Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is a test of my determination to overcome this ratty weather. 40 freaking degrees, do you believe it? Only 48 hours ago it was 75. I hate Indiana's climate. Or lack thereof. Please, do not tell me you all have snow.
It was an incredibily busy week, I stayed home Tursday to build up strength to deal with Friday. The middle school had Midterm Madness, supposedly a reward for student achievement, actually a bizarre way to inflict self-punishment upon staff. Other than a couple of teachers ditching their posts and leaving me holding the bag, it went well. Only 1 arrest and no bloodshed. No joke, we discovered beer in a gym bag. Anyway that is behind us now.

This week brings prom, after-prom and all the prevention interventions we can cram into 5 days. Our law enforcement, judicial people and fire department come in on Friday for a mock drunk driving crash and the follow-trial. We have the helicopter and EMTs with "dead" bodies, the whole production. The kids start off impressed but as they begin to recogize townspeople and the 2 hours drag on, it turns into a festival-like atmosphere. I know this, but somehow cannot prevent it from happening. Some Prevention Specialist I am, huh? SADD also does the Grim Reaper on Friday, harvesting another dead teen every 20 minutes, painting his face white, slapping on a RIP t-shirt and sentencing him to a day of silence. Everyone wants to be chosen to die, it becomes quite the popularity contest. We also have most of our case conference scheduled for this week. We did the incoming 6th graders last week and I was taken aback at their immaturity, so small to be sent to the big school. We will have to guard them well, I think. We are getting a move-in tomorrow, 7th grader coming from totally separate classroom into our all inclusive routine. I'm concerned for him, Mom says he doesn't want to be here. Who does??? Do I sound jaded? I am not beating this weather thing, am I? On to sunnier thoughts.

My trucking connection called this morning with good news...we are getting yet another load of strawberries in today. In total that will be nearly 1000 flats of berries sold by SADD. We make $7 a flat and can now have a terrific AfterProm. I ordered 3 laptops for doorprizes and will have over $2000 for my parents to purchase other gifts to be given out that night. I telling you, if you sponsor an organization which needs funding, connect with a truck broker, have him haul in fresh strawberries from Florida and sell, sell, sell. Peolpe go nuts. I bless the day this parent offered to do this 6 years age. It is intense for 2-3 days and then it is over and you have $$$$.

How is everyone this week? Did Anna find a place in Lafayette over Spring Break? It sounds like you might not want to live close to Janelle and Brian with that problem child of theirs, Anna. Or maybe you could rescue Lady Avery from those silly parents.
Jill, where have you been? We haven't heard from you lately, except for that lovely comment on Friday. Thanks, I love you, too and hope all is well with the folks. I was afraid you had lost your laptop at the casino and couldn't email. I hear that people are walking out in only their underwear down here. Hope your experience was more rewarding.
How was the week, Elaine? I cannot imagine the conflicting emotions of leaving Anna and going back. But only for a few weeks and then the whole summer with just family; no Haute, no papers, no students. Yea rah. How about some new pix of the Baby Girl? I bet she's a changed woman by now. In fact, I think you all should post photos here for Grandma Hedy to see. I do not think I'll ever get to make the trip north, something always seems to interfere. I'd love to see Miss Abbie in her colorful braces, Angela. Tell her Lila wants some, too.

Is everyone keeping her job next year? I'm torn between playing dumb and staying put or applying for another school. Two neighboring counties are advertising for middle school counselors, but who knows if I could even get an interview. I'm approaching our Board with my appeal for change in position again in May or June. All I'm asking for is a little respect, hey, I think there is a song in that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. and a few thousand dollars. Pray for me.

Steve and the Sisters had a great time in Texas. He slept for 2 days when he got back, says he couldn't sleep without me in the same house. Gee, not in the same bed or even same room, house. We've been together soooo long. It is nice to have him home, I just feel better with him around, more complete. We have such a good routine worked out since he retired, no pressures or rush, just tranquility. Most of the time. His 'remote obsession' still gets to me sometimes. Of course, I have no such annoying habits to bother him.

Take care, Hedy


Alison said...

I agree- it was so nice to see sunshine today, though not warm enough for me to want to participate in jordan's baseball practice. Maybe tomorrow. Could someone please make the full moon go away and the barometric pressure even out???? The chaos and turmoil at school is really draining me. Three suicidal girls today, boys fighting in calculus Friday over who is smarter, and other totally rediculous things at the high school, and everyone's parent's phones got turned off over the weekend. WTF?!?!?!

Seriously, this baseball thing has only begun. First practice on Friday, cancelled yesterday, practiced again tonight, again tomorrow. There was some joking about two a days, but he wasn't really joking... They are only 8 and 9!!! However, I am assured they will win a pennant and J is pumped about that. jordan is having a blast and you would never know he hadn't ever played baseball, but we're going to have to work on fielding ground balls. The good thing about this practicing is he's really tired when we get home so he actually wants to go to bed by 8pm. I'm just glad Trenton doesn't start until May and we will have the tireless practing about overwith.

Happy thoughts to all and have a fantastic week. I think spring is supposed to show up again this week. Miss you all. Have fun at prom Hedy. Sounds like fun.

Staci said...

Just when I thought things were going to slow down...Garrett is playing T-ball at one park, Jadelin softball at another, Girl Scouts, dance, boxing class, IEPs, prom committee, May Fete (still not sure what this is, something for seniors where they were formals and all of the underclassmen perform for them, I am in the teacher routine, I get to be Posh Spice), never ends!

Today I am the MC for the first annual class games, I think it will be a blast, but not sure I know every kids name yet...should be interesting. I am also part of the Leap Frog relay team, I must confess that I didn't play much leap frog when my leapers actually functioned properly, not quite sure how this is going to go but look for it on youtube!

Hedy, I can't wait to hear how Prom goes. I have put in to be Junior Class Sponsor for next year, as both of ours are retiring. You know how I love to plan a party, I am already thinking about next years theme. I am coming in on the end of the details for this year and I am just trying to work with what they have going, "Remember This" I'm saying "remember what???"

Hope you have enjoyed the last few pretty days and that the earth quake didn't knock you all out of bed. I personally just thought it was my husband doing one of his belly flop/roll over's that he does about 10x per night, it registers at least a 7.6 on the richter scale!!!!

Kirstie said...

Did you all feel the quake this morning? Well I am sure you heard about it. It was a strange feeling. Nothing even fell over or anthing, it was just wierd.

Why was the paper towel roll so mad................................................................................ Because people kept ripping him off :)
I hope everyone is well. I am so ready for the weekend.

Jill said...

hey all...

i am still alive, but sort of in anti-social mode.....

hedy, janelle, did you two hook up last week? janelle, are you coming home a multi-millionaire? ha ha

our entire network was down last week for four frickin' days...try teaching computer apps three hours a day when there are no damn computers!!! anyway, my students had lots of "study" time and i had lots of time to read, so other than being bored, it wasn't horrible. of course, everyone was bitching about it to me, like i have something to do with it...geez.....

i'm old, grouchy, and tired. not necessarily in that order. can you all hear the cheer in my voice? lol

anyway, i wish strength for you all as we head into the final weeks of school. remember, ladies, you have free time this summer, so enjoy!!!

oh, yeah, we are looking at putting mom in a nursing home...if i end up chopped into little pieces and spread over white county, you will know that she is pissed off about it....