Monday, July 14, 2008

Good afternoon everyone, I hope it is as pretty in the north today as here in OC. The weekend humidity is gone for awhile and the sky is beautiful. I'm knee deep in green beans, broccoli and cucumbers; have 2 loaves of zucchini bread in the oven and the radio is tuned to NPR. A liberal county-girl's idea of a perfect day. I think after several months of practice the no complaints thing is working for me. I do actually feel more positive and happier. Negativity really defeats me, I've come to realize. Must be age, I'm tired of running into all those brick walls; detouring around them is much more rewarding.

Thursday is circled in pink on my calendar, cannot wait to see everyone. In that short time we were sentenced to the Badlands together, you all became an important part of my life, and I miss our time together. You all seem like the 7 daughters I misplaced somehow. I am terribly glad you found me and allowed me to enter the Gaggle. A cook out sounds terrific; I'll visit our Organic Market for the veggies for the salsa, my garden isn't ripening tomatoes and peppers yet. And yes, Orange County finally has an organic market, a cooperative of good people with new (to OC) ideas about going green and healthy. We are generally 10 years behind the modern world down here. Anyway it is exciting to have such a blessing within driving distance. The daughter of my first boss supplies alot of the produce and that warms my heart. She was always such a sweet girl, but not "of" OC and I am thrilled she has found her spot here at home. Knocking at those brick walls sometimes pays off. : )

Steve is contemplating coming along with me and traveling on to Door County Wisconsin for a long weekend. But he got 2 new beagle pups yesterday and expects to get our other lambs and goats tomorrow, so he may back out. Wouldn't want to leave the livestock in a new place with only our kids to check on them. Either way is good with me, I'm Buddha, remember. I know Steve would remind most of you of your father, he is such a good guy, you'll like him. Just expect tactless honesty, Bless him.

See you all in a few days.


anna said...

You all need to give me your addresses so I can send you the pics from the gathering! They are cute!

Alison said...

Happy Anniversary Kirstie and Pat!! Can you believe it's been a year already?

We all had such a great time on Thursday. Angela, Jordan is still talking about Abby and how much fun he had with her and Jacob. I hope she and Sam weren't traumatized by my boys... It was so fun seeing and talking with all of you. French Lick in the fall sounds fabulous.

Our address is 3505 N 775 W Rochester, 46975

Have a good week!

Hedy King said...

Jill and I were talking this morning about how good our day together was; all the kiddos are so, so cute. I hope Avery is over the invasion, oh Janelle, she is precious. To finally see the kids after years of picturing them in my mind was terrific and they all are just what I imagined. Perfect. I do hope you all can make a trip south to see the waterpark this fall. We can eat here to save you some $$$. I love cooking for groups. Between the waterpark, the resorts and the lake there should be something for everyone. And of course, those men will want a tour of Larry Bird's school. I can arrange that! Thanks again, Janelle for your hospitality, we had a ball. Your home is beautiful and warm and filled with love.
Meanwhile, it is back to work soon, I suppose. I am not exactly dreading it, but I wouldn't turn down an extension on my vacation time either. No complaining here. I'm reading The Last Lecture this week and giving alot of thought to the how we live our lives and how to do it better. I feel I'm an optimist, but I'm not sure I can look at dying the way Prof.Pausch does. He is quite a man and his parents are wonderful. You all should take the time to read this, if you haven't already.
Anna, can you post some of the pix here on Gagglespeak? Being the tech wiz you are and all. My address is 6969 West Co. Rd. 175 South, French Lick IN 47432. Can't wait to see them. Thanks for offering to share.
Happy Anniversary, Pat and Kirstie, do you have hot water yet?
Oh, the joys of home ownership, it gets better and better. Really, it does. I envy your new journey, enjoy every minute of it, highs and lows.

I have 5 gallons of green beans to break, ack to the kitchen. Love to all, Hedy

Angela said...

I know it has been awhile, but I have been trying to stay offline as much as possible to save my sanity. We had a follow up with the neuro today. I thought about you all as we were in Carmel and had to stop in the middle of the road to allow 7 geese to cross. There were 10 total, but only 7 crossed - hmmmm. Anyway, the doctor thinks Sam is fine and reported that all of Abigail's metabolic tests came back negative. This is truly a Blessing from God. I have felt like I took a deep breath and could not let it out for the last six weeks. Our next step is a nerve conduction study. We have that done on August 20 and from what I understand it is quite painful. Abigail has been so patient throughout this all - I truly admire her strength.

Alison & Elaine, speaking of Abigail, she has done nothing but talk about Jordan and Jacob the entire time. She has called for more frequent gaggle reunions just so that she could play with those boys. She thought Jordan was cute - not as cute as Joe Jonas mind you, but still cute.

Thanks to Janelle for putting up with us for the afternoon! I only hope that Avery has gotten over it by now. South in the fall sounds great. My dad has a 60th birthday coming up the second week in September, but aside from Purdue games we are free.

I better get going - I am exhausted after chasing Sam around the Children's Museum all afternoon. Our address is 64 E. Smithson Rd., Reynolds, IN 47980