Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Many Blessings

Angela, what wonderful news about the kids' health. Truly a blessing for your family. I pray that it continues through Abbie's next tests. Our Mackenzie had another negative ANKA reading, no sign of the disease, and finally after more than 2 years can taste. The sinus procedure was a success, I guess. She is taking part in a 5 year research project of adolescent kidney failure. We are so proud of her willingness to help other kids by subjecting herself to yet more sticks and blood draws and IVs of drugs. Maybe Abbie will want to take part in something like this; she strikes me as the inquisitive type, too.

I've been working today, trying to ease my way into the school year painlessly. I think I'm actually looking forward to it in a strange way. I'm stenciling some bronze words on the walls for inspiration (for me, not the students). We have some new teachers and I'm planning some new procedures for the middle school to freshen things alittle. Hoping to build a positive environment. I've been collecting newspaper pix of them all summer from the local paper for the bulletin board and restocking the candy baskets in the office.

Steve and I went to Ky, Tn and Virginia last week. Quite a voyage; rather like Ma and Pa Kettle Leave the Farm. We got lost as soon as we crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky, traveled in a BIG circle on county roads through only 2 counties until noon. Saw lots of tobacco and cornfields. I'd laugh at him awhile, he'd quit talking to me for awhile then I'd drive and he would laugh...on and on we went for 3 days. I read "Finding Eden", a Christian novel, this summer which was set in Abingdon Va and was curious about the town. We went there and walked around, shopped in great antique stores and bought a chair I certainly "did not need" unquote. Fun time, drove straight home all night because "we've seen all we wanted to see, right" unquote. Get the picture, girls?

Anna, how goes the non-romance? Are you in the new place yet? It is good to have a more homey home, I know. Need a chair? Our parlor has 4 rockers now. Maybe I should purge one. Do you like hickory? wicker? white or pale green? I have a chair compulsion. Maybe. Anyway, give this unboyfriend a chance if you think he's worth it, if not, you know how to bow out gracefully. Do not settle, you are too special to settle for the wrong guy, or job or whatever.

I have 10 gallons of apples in the laundry room calling my name. What he thinks I'm going to do with all of them I do not know. I've tried to make it clear I've done the canning, preserving and freezing scene before and am over it. Retirement is great, just freaking great. Oh, well, he could be gambling at the casino or chasing wild women, nah, too old and too tight. Bless his heart.

Welcome back to the real world, ladies. ENJOY. Love you all.


Alison said...

Oh Angela, what wonderful news! I'm sure it was a huge relief for you and your family.

Hedy, your trip sounds like it was a hoot! Glad you had a good time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last part of summer. I went back this week and we start class next Friday. Right now I'm starting to fix schedules now before they are printed this afternoon. yes, it's Saturday... some things can't be avoided. Have a great weened everyone.

Elaine said...

Hello to everyone. I went back to work on Monday,the 28th. My principal was a little too chipper for me...I wanted to stay home a bit longer with the kiddos. The week has eased me into the mood for school to begin. Registration begins on Monday, the 4th and ends with the 6th grade party on Friday, the 8th.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you have a great start to your school year.