Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finding our joy.

Ladies, I made it through another AfterProm; my 9th and last. We had about 150 kids show up and they seemed to enjoy the evening in our Wild West adventure. We had the cutest brown Ts with cowboys on them and colored Cowboy hats for everyone. A mechanical bull, the biggest draw. a mechanical calf roping horse and giant screen guitar hero, just what is the attraction there? Anyway they loved everything. We gave away iPods, laptops, TVs, dorm refridgerators, trac phones, satellite radios, Harley Davisson items and Vera Bradley bags. Plenty of pop and pizza and hot wings. No one went home hungry. I cannot express my relief in being done with this.

I'm concerned with the Gaggle. We are all much too negative this spring, myself especially. I am determined to work through this and remember each day to be glad and rejoice in what we have. I've found this difficult lately. It seems the dark stuff has overwhelmed me and I don't get my head up before something else strikes. You all know I'm a firm believer in self prophesy and see where negative thinking leads, so lets all decide to be more positive. Jill, call one of us when the mean, grouchies attack, please. I'm bad about covering up and holding everything inside when I should allow others to help me. One friend recently told me not to take her joy away by refusing her help. That really struck me; I do get so much joy from helping others, but did not realize I deprive others of that same joy. Reach out, share your needs and thank God for having friends willing to be there for you.

We have been having issues with Mom this week; needing a smaller home, unwilling to see that need, she is depressed and angry with everyone. Our daughter is making a major move that seems wrong to us, but we've been asked to "back off" and I supposed we have no other choice. But our hearts break watching the fallout and we stand around until we have to pick up the pieces, again. Anyone wanting to offer encouragement, is welcome, I accept. :-)

On a happier note, the grandkids are all well, Mackenzie has another good lab report and appears to be feeling better every month. Caleb isn't going to kindergarten this fall, they decided he isn't ready yet. He is immature for his age or big for his age and seems immature, at any rate Mom decided they were not ready. Gavin, on the other hand, is ready for college. He now wants to speak Spanish and "study" animals. He is all about his chickens and eggs; finding that whole process amazing. Like in: Why aren't eggs chicken poop? Can we eat dog poop, too? How do we answer his questions? and where does he get these ideas? Oh,, My. I love these kiddos.

Do you believe we have 2 tentative schedules for middle school and our leader has yet to decide which we will use? Our teachers are livid that I cannot tell them what they will be teaching. I've decided just to smile serenely and look wise. It works for Buddha, why not? Is everyone else finished with scheduling? Ours has not gone smoothly in HS either. We have a 5th grade orientation next week to introduce even more fun into the mix. See I am positive.

Steve has decided weight loss makes me look old, another positive in my life this week, but one than makes me laugh. Fat or old, can I have another choice??? Why not add ugly to the list?
He may be able to include mean and hateful soon.

Well Ladies, I'm setting my sails for May 23 and not looking back. Waddle on. Love


Janelle said...

Negative, shmegative! I agree, Hedy. I myself have to really work on this negativity! I came to this realization at a memorial service for one of our teachers on Saturday. He was in his early 50's and had multiple health issues his entire life that would have given him every reason to be negative...and when I say health issues, I'm talking kidney transplant, leg amputation, diabetes, skin cancer....the list goes on. His memorial service really centered around his positive attitude and how we should all complain a little less and live a little more...something to really think about....

Hedy...I am so sorry! I was at the resort across from you on Thursday, but we were jam-packed with sessions from the time we got there Thursday late morning until we left Friday morning. I called Jill to get your number when we were eating dinner Thursday night, but I ended up going and lying down because I wasn't feeling so well. Then, I wanted to at least stop in at school and say hello before we left, but I was on everyone else's schedule. The good news is that Brian and I are really wanting to plan a trip back down there this spring....I think he would really enjoy it. When we do, I promise, I'll let you know! :) We are just trying to find a date now...

Better get going gaggle! Take care

Elaine said...

Hey all. North White had no school today due to electrical problems. Of course, I got the initial 2 hour delay call while I was feeding Annie and the other two were already ready as was I. I heard school was cancelled after I dropped all three off at the sitter's. So, now I'm at home and plan to get some stuff done.

Sorry, it's been so long...I can't access this blog at school and when I get home at night, it is consumed and I'm exhausted and don't feel like dealing with dial-up at 10:30 p.m. (11:30 your time).

This is my third week back and it has been hectic and I knew it would be. I've been trapped in the computer lab doing NWEA spring testing, attempting to work on scheduling for next year (no, it's not done yet), planning 5th grade visits, and working on A+PLUS data for our end of year panel meetings....STRESS. I keep telling myself that each week down is putting me that much closer to summer. Positive thinking!!!!

Annie has adjusted very well to the sitter and Jacob and Lizzie have adjusted going back to Debbie's as well...I think it took them a little longer to adjust than Annie. Annie's two month check-up (on 4/7/08 - also, my first day back to work) went well minus the three shots...I hate that pitiful "shot" cry.

