chairs and blue tulle, windsurfers zooming along the edge of the beach sometimes skipping out of the water into the air. Courtney and I giggled at it all unable to contain the joy bubbling up in us. I took photos of everything and everyone, attempting to capture all that living. 

Sunday was another treat. We went to the street market, a sort of flea market without the tacky bits.  Food, art, crafts, linens, pottery, street performers, a few questionable sellers of questionable products (maybe), but  it was fun. I'm not a shopper, you all know that unless we are talking online, but this place inspired shopping. I needed a hat for sun protection, a tablecloth for my redecorated dining room, a print with princess and a unicorn for Bella's birthday, a sign marking "King's Beach" for Nina's pool deck, a bag of passion fruit for our yogurt and the world's most delicious pineapple. All this, of course must ride home on my lap when we leave on Sunday, Ken says!

Our Aunt Edna and cousin Kathy came on Monday to spend the rest of the week here. Edna is an Aussie girl who lives in French Lick, Kathy is her daughter-in-law. She is really our cousin, having married my Dad's cousin Jim during the war, but we have always referred to them as our favorite uncle and aunt. She is, however, Ken's aunt! His Mum's sister. Don't be concerned, there is no blood connection between Courtney and Ken, they just met at a family dinner years ago! A long story for another time.  Sharing paradise with family makes it that much better.

Courtney will be having surgery on Monday after our return, we would appreciate prayers. It is a simple procedure, taking an hour only, but will require a hospital stay and a few weeks recovery. I hope to have her on her feet before leaving for the US. That will give us a month for recovery and a bit more traveling. They have a trip to Coochiemudlo Island and one to a ranch belonging to friends scheduled for June. Ken is retired Navy and as an amazing assortment of interesting family and friends around Australia. I've enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories. Dinner conversations are a treat. I've always been an eager student and I'm thrilled with all the  tales being shared.

Time for an afternoon walk, everyone is napping or reading on the balcony, I think I will  stroll down to the park for a few minutes and BREATHE in some sea air. Take care Ladies. Talk to me. Love

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Alison Reinholt said...

Can't wait to see you & hear stories of your adventures. Love to you!