Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Busy week.

I know...another post so soon? But I'm just feeling like sharing. Mom and I had a quiet weekend, not much activity, but she did at least sleep all night. I cooked a meal from Trent's garden for us and Mom ate really well. She seldom eats much. I cleaned the garage and porches early Sunday before the awful heat built up. Jeez, Indiana could be the tropics in July! 
Stephen, Shawn and the Yahoos came for Pizza and ice cream Sunday evening. It was good to go home to company. I love the still quiet of my house, but these guys are always a welcome treat. Nothing special just reading the Sunday paper, playing on their electronics and watching some TV, but I loved every minute. Sunday evenings have always been our family time since the kids married and moved out of the house, alway home on Sunday. 
On Tuesday, I had a date with my little boys, lunch and go karts! Gavin and I put out a load of bedding on the clothes line before the others got here. I strung a couple of new lines last week. But I didn't allow for stretching and the sheets were dragging the grass by the time everything was hung. We thought on this problem for a bit, then decide to stick the ladder under the line to prop it up! "Great idea, Grandma", Gavin was so proud of us! I was ticked that I'd gotten cotton line instead of coated wire.  It turned out Madeleine was included, she loves to kart, too. Gavin turned into an Indy driver! What a surprise, he is usually the cautious one. Caleb was quite taken back to be overtaken by his little cousin. A lesson learned there! Size doesn't matter, it is skill. We even went to WalMart, I felt like a traitor, but nowhere else to shop locally. Gav picked out a Nascar game for his xBox, Caleb couldn't find anything he wanted after Gma refused to buy Call of Duty. What are they thinking letting him play those games? Maddie didn't ask for a thing, she knew it was a boys' day. The three girls had theirs last week. And we have school clothes shopping coming soon. 
I've cleaned house and washed a load of laundry today. Heading back to Mom's this afternoon. She has failed so much this year, weak and confused so much of the time. I'm taking a walker that Steve used to her today. Some mornings she can barely walk. I think this may give her just enough support to help get from the bed to the kitchen table and couch. She seldom moves beyond there. I'm planning to get her outside today, the weather is perfect this week. We can watch the traffic on her street and talk about past neighbors! Her neighborhood is a place of family homes with the families aging away; widows or widowers and empty houses. It was so full of life thirty years ago. 
I have to run, Gavin left some important items here yesterday and must have them! He is expanding his Lego city and needs the characters he left. Plus his library book on chicken care. And his DS game and UA my little genius. 
Talk to me, I enjoy the company. Love.


Courtney said...

Should have ordered the Hills' hoist clothesline! Glad you're settling back into a routine. And hopefully sleeping better! Love you

Janelle said...

Hi Hedy and all! I enjoy reading about your grands. They seem like such fun kids. They are blessed beyond words to have you as their grandma making so many special memories with them. So sad to hear that your mom is struggling so much. I know it's hard, but I'm grateful that you are able to be there with her.

Brian, the girls and I had a busy summer and to be honest, I am grateful for the start of school. We all need some structure and routine. Avery will be a 2nd grader, Olivia in Kdg and Eden will be 2 tomorrow. They all have such unique personalities from each other. Avery is playing soccer right now and she had her first practice about a week ago. She was totally psyched that she was the only girl and that she was keeping up with the boys. It'll be good for her athletically and probably even socially...sometimes she can turn into a Chatty Cathy...and before you all say it, I have no idea where she gets that. ;) Olivia is my sweet, gentle cuddle bug. She has the best giggle, but doesn't like attention on her. She has a social calendar busier than mine. Everybody is her best friend. And, Miss Eden is something else. Ornery. She has gotten into things that the other two didn't even know existed. Baby powder, flyswatters, baby powder, water hose, baby get the picture.

I miss you all so much.....we really need to schedule some time together. Would love to hear how everyone is doing. Love to all.