The flu bug hit my family late my first week back with Lizzie on Thursday, me last Monday, Jacob last Tuesday, and Charlie last Saturday. It drug out, that is for sure and so far Annie has been fine. Lizze also woke up with a tick embedded (pretty darn good, mind you) on her stomach last Thursday...a very horrible, horrible way to start the morning watching your husband attempt to pull that sucker off! We sang our ABC's and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star several times. He finally removed it, but not in one piece...the doctor has seen her and said she should be fine. That girl keeps us movin'...she will be our stinker even with those big, brown, wide eyes and dimples. Her grandpa says she is going to put Aix (the tiny town we actually live in) on the map. I'm afraid he might be right.

I am so glad to hear after prom went well Hedy. Listening to all of the goodies...I wish I was a student at your school. Jill, keep us posted about your mom. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Miss you all. Hang in there...this is a very crazy time of the year, but it will go by fast b/c it keeps you so busy!

Kirstie said...

I just want to say hello and let you know I am out here. I am just having a moment of "if you can't say something nice..." Let's just say that I think Frontier's Kathey may have an evil twin who is an ED teacher.

Angela said...

The Bieghler's are trying to stay positive! We have eaten dinner together every night this week (that means Scott, too) and we have gone on a 1 mile bike ride every night since Saturday - we even did two on Sunday. The kids strap on their helmets and take off peddling. Sam keeps up so well and Abigail is just amazing...This is terrible, but it is one thing that I think she can be good at without her legs getting in her way! And I think that it has to be good for her legs! They beg to go out on the bikes!

Hedy, I can one up you on the schedule - and I am hoping there is someone in the gaggle that can sympathize with not even having a master schedule for next year yet - scheduling smeduling!!!I made someone so mad with my proposed schedule (as RECOMMENDED by the super) that she reminded me that our high school counselor will be retiring in a couple of years!!!!Woohoo!

Elaine, you had the secretary at my school confused today! She tried 5 different times to send you the info. you requested. When she said something to me, I had just read you guys were closed today - call me tomorrow if it does not come through!

Here is a story that will either make you ROFL or start crying....As I was walking by a classroom the other day in search of a teacher, I poked my head in a room and not seeing the person I was looking for, I left. As I rounded the corner and started down the hall, I heard "The guidance counselor has big boobs." I stopped dead in my tracks only to hear it again! I turned around and went in the room and said, “And she has really big ears, too!” The kid immediately turned red and apologized. The teacher "says" she didn't hear him, but she was laughing when I walked in. I started doubting myself so I later asked another student if I heard what I thought I heard, and she confirmed it. I asked outloud, "What was he thinking?" and she goes, "He was probably thinking you are hot because most of the guys in my grade do." I just wanted to die. Janelle, I am sure you can imagine what Dawson said as I was relaying this story to him. I feel like I should dress in Amish attire. I wore a jacket all day today in an un-airconditioned building and the secretaries were both laughing at me all day! I hope this story brightened your day or at least made you glad you are not in a middle school (for some of you anyway) Not that I would trade it for the world, by the way! It is almost as good as the student last year who wore the girl jeans to make his ass look tight!

Kirstie, speaking of Kathy, she called me out of the blue the other day - but that is a different story for a much longer evening - where the margaritas are flowing freely as we sip them ever so gently reminiscing about the good ole days!

Take care and have a great rest of the week! If you get a chance, go to

You may have to copy and paste from the blog. The Journal and Courier came out to the stable that Abigail rides at and did a story on therapeutic horseback riding, featuring her!!!!

Hedy King said...

Angela, what a terrific article; I can picture Abbie as the star of the show. And biking, what a great exercise for everyone. It is wonderful you all are riding together. Too many parents don't make the time to do things like that with their kids. Hugs to you and Scott and your kiddos. I'm sorry to admit I was ROFL over your boobs atory. That is just too funny. I don't remember your boobs being that big; what do you wear to school, Woman? Twelve year old boys are VERY impressionable. Hehe.
I'm so happy you love your middle schoolers, me too. Everyone else seems terrified by them. My assistant principal says he thinks I have the most stressful job on the planet. Wimp!!!
Kirstie, I've noticed that trend in ED teachers, I suspect they enjoy their work a little toooo much.
Everyone enjoy your Friday, payday, jeans day, what could be better? Love, Lila

Alison said...

Hey all. Here we are, looking at the start of May already!! Where has this month gone? No really, where did it go? I know that May will go just as fast though. The boys had opening weekend for baseball yesterday. I cried as they both went off down the street in the backs of pickup trucks full of little boys, throwing candy and waving to me and their grandparents during the parade. How quickly they are growing up. I feel like all of this has happened suddenly. They are little grown ups doing their own things like school and baseball. Then I start thinking I must be some kind of nut becuase no one else is crying over their kids being in a parade. I was home by myself Friday night, which normally I love becuase it happens so infrequently. I couldnt sleep, or eat or work or do anything. I laid on the couch and watched tv hating that everyone was gone. I sat and thought about taking Trenton for kindergarted round up Monday, and how muchfun he's going to have and how much I hate that he's old enough to be going to school. Is something wrong with me? Why am I being such a baby about this? Please don't say that the answer is to have another child... That's only a temporary solution. I would just have to send that one away to school in a few years and go through this all over again. no thanks!!! I'm trying to stay positive, but right now I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself to care.

Angela, the article was so wonderful! I can see Abby in control and loving every minute of her time on the horses.

Hope you all are enjoying sunshine today as well. It's much nicer than I though it was going to be so far. Hope al are well. SChool's almost out and thank goodness there are no summer classes in the Haute this year!!!