Sunday, August 3, 2008

My sister and I just got back from a "Women Of Faith" weekend in Indy. We went as a group from several local churches and had a great experience. I was not aware of this group of funny, inspiring and spirited Christian ladies before this weekend. They are awesome; open and honest, talented on so many levels and blessed with the ability to share with others. I'm sure most of you have heard of them, but I seemed to have lost touch with any that wasn't connected to ISU for the last several years. My loss. Nicole C. Mullins is an amazing singer and a more amazing woman, if you haven't heard her music, listen to it asap. Sandy Patty, I knew from years ago, but had lost track of her career. Sheila Walsh has the voice of an angel, but I was tempted to dismiss her for her involvement with The 700 Club. I am so glad I didn't, her story is inspiring, too. (my liberal leanings find no virtue in the Conservative Right, I'm sorry if this offends any Goose out there). I loved the older women speakers, too. So much vitality and joy they can hardly contain themselves. Llke Tucker on steriods, imagine.
Steve had apples and green beans waiting for me, so I have both on the stove this evening; making more apple butter and cooking even more beans. ;-) Poor guy spent the weekend alone, so I have to humor him.
Tomorrow I'm back to full time; registration for 3 days, then in-service for faculty. I am going to present the "No complaints" concept to them, expecting acceptance and enthusiasm. Sort of a "self-fulfilling prophesy concept. Of course, I am praying over this, too and trying to come up with just the right method of presenting it. I want to just shout, "These kids need to be heard, shut up and listen, consider them, not yourself. Do your job because it needs doing, not because you get paid". But as a transformed counselor, I know that will not be accepted well. Can I just say, "because I said so, that's why?" No?
Going back to work isn't something I dread this year, summer has been great, I feel refreshed and ready. I have my rose colored glasses all polished up.
Gotta go check on the apples. Everyone have a great week, whatever you are doing. Honk, Hedy


Janelle said...

Honk! How are my buddies? Miss you guys! It was so great to see you all and to finally meet many of the children! Thank you for coming to my house and allowing me to share my home and family with you.

Not much is going on. Of course, I am back in the swing of things at school too. It wasn't near as difficult going back as I thought it would be, however, very tiring. I was so tired after work on Thursday that I sat in my car and dug in my purse for a good 3-4 minutes looking for my keys...and then I realized that my car was running!!! I am such a fool! Grateful for many changes as school, which I hope will ultimately make my job just a little easier....not that I am looking for easy, maybe I should have said a little less stressful.

I wanted to share with you all a website that I use to keep in touch with my sorority sisters (stop making fun of the "sorority sisters" term, gaggle!!). The address is
Some of my friends are so much better at posting pictures than I am, but I really don't have time to do it consistently. I go in waves of posting recent pictures of Avery....currently, I just posted her 18 month pictures. I think it would be so fun if you guys each had a page so we could really see what is going on with your families and lives. What's cool is that you can post comments too. Just a thought, but it is really easy to use! I will post the Gaggle Fest pictures on here too....I love dropshots!!

That's all for now....miss you girls!!

Kirstie said...

Today is my first day back in my office. I came in Monday but had no desk, no computer, no nothing. Our first official teacher day is a week from today. Right now I am trying to figure out what to do with 100 pair of PE shoes we collected at the end of the year. Already had a parent complain... I know I did what I was asked... did my job... and it was July when I did it.
I am ready for school. I think I have some pretty lofty goals for myself and my "program" and that has me a little nervous. I think "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Eye of the Tiger" will be my theme song this year. I can hear it in my head as I walk the halls!!

Pat and I had a great anniversary. He is very excited about going to the FL-GA game. We went to a Jap. Steak House for dinner. On the way home we went to the County Fair. It's okay, you can laugh. I just explained to Pat that if we are going to have kids in 4H we will have to get used to spending our anniversry at the fair.

Hedy King said...

Kirstie, I have some jungle office accessories for you; a zebra rug, monkey lamp, great giraffe pix, if you want to really go wild this year. I did that a few years ago and the kids loved it.
Janelle, checked out Lady A's pix on that website, too, too cute, such a lady
Every thing is normal here; I just put the 32nd student in an 8th grade social studies class. The teachers are going to kill me. We still need one more teacher in the middle school, but we aren't hiring. Our numbers keep climbing in the middle school; gone from 248 to 266 this week. where do I put them, no one seems to know, least of all me.

Alison said...

Our numbers are BIG too, especially first and second hours. Teachers are grumbling, but some kids won't show up and numbers will come down in a couple of weeks. Allready Friday we had 8 transfer requests, so I hope that helps. I'm going to try to post pix on the site, especially after the fair show on Thursday. Jordan is so excited about that day. He gets to spend part of the week at the fair and miss 2 days of school.

Everyone have a good week back this week.